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How to play from Russia

As in any other state, in Australia, lottery tickets in real paper terms are sold domestically only. In this way, participants from Russia must either come, to get a "chance to win" on the spot, or use the help of an intermediary.

But also Australia is the only country, where you can directly buy tickets online on the official website. For Russians, this opportunity was available until 2016 of the year, when Roskomnadzor blocked all lottery sites.

Now, even bypassing the blocking, you cannot register there, as due to a change in the company's internal policy, registration for citizens of Russia and the CIS is now prohibited. As a result, the only way to buy tickets and get a win is also bypassing the blocking, pass verification through the service of the official Australian intermediary - Online Booth (ex the Lotter, they are Lottery Win, will replace the blocked

This requires:

  • Register on the Online Booth website
  • Verify account, that is, verify your identity. This is necessary to receive a win. Data is verified, therefore it is necessary to report truthful information.
  • To complete the procedure, you must print a special form (it can be found in your personal account), fill in by hand, scan it, passport, driver's license.
  • Also, to confirm the identity and place of residence, you may need a passport and secondary documents., which contains the client's data and his address (eg, utility bill or official postal notice).
  • It is likely that you will need to fill out a questionnaire from a third official, able to verify the identity of the client. These include a notary, lawyer, district policeman.
  • After filling, you need to send all documents to the official address (will be indicated in your personal account).
  • You can participate in the sweepstakes immediately after registration, however, receiving the won money is possible only after the completed verification.
  • If you win a large amount, all data can be rechecked additionally. This is done, to exclude illegal money laundering, criminally obtained, as well as for the safety of the player himself and confirmation of reaching the required age for games.


You don't have to guess all seven numbers, to win at EuroJackpot. Even those participants receive money, who guessed only three numbers - two in the first part of the ticket and one in the second part of the ticket.

Each prize tier has its own share of the prize pool:

Prize level Количество совпавших номеров The share of the prize fund in %
I 5 main numbers + 2 additional numbers 36.00%
II 5 main numbers + 1 additional number 8.50%
III 5 main numbers 3.00%
IV 4 main numbers + 2 additional numbers 1.00%
V 4 main numbers + 1 additional number 0.90%
WE 4 main numbers 0.70%
VII 3 main numbers + 2 additional numbers 0.60%
VIII 2 main numbers + 2 additional numbers 3.10%
IX 3 main numbers + 1 дополнительный номера 3.00%
X 3 main numbers 4.30%
XI 1 основной номер + 2 additional numbers 7.80%
XII 2 main numbers + 1 additional number 19.10%
Гарантийный фонд джекпота 12.00%

If the player managed to guess 3 main numbers (in the first part of the ticket) and 1 additional number (in the second part of the ticket), and with him there were more such lucky ones 999 man, then he gets 0,003% from the total prize fund of the lottery.

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