How can you pay for a lottery ticket online??

How to buy a lottery ticket online online

How to win Russian Lotto. Tips and Secrets

All lotteries, if they are conducted honestly and in compliance with the rules established by law, obey the theory of probability. That is, the chances of winning for all tickets are equal. It is quite difficult to win a large sum, the probability of such luck per ticket starts with 1:1000000. The more people buy tickets, the less chances. However, there are several ways to, how to increase the likelihood of luck. They are used by players with many years of experience:

1. The theory of symmetry and systematization of the famous financial analyst J.. Granville. According to his method, the ticket must contain even and odd numbers. Besides, small and large numbers must be the same amount

When buying a ticket, you should pay attention, what's the number of numbers, ending in 1,2,3,4 etc. should be about the same

2. British statistician theory L. Tippetta. According to his suggestion, you need to focus on the duration of the game and the number of numbers. Participates in Russian lotto 90 numbers. therefore, high probability of dropping numbers, close to 45 (average of 90).

3. Method for selecting a specific number D. Myroca. The method is to select tickets, where there are certain lucky numbers for the player.

4. Number of tickets and place of purchase. Avid gamblers recommend buying at least 5-6 tickets for one drawing. All tickets are best purchased in different places (eg, 2 on the site, 2 at the post office and more 2 at any other point of sale). The organizers themselves claim, that everyone wins in Russian Lotto 3-5 ticket, therefore it is logical, that the more tickets you buy, the higher the chance of winning.

5. Maximum different numbers in all tickets. According to this theory, the chances of winning are increased, if everyone on your tickets 90 numbers. The Stoloto website offers a special function for this “All numbers from 1 to 90 on 5 tickets ". When choosing, the system itself will select you 5 tickets, where will everyone 90 numbers.

6. Studying the archive of previous editions. Information about all past runs is stored on the Stoloto website. Experts suggest checking out outstanding numbers for the last few games. They practically do not repeat, these are always different numbers. Chance, that they will not fall out again soon very low. Try to choose tickets, in which there will be these numbers that were not previously dropped.

7. Using computer programs. There are tons of applications on the Internet now, which calculate statistics of any lottery. They are based on information from previous printings., use a lot of calculations and allow everyone to develop their own strategy. Programs can be customized for specific lotteries.

In addition to these methods, experienced participants recommend referring to yourself and your feelings., believe in victory and not try to cheat the system. Better to perceive the lottery as a rivalry with other players

Somebody think, that appearance influences luck, positive attitude and attention to clues from your life. In any case, it all depends on luck., winning the lottery is more of an accident, than mathematical calculation

None of the proposed methods guarantees getting at least some kind of win., it's just a probability.

Benefits of online shopping in Stoloto

There are several ways to get a ticket: buy in your city at one of the official points of sale, online via the Stoloto website or mobile application and by SMS.

Let's analyze, what are the benefits of buying tickets online:

1. Save time. No need to look for points of sale, stand in line. The ticket can be purchased at a convenient time of the day from anywhere in the world. You can play through the smartphone application and pay for tickets by SMS through a short number. The site works without breaks and days off.

2. Simple registration. It gives the opportunity to participate in the bonus program, save points and buy tickets for them for free. After registration, the participant can be the first to quickly get acquainted with special promotions, as information about them will come by e-mail.

3. Large selection of all valid lotteries in one place. There is an opportunity to buy a ticket for a promotion with a discount, and this is cheaper than shopping at retail outlets. You can take your time, familiarize yourself with each game before purchasing.

4. Many ways to pay for your purchase: by credit card, through e-wallets, from mobile phone number, via Sberbank-online and Alfa-Bank, accumulated bonuses and from your personal wallet in your profile.

5. Automatic ticket verification and notification of the participant about the win. All tickets after purchase are displayed in your personal account. The winnings go directly to your personal account.

6. Purchase security. E-ticket cannot be lost, it will not be stolen, since all information is securely stored in your personal account.

7. An electronic ticket can be presented to a friend using a special option on the website.

8. The site stores the results of all lotteries. For online tickets, the data is always available in your personal account. Using this function you can analyze, determine your lucky numbers, view statistics on your games.

Among the negative aspects of buying lotteries via the Internet, regular participants name the following:

1. The simplicity and convenience of buying add to the. A gambler can easily lose control of the situation and spend more than the planned amount of money.

2. Internet connection may fail during checkout.

3. Technical problems with the withdrawal of winnings from a personal wallet on the site to a bank card.

4. Fees for payment and withdrawal of funds.

Lottery ticket payment options

After completing registration and forming a personal account on the site, selection of an agent and the drawing itself, in which you plan to participate, you need to designate a number series. These numbers will become your playing combinations and will determine during the game, will you become a winner or not. Further, it is already worth moving on to the process of paying for a lottery ticket..

