How to buy a lottery online

How to buy lottery tickets on the stoloto website?

Lottery drawing procedure

The drawing takes place within the walls of the Stoloto lottery center. There, for these purposes, a special room with a video surveillance system is equipped. Such measures have been taken to, so that all participants are confident in her honesty. Inside the room there are lottery drums.

The lottery drum is fully automated, the system does not allow human interference in the course of the game, i.e, provided absolute randomness of the choice of balls with numbers. Even balls are carefully checked before the game.. In addition, they are subject to mandatory certification..

Draws are held twice a day. Morning game takes place in 10:00, and evening at 22:00 by Moscow time. During the drawing, balls are automatically ejected from two lottery drums, four of each. They depict numbers from one to twenty.

The whole drawing process is controlled by a special commission. This rule is regulated by article 18 Federal Law No. 138 "On Lotteries".

Is there a legal online lottery?

Before you start looking for agents, make sure, that online lotteries are allowed in your country. In some countries, for example in the USA, there are restrictions on online gambling, including lotteries.

Make a decision when registering on the online lottery website. Otherwise, you may lose any prizes, who will win, not including additional fines.

Fortunately, list of countries, which prohibit online gambling, including lotteries, is relatively short.

  • Bahamas
  • Belarus
  • Brazil
  • Brunei
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • Cuba
  • Cyprus
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Poland
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • USA

does it mean, that you have freedom to play, if you live outside of these countries? Not so fast. Gambling laws can vary greatly by country or region.

It's best to check the licenses on the lottery site before playing. Not all websites will communicate their legal status and / or security measures, but this in itself should alert the player. Buying lottery tickets online, you will get better results, if you stick with websites, which provide proof of their legitimacy.

Lottery Russian Lotto - what is it?

Russian Lotto is a commercial version of the beloved classic lotto with numbers on casks and playing fields. This loto was in almost every Soviet family. Therefore, the game itself can be considered traditional for our country.. This is a special game, and she has long gone beyond the usual lotteries. Russian Lotto draws are broadcast on TV from 1994 years on federal channels.

This is not just a prize draw, but a real entertainment show. The stars of the Russian stage and cinema regularly become its guests., athletes and politicians. TV broadcast had high ratings among viewers in the 1990s-2000s, the circulation was observed in almost every family.

Now the Russian Lotto is one of the three most popular drawn lotteries in Russia. The lottery is positioned as a state, organized by the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation. The operator is JSC "State Sports Lotteries", and the only distributor is TK Center JSC under the well-known brand Stoloto. To date, the statistics on the lottery are as follows, according to the media and official data of Stoloto:

  • more 1000 participants became millionaires, that is, they won prizes in the amount of 1 million. rub.;
  • more 5000 players were able to get a prize in the amount of 100 thousand. rub. to 1 million. rub.;
  • number of winning tickets for 2018 year exceeded 45 million;
  • a record win is 506 million. rub., the owner of which was a pensioner from Voronezh;
  • total winnings for 2010-2018 yy. amounted to more 18 billion. rub.

The permanent host of the TV broadcast is Mikhail Borisov. Draws are held every week. The luckiest players can win the Russian Lotto:

  • money;
  • cars;
  • the property;
  • travels.

What lottery tickets can I buy at Stoloto

All the variety of lotteries on the Stoloto website can be divided by type:

  • With circulations. After buying a ticket, you must wait for the date of the drawing ("Gosloto", "Russian Lotto", "Housing lottery", "Rapido" and others.).
  • Instant. The result of the drawing for them can be found immediately after buying a ticket ("Three to a Million").

On the official website you can buy the most popular lotteries:

1. "Gosloto" ("6 out of 45", "5 out of 36", "4 out of 20", "6 of 36, "7 out of 49"). The draw takes place several times a day. The bottom line is to select non-repeating numbers in any field of the ticket. Win tickets, in which the number of numbers specified by the conditions coincided. for example, in "5 out of 36" winnings are calculated from two guessed numbers. The more numbers match on the ticket, the higher the gain.

2. "Housing lottery". Draw daily lottery, in which, in addition to cash prizes, apartments and country houses are declared as a prize. Each ticket consists of two playing fields with a set combination of numbers. To participate, you need to choose the combination you like and wait for the date of the drawing.

3. "Russian Lotto". The most famous Russian weekly lottery. The ticket contains two numeric fields with a set combination of numbers. The drawing takes place in 3 tour. Read more about the lottery Russian Lotto here.

4. Bingo-75. Each ticket has one playing field with a ready-made combination. Total 24 numbers ranging from 1 to 75. One ticket participates in one draw 3 times. Draws are held weekly.

5. "Sportloto Matchball". The ticket consists of 4 parts, each with two playing fields. To participate, you need to select any numbers in each field. Daily circulation.

6. "Zodiac". Daily lottery, combinations of dates and zodiac signs. On the ticket 4 playing fields, where you need to select one number at a time, the corresponding day, month and year of birth, and your zodiac sign.

7. "Rapido", "Joker", «12/24», "Duel", "Top 3", KENO-Sportloto. Types of quick play, draws are held every 15 minutes daily.

8. "6 out of 36". Weekly Draw Lottery. The ticket consists of a playing field with 36 numeric cells and already contains the set game combination in the form of crossed out cells. To play, you just need to buy a ticket and wait for the draw.

9. "Golden Horseshoe". Weekly lottery. The rules are similar to the "Russian Lotto". Cash prizes can be won, real estate and auto.

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