How to play gosloto, to win

How to win the lottery: 5 best ways with real examples of big wins

The odds of winning can be increased

There are several tips for already advanced participants. At first, in some lotteries, you can place an expanded bet, that is, mark more numbers. So in one ticket you get several combinations at once.. for example, in "Gosloto" 4 out of 20 "you can mark in each field not by 4 numbers, and after 5 or 6. The ticket price goes up, but the chances of winning too.

In fast lotteries (there are draws every 2,5 minutes) you can also set a multiplier. If you win, then the winning amount will be more. Ticket price, true, also.

Or - the most convenient option - you can make a multi-bet. Here all additional options are displayed on one page at once. However, it is worth keeping in mind one feature: numbers are set automatically at multi-bet.

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