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Carries over to the next draw, "Dropping" the prize and "mandatory" draws.

The jackpot can be carried over for a maximum of five consecutive draws, before it is played without fail. If the jackpot has not been drawn within five draws, there is a “mandatory” draw (Must Be Won). The jackpot must be played in it, even if no one guessed all six numbers. If there are no Match winners in such a draw 6 ("Guessed 6 numbers ") the jackpot is dropped, and the money is distributed among all winners of the lower levels, winnings from the Match level 2 ("Guessed 2 numbers ") and higher.

When the prize drops, a certain percentage of the jackpot is transferred to each prize level from the Match 2 ("Guessed 2 numbers ") to Match 5 + Bonus ("Guessed 5 rooms + bonus ») and is distributed among all winners of each level. The table below shows the percentage transferred and the approximate amount of the increase for each individual prize.:

Combination Initial prize Reduced prize
5 + "Bonus" ball 1 £ million 1.2 £ million
5 1 750£ 10 000£
4 140£ 500£
3 30£ 100£
2 Free ticket (Lotto Lucky Dip)

Lotto winners

Interesting, that 17-year-old Stuart Donnelly was the youngest winner of the British National Lottery. Not even reaching the age of 18, he has already become a millionaire and has secured a good start. And the oldest lucky person is Smith Reginald, he took his 2 million pounds, when he was 85 years.

When it comes to record-breaking prizes, the undisputed leader is a Briton from a small village. He took away 35 million pounds and wished to remain anonymous. The identity of the owner of this condition is carefully guarded by the organizers., no data is disclosed, in order to comply with the desire of the player. It happened in 2018 year.

IN 1648 year in England was passed a law, according to which any lotteries were declared illegal, playing them was strictly forbidden. The exception was the state English lotto. IN 1934 a new law was adopted, followed by laws 1956 and 1976 years. These legislative acts became the basis for the legal activity of several small lotteries..

At the beginning of the new millennium, it was decided to carry out a global rebranding, new additional games appeared, changed the logo and the external design of the studio. IN 2009 r. the used lottery drums have been updated.


British National Lottery Rules

The basic rule is simple enough: must be indicated on the ticket 6 numbers from 1 to 59. there is 2 combination options:

Specify numbers, which you want on the open block, where the numbers are in order. Use the "Lucky Dip" option and choose 6 hidden numbers, randomly located.

As already stated, the jackpot is carried over only 5 time, after it is necessarily played out. Its amount is divided equally between the participants, guessed correctly not 6, a 5 numbers. If there are no winners with 5 in numbers, the prize is divided into participants, who correctly indicated 4 numbers, etc. But! Faces, guessing 2 numbers are not eligible to claim the jackpot share, they only get a free ticket.

Rules of the game

The map has three rows and nine columns. 15 random numbers by 5 in a row; the tens digit corresponds to the left column number, counting from scratch; 90 is placed in the last column. The game is, that the players close the numbers on the cards, from 1 to 90, marked on special counters (more often wooden or plastic barrels). One of the participants in the game (usually in turn in each round) calls numbers, which he reads on the chips taken from the bag. Player wins, which will cover all numbers before either (by agreement) one or more horizontal rows on your card. In the latter case, the gain, depending on the closed row, may be only half a horse or not at all, just completing the current lap and starting the next: with the transfer of the right to "call out" to the next player and the need to do everything (perhaps, except for the winner) new bets at stake. Bets are usually made "on each card" with the player's ability to play on several cards.

