Top 10 incredible stories of people, lottery winners

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Former bus driver Peter Lavery, 10 million
Peter Léveri of Belfast, even though an ordinary bus driver, managed to do very competently with money. He started investing in business and opened several businesses. The most famous was the Cooley whiskey distillery, first in Belfast in recent 75 years. Under the distillery, he bought the old building of the prison "Crumlin Road" in Belfast. Peter invested about 5 million and, among other things, opened a tasting room and a restaurant there 200 places.
Here he produces Danny Boy, chic single malt whiskey 15 years old. “I work harder, than before winning, Says Peter. - But I'm happy, and my plant is like another lottery prize ".

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Jane Park, who wants to sue the lottery, 1 million
Jane Park is the youngest big winner: she received 1 million in the lottery EuroMillions 4 years ago, in 17 years. Happy Jane immediately rushed to buy designer clothes and relax in luxury resorts. And yet later 4 of the year she stated, that she wants to sue the organizers - the girl understood, how difficult it is to live, when they recognize you on the streets. She ran into haters on social media and even hired security guards, fearing, that vicious haters will carry out their threats. “My life could be in 10 times better, if not for the win ", She says.


Andrew Whittaker, perhaps, the most unlucky guy, $ 314 million
When Andrew "Jack" Whittaker hit the American Powerball jackpot - $ 315 million (17,640 billion rubles), everyone thought, that this person will definitely be able to increase the wealth that has fallen on him. His own construction company was rated at $ 17 million. Everything went well at first and Jack proved to be a great guy.. He gave 10 % charity winnings, gave a house and a car to a shop assistant, where did you buy the lottery ticket.
But Jack, like many before him, could not escape from inner demons, which cause big money. Due to personal problems, he began to drink a lot., walk to casinos and strip clubs and drove with cash in a suitcase. Once the robbers pulled him out of the car $ 0,5 million. Then someone cleaned out the bank accounts, forging checks. Completing the misery in 2016 year the poor guy's uninsured house burned down. Across 4 Whittaker has no cent left, moreover, he had a debt to the casino in $ 1,5 million.

Motivation: incredible lottery wins in history

There would be no such desire to participate in lotteries, if not for the real stories of people, hit the jackpot. We have compiled a list of the most memorable "money falls" from the sky.


Novosibirsk 2016 took part in the Gosloto draw, won the biggest jackpot, existed in our country. This figure - 358,4 million. rubles. The man spent everything to buy a ticket 1, 8 thousand. Years earlier, also a resident of Siberia became richer in 184,5 million. rubles. This money went to Omsk!


IN 2007 year there was a happy trinity, become multimillionaires. This is a citizen from Georgia and a couple from New Jersey. Together they took a bite of the jackpot pie. And the amount was 390 million. dollars. The lottery was called Mega Millions. All participants could not boast of large income.


An Englishman, moved to Bulgaria, decided to participate in the Jackpot drawing, which was growing steadily at that time. What was the surprise of a young guy George Traykov, when he won a million pounds! He invested the winnings in the education of his daughter and his favorite hobby - parachuting. I believed in manna, the resident of England did not stop playing. And fortune smiled at him again 160 thousand pound smile.


Paul Goldie is one of those who like to try their luck at the lottery. And so, on christmas eve he forgets to buy another ticket. At the extreme moment, he still puts, and becomes richer in whole 7,2 million. pounds. The money went to purchase a luxury apartment and two brand new Audi cars.


The Frenchman Alexander was distinguished by his love of gambling and Lotto in particular. In lotto, you need to guess five numbers from 49 in the required sequence. This is what the resourceful man did. Then he went home, having an amount in 10 million. euros. He invested money in his transport company, where did you work. Namely, bought it and remade it to its own standards. The newly minted businessman saved all jobs.

History №6

There are lotteries in Africa too, one of the famous - Powerball. A businessman just bought a ticket at a gas station and became the winner. The motivation was the rule: participate in the jackpot drawing, when it exceeds 10 million. So the man got the money, which have accumulated 24 circulation!


American Katie too, like the Georgia and New Jersey multimillionaires participated in the Mega Millions lottery. Going to a cozy cafe, she asked for a ticket, but they brought her Powerball by mistake. The girl did not mind and did not lose. Error

the waiter gave the poor American 25 million. dollars. Katie got a home, by car, donated part of the money to charity and spent the rest of the money on travel!

Caution scammers

Criminals understand the profitability of cash draws, that's why they create fake offices, online resources. Be vigilant and trust only proven lotteries, with an excellent reputation. State editions have licenses. Risk, that you will be deceived - reduced to zero. Bright design and low cost are not indicators of a real lottery

So scammers want to draw your attention to their "fake" piece of cheese in a mousetrap


Gopnik King Mickey Carol, 10 million
Mickey with money and after, how did you waste it.
19-Mickey Carol's summer scavenger from Scotland 2002 won 10 million (more 700 million rubles). And then it started: he hung himself with kilogram gold spilliks, bought for 700 thousand. an elite mansion with a pool and began to arrange drunken orgies there: liquor, drugs, girls. Once he and his friends rode through the streets and launched steel balls from a catapult, smashing 32 other people's cars.
Journalists nicknamed Mickey "Lottery boor" and "King of the Gopniks". After a few years of riotous life, the money ran out. The estate turned into a trash heap, which I barely managed to sell for only 100 thousand. IN 2010 year Mickey handed out debts and remained at a broken trough. Since then, he managed to work as a scavenger, renovated and finished houses. Here's a cautionary tale. But Mickey himself says: "I do not regret anything".

The story of Ralph and Mary Stabbnis

This story is one of the darkest examples, when money luck is followed by a streak of serious failures. The married couple became the winner of the American lottery called Mega Millions in 2005 year. It was one of the biggest lottery wins, conducted by the company - 208 million dollars. The couple preferred to take the smaller part first, what was allowed by the lottery rules - 125 million. The rest of the amount was to be paid to them over several decades. The Stbbnis Planned To Pay Off Debts, buy a farm, invest the money won in the maintenance and breeding of cows and live the life of ordinary provincials until the end of days.

Mary and Ralph lived together 23 of the year, they had three children. Both of them immediately left their previous jobs after winning - Ralph was an ordinary worker in a mining company, and Mary received about 7 dollars per hour, working as a saleswoman. However, winning didn't make the couple happy.. In autumn 2006 Ralph Stebbnis was charged with attempted murder of a friend of his daughter, as well as storage of weapons. Less than two months later, he died of a heart attack..

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