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World of Tanks

In fourth place we have the legendary WoT. Severe, uncompromising World of Tanks does not spare anyone, be you 10 or 40 years. A feature of the game, I consider that, that young and old alike love to play it. In Belarus they managed to create a truly national game, played by millions of gamers. Tanks are especially loved by our compatriots.

In Game, as in any shareware project, donate is present. Can not say, that he is in the way, but many players are humiliated by that, that a large part of the technology is available only for real money.

I fell in love with tanks for, that they are unobtrusive enough. The battles here last about 15 minutes, and at any time you can leave them with impunity, which is incredibly convenient for those, who has a too harsh mother or wife.

But over time, the game began to grow boring. The biggest disadvantage of this game can be called too slow dynamics. Tanks drive slowly, and besides, you constantly have to hide behind hills and other shelters, which further stretches the process, as a result of which playing becomes boring. Therefore, in my TOP of the best online games World of Tanks only 4 a place.

Read more about the game in my World of Tanks review.


Aion talks about the Hellenes and the Asmodians, surviving on the surviving poles of the planet Atreia. Some are like angels - their skin is white, and the wings shine with snow-white light. The second are similar to the spawn of darkness, daring experiment of a mad scientist. Instead of legs - claws, dark skin indicates a lack of sun rays, and red eyes - about the ability to see in complete darkness. They are fighting an endless war for the Abyss - a rift in the middle of a cosmic ball, where the Tower of Eternity once soared, and now the balaur - intelligent dragons rule. If in a military conflict one of the parties wins, formidable monsters join the losing team and help them repel the attack.

Gameplay - classic Korean grinder with a touch of history. The hero goes through the chain of mandatory tasks, meet the inhabitants of the wonderful world, learns new skills, improves the learned craft. In battle, he fixes the target and deals damage to it, using all available skills. The division into classes encourages to choose a unique fighting style in advance, since there is a delineation of roles

Soldiers in dense armor turn into a tank - they protect their comrades and attract the attention of enemies. Offensive specializations kill opponents, and wizards are the same killers, or team amulets

They heal, resurrect and strengthen each member of the squad with powerful spells.

Isometric Path of Exile was created in New Zealand and is a standard hack'n'slash, in which multiplayer elements are pushed into the background. Players are transported to a gloomy prison island, filled not only with criminals, but also monsters. Resurrected dead, spiders, mutants and even mad animals attack the character, as soon as he appears in their line of sight. Depending on the champion chosen at the start, the avatar kneads them with a club, crumbles with an ax, pierces with a rapier, or appeals to magical art, to pour fire, trampled with ice or burned with divine power. The slain monsters explode in a bloody fountain, leaving behind useful and interesting items. Choosing good equipment is a stumbling block of what is happening. Moving from prison mazes to vibrant rainforest, the protagonist finds thousands of quality items and every minute, spent in battles, getting stronger.

We will repeat ourselves for the hundredth time, but World of Warcraft is a classic, worthy of attention even after the 15th anniversary. The Horde and the Alliance fight for the right to rule the vast mainland, rally in the face of a dire threat and bare their fangs, as soon as the danger passes them. Each order is a sequence of unique actions, and the storyline is not added for the jackdaw, but for the sake of epic scope and the collision of historical figures of a fictional universe. This masterpiece laid the foundations for multiplayer RPGs for years to come. Protege fights various creatures, increases its level, gets acquainted with magic techniques and improves them. He is engaged in a peaceful pastime, starts a powerful clan and travels in mysterious dungeons, filled with riddles, secrets and scary creatures.

Soul Sword game review

Soul Sword

Soul Sword is a massively multiplayer RPG game with cutting edge 3D graphics and exciting special effects. For gamers older 18 years.

By script 2 sword, 2 forces oppose each other. Sword of Temptation - as a sinister spirit, it possesses its owner, takes control of his soul and plunges it into eternal darkness. And the Soul Sword – weapon, created by the sacrifice of the King and therefore able to withstand the spirit of the Sword of Temptation. Exactly these 2 artifact will give its owner unlimited power over the whole world of Soul Sword. But what will this world be like, who will win this bloody battle of many years: good or evil, Soul Sword or Sword of Temptation?

4 heroes enter the battle for power:

What genres of games exist?

  • Role-playing games. They are very popular, as they enable users to plunge into an amazing world, with many interesting tasks and creatures. The advantage of such developments is that, that millions of players can play them simultaneously, and from their actions the game universe will not change. Same, the advantage of such games is that, that you can find many new friends in them, because in any case, playing with the company is much more fun. You can watch a review of computer games of this genre right now on our website;
  • Adventure games. Such projects are incredibly popular among children and teenagers., since these media products provide an opportunity to plunge into a unique world, and spend time with your favorite fairytale characters, and together with them go on amazing adventures. View an overview of new games on PC 2018-2019-2020 year can everyone on our website;
  • Strategy. These projects can be step by step, in real time, card, etc.. Strategy games provide an opportunity to develop logical thinking, and have fun. for example, if it's a military strategy, then you can defeat the enemy in a fair fight, and if it is a card game, then you can demonstrate your ability to calculate moves in advance, and thanks to this win. Review of the best games 2018-2019-2020 year is available to everyone on our website;
  • Simulators. Today there are a huge number of simulators on any topic. You can try yourself as anyone, even try to do that profession, which you like. Thanks to this direction, cities can be built, To help people, create a business, rebuild an empire, gain new knowledge and much more. therefore, if you can't wait to find a suitable project for yourself in this direction, then on our website you can see reviews of games on PC 2018-2019-2020 of the year at any time convenient for you. We have collected only the best content for you;
  • Arcade. This is the best option for those, who wants to have fun in their free time. Such projects will certainly cheer you up., and brighten up your leisure. The topics of these developments are so diverse, that everyone can easily find something, that he will definitely like. PC Game Reviews 2020 year you can see on our website;
  • Shooters. Is considered, that these media products are designed for the male category of gamers. This is not strange, after all creepy shooters, awesome shootouts and much more - just that, which will help you spend an evening with friends in a fun and unforgettable way. By the way, on our site game reviews are available to everyone, so don't waste your time, but start watching them right now;