Many numbers on barrels also have popular names., as traditional for a given number (eg 12 - dozen, 13 - Baker's dozen), and lotto-specific:

lotto number names

1 - unit, col, penny, ruble, Peter I2 - couple, couple, neud, goose, two boots - pair3 - trinity, pretzel4 - high chair, good 5 - five, excellent student6 - Anton Pavlovich Chekhov ("Chamber №6")7 - seven wonders of the world, toporik8 - 8 Martha, Women's Day, matryoshka, wedding rings9 - Victory Day10 - hour, chervonets, bull's eye11 - drumsticks12 - dozen13 - damn dozen14 — Valentine's Day15 - fifteen year old captain16 - round sixteen17 - "where are my seventeen years old" (quote from the song of Vladimir Vysotsky), Stirlitz18 - first time20 - swan lake21 - point22 - ducklings, geese-swans23 - two tributaries, three swaps24 - day to night - day away25 - again twenty-five26 - commissioners (Baku)28 - we mow hay29 - leap year 30 - <thirty years, a> no mind31 - Happy New Year!32 - three tributaries, two booty33 - heroes, curls36 - temperature (normal)38 - Petrovka 38, 38 popugaev40 - Ali-baba, old age 41 - eat alone 42 - forties fatal 43 - Stalingrad (battle 1943 year)44 - high chairs, forty-four funny siskins 45 - a woman is a berry again 47 - a woman is a berry at all, silver (atomic number of silver in the periodic table)48 - hay mowing, ask for a half 50 - half a hundred, fifty dollars51 - "great five and goalkeeper" (quote from the song "A coward does not play hockey")53 - cold summer of 53 (1953 year), death of Stalin55 - pensioner (retirement age for women), gloves56 - thaw (1956 year)57 - satellite (1957 year)60 - retiree (retirement age for men)61 - Gagarin (1961 flight year)63 - Tereshkova (1963 flight year)64 - chess (the number of cells on the chessboard)66 - felt boots, ninety nine69 - back and forth, shape-shifters70 - anniversary, ax in the lake75 - seven friday77 - hatchets, Semyon Semyonich79 - gold (the atomic number of gold in the periodic table)80 - grandmother81 - grandmother with a hook, a girl with an oar82 - grandmother said in two 85 - perestroika (1985 year)88 - matryoshka, pretzels, grandmothers89 - grandfather's neighbor 90 - grandfather


There are different lotto variations, when the cards have other symbols. Lotto becomes a didactic game for teaching junior high school students about the rules of the road, development of combinatorial thinking in secondary school students

Lotto in culture

В рассказе А. P. Чехова «Детвора» в лото играют оставшиеся вечером без присмотра дети: 2 brother, 2 sisters and son of the cook. Schoolboy Vasya also wanted to "enter" their game, but because of that, that instead of the agreed rate in 1 he put a penny on the ruble, children refused to take him into play.

In Soviet times, the game became a symbol of philistinism, "Former", disenfranchised: in the film "Light over Russia" (1947) character Optimist (performed by Rostislav Plyatt) exclaims: “Let's ... play loto! Нас придут забирать — а мы сидим и играем в лото!».

Lottery TV games and broadcasts

  • Sportloto 19 October 1970 1-й канал Останкино — январь 2004 NTV
  • Russian lotto 16 October 1994 RTR, Sports, НТВ — это коммерческая версия народной игры «лото». Has the status of a state lottery. Prizes are like cash, and clothing (apartments, cars, etc.). Draws are held on the NTV channel weekly. Ведущий — Михаил Борисов.
  • Bingo TV 1997 Петербург — Пятый канал
  • Golden Key 20 December 1997 — 6 june 2015 TV Centr (20.12.1997 — 25.07.1998), RTR, Russia (06.03.1999 — 26.08.2006), NTV (02.09.2006 — 06.06.2015)
  • Золотой ключ — 6 of 36 — 20 september 2014 — 6 june 2015 NTV (2014—2015)
  • Generous lotto 31 December 2001 — февраль 2003 Ren-TV
  • Честная Игра июнь 2002 — июль 2005 Ren-TV
  • Ball of luck 1 December 2002 НТВ — 20 Martha 2005 TVC
  • We play Keno 4 January 2003-2004 NTV
  • Trump card 23 september 2006 — 28 june 2014 NTV
  • Golden cubes 20 января — 28 july 2007 NTV
  • Russian troika 4 August 2007 — 28 june 2014 NTV
  • Happy Birthday! 23 september 2007 — 27 february 2008 NTV
  • Super lottery 27 february 2005 — Первый национальный канал (Byelorussia)
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