Purchasing a lottery ticket is often done through the use of a lottery participant's personal gaming account. The player's wallet can also be used. The general rule is, what should the player top up (that is, deposit a certain amount) your game account. There are several methods of replenishment and everyone is free to choose the most convenient for themselves. The purchase of a lottery ticket is carried out from those funds, which are on the player's account.

Those sites should be avoided, where they offer to pay for tickets directly, without even creating a personal member account. The presence of a personal account and account provides a number of additional guarantees and opportunities.

The options for replenishing the gaming account for different lottery agents can be radically different. Conditional division happens like this:

  • ways, which are more convenient for the players of the post-Soviet space;
  • ways, more adapted for a player from Europe or the USA.

The first method involves:

  1. Replenishment by means of MasterCard cards, Visa.
  2. Using electronic payment systems or wallets: Money Mail.Ru, Intercash, WebMoney, LiqPaq, Yandex money, Wallet One W1, Qiwi, RBKMoney,, SpryPay, MoneyMail.

Depositing money through Internet banking systems: ВТБ24. Telebank system, Sberbank OnL @ yn, iQBANK, Alpha click, Tinkoff. Credit systems, HandyBank, Invoice.RU, CONNECT, Rosbank, Raiffeisen.

  1. By replenishing your phone account: Utel, Megaphone, Beeline, Smarts, MTS.
  2. Bank transfer.

Another option for depositing funds into a personal gaming account includes:

  1. Maestro cards, Visa, American Express, MasterCard.
  2. Payment systems and e-wallets: InstantBank (GluePay), POLi, Giropay, Skrill, LiqPaq,, JCB, Neteller, Ukash, DineroMail, PayPal, Euteller, Santander Bank, Euteller, Neosurf, Transfers 24, Transfer immediately, PaySafe, EPS, Abaqoos, GeoTrust, Bank Ticket.
  3. Transfer of money through a bank.

Remember, that after paying for the lottery ticket, you must immediately look at your email. The ticket must arrive within a short time (it all depends on the site load). Besides mail, the ticket can go directly to the gaming account.

You also need to pay attention to the fact, that there are significantly fewer options for obtaining a prize, rather than payment methods. For more convenience, better to choose like this, so that the method of depositing funds coincides with the method of withdrawing them in case of victory

About commissions for account funding, then they are not. At least, In most cases. It is better to clarify this question on the pages of the lottery intermediary's website before buying a ticket..

How to write to Stoloto support service

There are several types of communication with Stoloto technical support:

  • Online chat stoloto;
  • Stoloto hotline number - 8 900 555-00-55;
  • Email - ;
  • Center Table;
  • Fax number: +7 495 204-85-86
  • Alternative methods (viber, telegram).

Click on the arrow, a chat window with a consultant will pop up in front of you.

In the field "Your comment" you can ask a question of interest about the state lot. Communicate politely and correctly.

If you want to write to the mail, scroll down to the start page and select "Contacts". The arrow shows the email address of the support service (email).

On the mobile version of the site, click on the corresponding icon in the upper right corner and choose a convenient communication option. Online chat on mobile looks like this:

Contacting support is easy in the app. We follow the index and choose the desired method. "Write a letter" is a communication by email. The work of the support service can be found in the screenshots of the correspondence below.

Buying lottery tickets online

In general, the sale of lotteries via the Internet has existed for 5-6 years, but many still do not know about it and continue to buy paper tickets for their favorite lotteries. But not all sources are safe. The safest and most trusted site for buying lottery tickets is the Stoloto lottery ticket supermarket.

The site has been operating for over 5 years and every year it becomes more interesting and more convenient in terms of playing lotteries over the Internet. Today the Stoloto lottery supermarket provides an opportunity to place bets and buy tickets in three convenient ways:

All options allow you to conduct purchase transactions from anywhere in the world around the clock, filling in and checking the results.

If you win a small amount in the lottery, it will automatically be credited to your personal account and you can buy more tickets with this money, well, or withdraw them in convenient ways. If the winning amount is really large, for example you won the Jackpot, then this amount can be obtained at the company's office or at representative offices in your region.

Online payment for lottery tickets

After, how did you choose the lottery and place a bet (where to choose numbers) you need to pay for this lottery ticket. Payment is available in many ways, among which: MasterCard and Visa cards, electronic money Yandex.Money, Webmoney, Internet banks Alfa-click and Sberbank-Online.

Also, for convenience, you can immediately replenish your wallet in Stoloto once for a certain amount and then buy tickets with payment from the balance from your personal account.

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