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Free lotteries should not be seen as a way to make money online. These projects promise big winnings, but in fact it turns out, that it is difficult to accumulate even the minimum amount for withdrawal. The player wastes time watching ads he doesn't need, but in the end he gets a penny. At the same time, even the accumulated minimum often cannot be withdrawn due to problems on the site or blocking.

Also, if bloggers or members of the forum actively invite you to try your luck on this or that site with free lotteries, tempting with real winnings, then they are just trying to make money on you, as for the next referral brought into the system.

This type of lottery should be considered a fun pastime and nothing more - no claims to win. If you want to participate in a trustworthy lottery with real winnings, it is better to go to the Stoloto website, where you can choose the game of your choice. Especially, that you can play modern lotteries on the Internet online.

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