How to buy a mega millions lottery ticket

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How to buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket online

When you buy Mega Millions tickets online, you, similar, as with the usual (paper) tickets, you need to choose your numbers in accordance with the lottery rules. The only difference is instead of the point of sale, at theLotter you select your numbers on the virtual box.

1. Select ticket type

When shopping online, you can choose from several types of tickets: standard rate (single ticket), share in a syndicate, or combo.

2. Choose your numbers

Buying Mega Million tickets (online or offline), you have two ways to select your numbers - do it manually, or play with random numbers - you can do this online, by clicking on "Auto-select". Each approach has its advantages. Some players have been successful, choosing dates of birth, anniversaries or other lucky numbers. Others use hot and cold numbers. On the other hand, random numbers can also bring you luck, and the likelihood, that the same combination will appear on the ticket of other players below. This reduces the likelihood, what the player, to the winner of the jackpot with a combination of random numbers, will have to share your prize with additional winners. Anyway, everything is in the hands of fate!

3. Select the "Mega Ball" number

The "Mega Ball" is drawn from a separate reel from the range 1-25. Like the main numbers, you can choose it yourself, or trust fate by clicking on "Auto-select".

4. Add the "Megaplier" option and select the type of bet

Before clicking on the "Play" button, you can connect the "Megaplier" option. You are not required to select this option., but she can turn a small prize into a lot of money. You can also buy tickets for several runs at once by purchasing a Multi-ticket or a subscription. Both options give you discounts!

5. Create an account on the website

If you do not have an account on the site yet, you will be redirected to the website creation page, where you will be asked to enter your personal data. After registration you will be able to complete the ticket purchase process.

6. Enter your billing information

The last step in the ticket buying process is adding a payment method. We offer a wide variety of payment methods, depending on the country, where you are.

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