How to buy an American lottery ticket

American lotteries: powerball, megamillions, superlotto plus, new york lotto

An upward trend in the number of foreign winners: how do americans feel about it

For compatriots who love foreign lotto, I have two news.

  • The first is good: American lotteries online can be purchased from any geographic location, where there is internet access. If you have a desire to play and win, then you can easily find the opportunity to buy a ticket.
  • The second is not very good: American players don't like foreign competition. Especially, that they often "take away" large sums of winnings from under the Americans' noses. The dislike has grown to such an extent, that American Aboriginal players began to complain about luckier foreigners to government officials.

Of course, this did not affect the degree of luck in any way, nor the possibility of purchasing tickets, but the fact remains. Before, how to play the american lottery, you must understand, that you are becoming a dangerous competitor for local players.

And this is good news - if Americans are seriously afraid of players from other countries, means statistics, celebrating an increase in the number of foreign winners, does not lie, means, each of us has a chance to win.

Coupon filling process

There are paper and electronic types of Sportloto Matchball lottery tickets. Differences in filling are insignificant, but they are present.

If the client bought a ticket at any ground point of Gosloto, he will have to manually cross out the combination of numbers. As soon as the player makes his choice, the coupon is given to the cashier for registration in the drawing. The process of filling out a lottery ticket requires a step-by-step process:

  1. The ticket is divided into four sectors from "A" to "D". Each field contains numbers in the range 1-50, from which to choose 5 favorite or most liked. You can mark numbers as in one game section, so in two, three or four - this decision is made by each client individually.
  2. Each sector contains two sections - the field 1 and field 2. In the 1st field, five cells are crossed out, in the 2nd - one number from 1 to 11.
  3. Ticketing is allowed from 5 to 14 cells in each sector of the field 1. Also, players can cross out from 1 to 11 numbers in the second field - this will increase the amount to be paid, but the chances of winning will increase significantly.
  4. You can use the automatic ticket generation function, by ticking the appropriate box. There is a "Cancel" field next to it - it is checked if, if the player chose the wrong numbers by mistake, which I planned in advance.
  5. At the very bottom of the coupon, you can indicate the number of copies, in which the client wants to play with a specific ticket.
  6. On the back of the coupon there is an empty column for entering the player's phone number. You need to carefully enter the correct numbers, because the code will come by SMS, without which it will be impossible to get a win.
  7. Return a fully filled ticket to the cashier. He will register it and return it to the client immediately after payment.

Paper Ticket Matchball

Sportsloto Matchball tickets of the electronic version are filled in the same way. If the player is limited in time, you can order ready-made tickets with filled fields, presetting the parameters for generating coupons. One lottery ticket can participate in many draws. Also, users have access to the "Gift ticket" option and purchase of an unlimited number of circulation coupons, for which additional bonuses are awarded from the Stoloto administration.

Sportloto e-ticket Matchball "5 out of 50"

Taxes on winnings

The income received from lotteries and other gambling entertainment is subject to taxation under the law of the Russian Federation. Its size is set at 13% for Russian citizens and 30%, if the player wins, resident of another state.

Tax payment terms:

  1. If in a calendar year no more than 4 000 rubles in different lotteries, you don't have to pay taxes.
  2. With the profit received for the year over 4 000 ₽ or to 15 thousand. rub. for one lottery ticket, players must independently pay to the state treasury. If payment is made at the end of the current year, you can specify a fixed amount in 4 000 RUB.
  3. If the player managed to win more than 15 000 rubles for one coupon, full tax will be deducted upon receipt of money. The organizer acts as the client's personal tax agent and transfers to the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation the necessary 13% of the total payment.

There are two ways to fill out the income tax return for a certain period - personally visit the branch of the Federal Tax Service and write an application or submit it electronically, attaching copies of all documents, which legislators will ask. Declarations of any type are accepted for the past year before 30 April inclusive.

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