How to play American lotteries

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Why is it profitable to play foreign state lotteries?

1.First of all, due to huge jackpots. The prize fund of European and American lotteries exceeds hundreds of millions of dollars, and the Jackpot amount never falls below several million. for example, the minimum Jackpot of the famous American Powerball game - $ 10 000 000, and there is no limit on the maximum jackpot amount. In January 2016 of the year the lottery played 1,6 billion dollars as the main prize. Выигрыш разделили трое участников.

2.Foreign lotteries are well organized. They are made for, so that people want to play them - which is absolutely logical. for example, many foreign lotteries have several prize categories. It means, that even the smallest number of guessed balls will bring money. So, at the pan-European EuroMillions game 13 prize "levels", а для выигрыша достаточно правильно отметить хотя бы один выигрышный номер на билете.

3.Many lotteries have additional options, such as "Cartoonist", which increases the winnings to 10 time, bonus balls, giving a second chance to win the Jackpot, additional Reintegro numbers, pre-printed on the ticket, - they allow you to receive a partial refund, paid for the ticket. All this also adds pluses to the treasury of the attractiveness of foreign lotteries..

5.The customer is always right. Since the organizers of such lotteries are the state, their quality, transparency and honesty are closely monitored, to avoid unpleasant situations and damaged reputation. Such names, like Powerball, MEGA Millions, La Primitiva или SuperEnalotto — всегда синонимы качества.

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