How to buy tickets for foreign international lotteries

Lotto america - regulations + instruction: how to play from Russia | foreign lotteries

Let's start playing:

  1. so, you are on the Lotto Agent website. Everything seems new and different. Where to begin? To get started, register. It's simple. Click on the "Register" button in the upper right corner of the site. Now enter your name, surname, email and password. You can also register on the site using Facebook.

Advice 1: Write only your real name and surname! When it comes to paying a prize, company employees will check the fact, what man, who applies for the prize - and there is the owner of the account. This is done for your safety and your own good..

  1. Now log in and select a lottery to play. On the Lotto Agent website 20+ lotteries, and for the first time your eyes can run wild with abundance. Take a close look at the Jackpot amounts, number of prize categories and difficulty of the game. Lotto Agent has a ranking system - the rating of the most profitable lotteries, indicated in clover leaves, strives for digital 10. If you can't decide, feel free to write to the online chat. Company employees will help you make the right choice.

Advice 1: Choosing a lottery to play, take a look, how many prize categories does this lottery have, and what payments are meant for them: nobody argues, that winning the Jackpot is an extremely enjoyable event, but it's much more profitable to play, when the lottery offers several thousand dollars for 4 guessed balls, a few dollars for a pair of matched balls, to cover the ticket price, and a couple of second solid prizes. The best choice in this case is EuroMillions and EuroJackpot.

Advice 2: The simplest lotteries are those, in which to guess 6 numbers from 49. Usually such lotteries offer relatively small jackpots, but the probability of winning the main prize is high. Here is your choice - Bonoloto, New Jersey Pick-6, Lotto Texas and others.

Advice 3: The biggest jackpots at MEGA Millions, Powerball и SuperEnalotto. These lotteries are tough nuts for those, who knows how to play big.

Advice 4: Не пропускайте ежемесячные розыгрыши испанской лотереи Loteria Nacional — это аттракцион неслыханной щедрости. Lottery lovers are waiting for these games, like Black Friday shopaholics.

  1. Made a choice? It's time to fill out your ticket. First, decide on the number of fields in the ticket. One field equals one bet. Her, basically, enough for, to win, but the more fields in the ticket, the higher the chances. Also, when choosing from two or more fields, site offers discount up to 22% on the cost of the field.

Now mark the numbers on the ticket. How many numbers to check, indicated in small tips on the electronic form. If you mark the wrong number of numbers on the ticket, the system will notify you about it. To get confused is unreal.

Advice: If the lottery offers a multiplier option, feel free to put a tick in front of it. This option will increase any of your prize, except for the Jackpot, to 5 or even 10 (in Powerball draws before 100 million) time. For example, you will guess 2 ball and get no $ 4, and already $ 20, that the ticket price will beat off, and will leave you in the black. For 3-4 guess the ball you will not be paid $ 100, and already $ 500, etc.

  1. It remains to confirm the rate and pay for the ticket. Click on the "Confirm" button. You will see a list of payment methods, which are available for your country. Choose a payment method, which you liked, and follow the simple step by step instructions. After that, you will receive a purchase notification by email, and then you can check a scanned copy of your ticket in your personal account. Lotto Agent promises to send scanned copies / photos of tickets before the draw.

Advice: It is most profitable to pay for tickets with a simple bank card., because other payment systems take a small commission for their services.

Here, generally, and all. All that remains is to clench your fists and hope for a "big fish". You should not go to the site and check the results every five minutes - they will be automatically sent to the mail after the drawing.

maybe, you still have any questions about participation in foreign state lotteries on Lotto Agent - you can ask a question in the online chat on the website! Good luck with the game!

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18 November 2019

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