What lottery really to win?

Top 15 lotteries in russia, in which to win [without cheating]

What is this lottery

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First, consider, what is the Stoloto lottery and how it happens in terms of purchasing tickets through the global network. Stoloto.RU - official, government-supported internet presence, through which lottery tickets are sold. Initially, the project provided support only 3 popular Gosloto games. At the moment, this list has been significantly expanded. Users can now choose among 15 different games.

Stoloto lottery packages
The list includes 4 varieties of Gosloto games, Golden horseshoe, popular Housing Lottery, classic Sportloto. Add to this such popular lotteries as Keno-Sportloto, Lotto "6 out of 36", "TOP-3", Rapid, and also Duel, Collection, 12/24. We have not forgotten about the Russian Lotto here either, where on New Year's Eve the lucky ones can try their luck to win a billion rubles.

In fact, Stoloto site is not one lottery, and a mini supermarket, where users can legally buy government lottery tickets. The site is included in the list of licensed European sellers of lottery products. Payment of winnings here is guaranteed at the state level. For the same, who is not able to make online ticket purchases, specialized points of sale are already available in large Russian cities.

Is it possible to buy lottery tickets online in Russia?

In Russia, all official lotteries are only state, and are distributed through a single intermediary - the Stoloto company. The organization itself is commercial, however about 5% income from lottery sales is legally transferred to the implementation of government programs, sport-related.

  1. On the official website with or without registration in your personal account;
  2. Via mobile app;
  3. By SMS to a short number 9999 with specific text, appropriate for the chosen game.

Russians can also play lotteries on the Stoloto website, and foreign citizens. A ticket can be bought at any convenient time of the day and from anywhere in the world. The player's location doesn't matter.

Frequently asked Questions

Why doesn't the win code come to stoloto?

First, double-check, did your ticket win, did you enter your phone number correctly?. The service of receiving SMS from short numbers may be disabled. Then send SMS to 9999 with the word "all". If the winning code still doesn't come, contact your mobile operator.

Yes, в зависимости от платежной системы комиссия и лимиты на вывод средств могут отличаться (see the table below).

What to do, if the prize has expired?

You need to submit a written application. If the reason is valid, you can be paid your winnings in full. The application form is here (in the section with the relevant question).

How to transfer winnings to your phone?

The procedure is no different from paying out winnings to a card. The only thing, you need to choose payment specifically for your mobile operator.

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