Irish lotto

Irish lotto lottery (6 of 47)

Background and preparation

The first Irish National Lottery draw took place on Saturday, 16 April 1988 of the year. The lottery used a number formula 6 of 36, the chance of guessing the main prize in this case is 1 to 1 947 792. Winnings were awarded for 4, 5 or 6 rooms. If no one guessed the six, then the jackpot increased, until, until someone gets lucky. Starting (guaranteed) суперприз составлял 250 000 pounds.

IN 1992 year Polish-Irish businessman Stefan Klintsevich, managed to implement the perfect lottery winning plan, the idea of ​​which came to his mind in 1990, in a dublin pub, when the lottery jackpot approached another record value.

Stefan Klincevic

The plan was elegantly simple and incredibly complex., I just had to wait for the moment, when the super prize reaches its maximum values, и… выкупить все комбинации. I.e, сделать 1 947 792 rates. On condition, that the cost of the bet was 0,5 pound this game made sense only, when the jackpot exceeded a million. Everything remained, what to prepare in advance

Syndicate, which included 28 the person, long before the planned circulation, collected the necessary money and transferred it to the bank for safekeeping. An office was also set up in a central location, to coordinate the purchase of tickets. За полгода подготовки Клинцевич заполнил 243 474 лотерейные квитанции, marking the desired combinations.

In May 1992 the lottery jackpot is close to the desired value. While waiting for the next draw, Stefan did not sleep for three days, the tension was building. Finally the circulation has passed, the jackpot was not hit, the amount of the super prize increased to 1,7 million pounds and Klintsevich decided - it's time to take!

Completed receipts were on hand, all that was left to issue them with retail agents and the syndicate began to recruit teams of ticket buyers. Hotel rooms have been booked across the country, the necessary money was delivered to nearby banks and the process began. Couriers placed bids within a week, before lottery officials discovered something was wrong. The shops, previously selling lotteries on 1 000 pounds a day, вдруг начали ежедневно регистрировать квитанции на 15 000 pounds. “We chose points, in which they did not interfere with other people, buying tickets "- said Klintsevich.

National Lottery officials tried to thwart this plan, limiting the number of tickets, on one lottery terminal, turning off those, that sold too many tickets. On Friday afternoon, newsstands circulated a short statement from the National Lottery - a change in the terms of the contract in accordance with section 32: Credit limit = 200% from the agent's average sale over 10 weeks

Despite this, the syndicate managed to buy out more 80% combinations, spending about 820 thousand pounds sterling. The choice of combinations was determined by the system, developed by Stephen: the most likely options were put first, and the least probable stayed last. Nevertheless, the syndicate was lucky. 80 of 100 albeit a high percentage of coverage, but he does not guarantee the main prize. It would be a shame, if the winning combination ended up in the remaining 20%

Once the receipts have been issued, they were returned to headquarters and placed in secure storage. “When you have all the tickets, you just sit and enjoy the show "- said Klintsevich. Nevertheless, even if all existing combinations are redeemed, there is another risk factor for any syndicate - other players, who managed to guess the winning combination in this particular draw.

The syndicate is also called "pool". It has two varieties:

  1. Own syndicate (it is also called offline). Such a group of people is selected from a close circle - relatives, acquaintances, comrades, etc..
    The indisputable advantages of this type of syndicate include the following:, that in such a group it is easier to agree and establish their own rules of existence. Most often, one member is nominated from the composition of such a syndicate., who takes responsibility for buying tickets for everyone. Respectively, this member of the syndicate will represent the group when receiving prizes. Besides, such a syndicate representative keeps statistics, follows the draws, keeps tickets for the whole group (when it comes to paper copies).

    The syndicate is not limited by the number of members who join it. The group chooses the numbers for the game together or assigns this matter to one representative.

  2. Ready syndicate. It is also called online. In such a group, people are recruited randomly. Often, members of the same syndicate don't even know each other. Online syndicate requires certain rules. Every new member, when joining a syndicate, accepts and abides by these rules. Such associations of players involve a certain fee for participation in them.. Also, the number of participants in such a group is limited.

Lottery tickets are filled in randomly, less often by the founders of the syndicate.

Before and after winning

The Klintsevich Syndicate is one of the most striking examples of the big game. They succeeded, but did not achieve the expected. The situation was saved only by the winnings of other categories: including payments for 4 and 5 номера общая сумма доставшаяся группе составила 166 000 pounds, что дало весьма скромную прибыль — 310 000 pounds

The Irish National Lottery changed the game after this incident, to replace the format 6/36 came 6/39 в котором шанс на выигрыш джекпота увеличился до 3 262 623 to 1. Subsequently, the numerical formula was still changing, for other reasons, now it 6/45 and a chance to win, respectively, 1 to 8 145 060

Before history 1992 of the year Stefan has already had success once - together with Paddy Mulligan, crazy gambler and owner of the Scruffy Murphy bar, he collected a syndicate of 10 the man in the pub and, using your system, took the main prize in April in the amount of 2 439 760 pounds to 1990 year.

Paddy Malligan, bar owner Scruffy Murpy

It was the biggest lottery win in Europe at the time., and 10 its participants were collected by the National Lotteries for dinner, and also went to London, where appeared on the Derek Jameson Show. Not all owners of the same syndicate continued to play, one win was enough for someone. As for Stefan Klintsevich, then he, seem to be, considered, that like lightning can strike twice in the same place, so a person can win repeatedly. Especially if you bet big. Alas, for some reason, many winners think so, and after their only big luck, they eventually spend all their money on the game

Stefan Klincevic, сейчас проживает в Дублине, и все еще пытается выиграть крупный приз, теперь он возглавляет синдикат в Megalotto.

The Klintsevich Syndicate is not the only example of a big game. Even more incredible stories can be remembered: Selby family, MIT Students and Dr. Zhang's Group, earning money on the Cash WinFall lottery for many years. Or Stefan Medel, whose syndicates have repeatedly won the grand prize.

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