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Most reliable mail: 4 the most reliable email service

These services can be used as additional, в тех случаях когда вопросы конфиденциальности и безопасности являются для вас наиболее важными.

What are the criteria for choosing reliable mail?

Reliability is determined by the following factors:1. Защита почты от взлома и перехвата третьими лицами.2. Конфиденциальность — защита информации от самих разработчиков.3. Отказ разработчиков от сотрудничества со спецслужбами.


Secure mail from Switzerland

The company has extensive experience and a good reputation for providing a secure platform to users, especially to journalists, interested in a high level of confidentiality.

Technologies used End-to-end encryption Messages are stored on ProtonMail servers in an encrypted format. They are also transmitted in an encrypted format between servers and user devices. Encrypted user data is not available to the service administration Data is encrypted on the client side using an encryption key, to which the administration does not have access. (For this reason, the service cannot perform data recovery., If you, eg, forgot your password).Time-tested and reliable encryption algorithms Only secure AES implementations are used, RSA, as well as OpenPGP. Also, all cryptographic libraries used are open source. Using open source libraries, guarantees, what encryption algorithms, which the service uses, have no hidden built-in functions.

Компания предлагает бесплатный VPN-сервис Proton VPN для платформ Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows to fight Internet censorship, allowing you to bypass restrictions and gain access to blocked sites.

ProtonMail also provides the world's first encrypted contact manager "ProtonMail Contacts", the purpose of which is to protect user data with encryption and digital signature functions.


Email encryption service from Belgium

Belgium has strict privacy laws. According to Belgian law, all national and international supervisory requests must go through a Belgian court.

Additional Mailfence features:OpenPGP - end-to-end encryption (supports PGP / MIME and embedded PGP)Offers SPF, DKIM, TFA, Anti-spam and blacklisting of users Integrated key storage Fully compatible with OpenPGP Two-factor authentication


Secure mail service from Switzerland

CoutnerMail provides end-to-end encryption, making it impossible for hackers to read your email. The service has more 4000 encryption key types.

The company does not store email data on a server or hard drives. It means, that attackers won't be able to track emails, so data breaches are out of the question. CounterMail also guarantees protection from government surveillance.

Additional CounterMail features:Комплексная безопасностьБездисковые веб-серверыОпция USB-ключаЗащита от атаки MITM (man in the middle)Apps for Android and iOS


Безопасная почта из Германии

Tutanota provides open source end-to-end encrypted email and provides a secure Freemium based email service, which is designed to protect user correspondence Since Tutanota is based on an open source model, its development is faster, than many other similar services.

Additional Tutanota features:Сквозное шифрованиеОткрытый исходный кодПриложения для Android и iOSПользователи могут отправлять и получать зашифрованные сообщения от обычных пользователей электронной почты

Kaspersky Total Security

The most effective protection for your digital life

Virus protection, ransomware and webcam surveillance, Password manager, Secure connection, Protect online payments with encryption and dozens of other technologies in a single license for the entire family Secure connection uses an encrypted tunnel to protect data: it will hide information about the sites you visit (even from your provider) and will prevent attackers from intercepting your mail, bank details and personal information even when connected to public Wi-Fi.

Mail Roulette Prize Distribution

Described site:

Anyone can participate. International
the advertisers' association works around the world and works with various
postal services and social networks. The truth is not clear, what does the annual
prize draw for email users, if they write on the site, what
the action is among users of social networks (this is "Classmates", "VKontakte" and
others). It turns out a contradiction.

What are the benefits for the organizer? If the International Association of Advertisers conducted it within a specific social network, or at least put links to sponsors, it would be logical. But in giving away iPhones and large sums of logic, there is no. No benefit for the organizer, only losses. The conclusion is simple: annual prize draw for email users cheating.

For a better understanding, see reviews of similar dishonest

  • International Postal Internet Registry Mail Chance and Gold Email Quiz;
  • Prize Email - Quiz from Global Email Consorcium.

Mail Roulette Prize Giveaway! This can be understood even without studying the site.. Just remember, that no one gives gifts just like that. If at first glance there is no benefit for the organizer, something is wrong here.

The site has a chat, where they actively write about the annual drawing
prizes for email users. If we come here from another
computer, we will see, that all dialogs are repeated in a circle. They
pre-programmed. The crook wanted to convince this "chat" of his honesty,
but in the end led to the opposite result.

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Is it a divorce or not?

Let's go through all the stages – first open “mailbox” and you see a message with an intriguing topic. The letter itself contains a link to the site, where you can actually collect your money.

Pages may differ in design, textual wording, but it all comes down to the following point:

  • There is some amount (not little), which you can get;
  • Want fast (5-10 minutes), then enter your bank card details or Qiwi wallets, Webmoney;
  • If you take your time, then delivery by postal order is available within a week.

Obviously, that few will entrust the Russian Post with cash delivery. Even when you choose this way, you will see a message about the impossibility of operation at the moment, all risks and delays. Generally, You are gently coerced into “quick way”. But there is one caveat:

You need to pay a small fee first – what kind 0,19% of the winnings. Well, this is nothing compared to the main prize.! Here and “buried dog”!

Don't pay scammers in any way!

They understood long ago, which is easier and more reliable to breed a lot of people, but in a small way. Sending tens of millions of letters, lure thousands of visitors to their sites, ask to pay about 500 rubles. I.e, the amount of the fee should be comfortable, so that it would not be a pity to part with her.

The scheme with the winning iPhone works in a similar way. (need to pay for shipping, insurance), prizes from the Stoloto lottery, monetary reward for the survey from Sberbank – the scammers have nothing to do with this financial institution. They just copy the official design of the letters, site. Eventually, gullible people leave their bank details, which is fraught with negative consequences.

If you don't believe – read real reviews.

It is also not uncommon for users to report on the forums, that the e-mail received a letter about winning in foreign currency, according to the draw among mailboxes. You should turn on your brain and take off your pink glasses, to avoid becoming a victim of divorce!

Is it realistic to punish intruders?

It will never be possible to eradicate such evil! Alas, this is our human nature – some deceive others. It was, is and always will be. But it does not mean, what to sit back.

Here, what should be done:

  • When I received an email about winning money – go to the site and copy the link to it;
  • Open service and report a malicious site – enter his address, category:

After adding to the base, the page will stop loading in browsers. A warning will be displayed instead.. For example:

The resource from Google works in a similar way.:

If there are many complaints, then Google will take serious measures – will block the site, contact your hosting provider, domain name registrar.

Such measures have minimal impact on fraudsters, but if all people are engaged in such actions, receiving letters of winning, then harming the villains will definitely work out.

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