World of Feudal game review – best kingdom management simulator

World of Feudal

World of Feudal is a free multiplayer online – single player game, inviting you to feel like a real heir to the throne. The game is distinguished by a detailed study of entire gameplay moments - from the creation of structures and analysis of methods to the establishment of diplomatic relations and fights. Here you can try on the role of a competent strategist and ruler, acquire your own army and be able to build good political relations with other kingdoms. If strategy games are not for you and are looking for something relaxing, you can always choose something funnier, like a dinosaur from google chrome.

World of Feudal provides users with many options to customize your character, creating powerful artifacts and unique weapons, helping to create a unique, like no other hero.


Drakensang Online was created in Berlin by the experienced Bigpoint team. The project worked in the browser thanks to Java technology, but soon got a separate client due to technical limitations. Gameplay similar to Diablo. The player moves between locations, hunt animals and enemy creatures, fights with them, using an entertaining set of abilities and weapons. He is surrounded by other people - the same hunters. If you unite take off, tasks will be completed faster, and giant bosses will no longer be a problem.

There are four classes in total: warrior, ranger, magician and shooter. Each has a different set of skills, starting characteristics and unique fighting style. So, stocky dwarf shoots from afar, and the dragon slayer is a master of the blade and prefers to cut down monsters close.

Mortal Online is made by fans, Missing the times of Ultima Online. Character level is not limited, combat forces to swing a sword and hide behind a shield, taking into account the movements of the opponent. Mount dies permanently, and the killed opponent leaves all his belongings, from a radish from a bag to a set of armor. This is a sandbox, unrestricted. Uncontrolled killing and home demolitions flourish in cities. The creators chased cruel realism and overdid it. The collected raw materials and materials are highly valued in the domestic market., because to cut trees, it takes hours to find mushrooms for soups and healing potions. Building a home is a real hard labor, accompanied by the protection of the territory from bandits and robbers. Like a good thriller, a person is constantly in tension and tries to survive, not to have fun.

Secret World Legends has gone through tons of updates and redesigns, remaining a qualitative rethinking of old ideas. Instead of fantasy beauties - harsh modernity, and the classic faction-states replaced the secret organizations of the Templars, Illuminati and Chinese Dragons. They fight for world domination and destroy numerous mutants, fabulous monsters and desecrated reptiles, which live in large numbers on Earth. The hero travels all over the planet, meets the Yggdrasil tree, participates in group treasure hikes, solves riddles, and fights in carnage between agents of the secretive government. Story missions are full of cinematic cutscenes. All dialogues are voiced, and the characters have a prominent character and a touching backstory. This is one of the few multiplayer roleplayers, more reminiscent of a serious story adventure.

Magic: The Gathering Arena – game Review

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Magic: The Gathering Arena – it's not the same, ripping the packaging of a Magic game with a childhood friend on a sun-drenched bench, this is something better. The computer based card game available on PC smooths out the complexities of the Magic tabletop card games and makes immersion easy for beginners and enjoyable for Magic veterans.

Released in open beta last September, Magic Arena is the second video game adaptation, re-creating an old twenty-six year old card game. The first was Magic: The Gathering Online 2002 of the year, which is for gamers, non-fanatics, or those, who are already spoiled by the delightful Hearthstone experience, may seem awkward and uncomfortable now. Full version of Magic Arena is expected to be released this year, but already now it is quite playable and widely accepted by beginners, former fans, and ardent fans alike.

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming - Browser Game Review

Game of Thrones

Игра Game of Thrones – Winter is Coming, officially licensed by HBO, was published a year ago. Generally, the fans of the series and gamers were satisfied, after all, having a license from a TV channel means, that Gtarcade can use characters from the original series and accurately recreate them in the game. The game also follows the original storyline and captures the atmosphere of HBO's Game of Thrones in detail.

Beyond Gtarcade and HBO, Warner Bros. is also responsible for the game. - she also owns the rights to the series - and Yoozoo Games. Gtarcade has published such successful games, как Era of Celestials и League of Angels, However “Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming” can be called the pinnacle of their creativity, unequivocally putting them on a par with the giants of the browser games industry.

What to expect from good foreign online casinos?

Moreover, you will have where to turn for help. If you take the same Curacao, no one officially supports the players. There are only different resources, where you can file a complaint and hope so, that the operator will answer it and make a fair decision.

In the case of reliable foreign casinos, players have another option - to contact the alternative dispute resolution service (ADR). Reliability is one of the most valuable qualities of reputable foreign casinos..

On this topic What is an online casino gaming platform for??

Foreign online casinos with multiple licenses

be careful, if casinos are licensed in two or more jurisdictions, eg, Curaçao, Malta and UK. Not being a UK resident, on you, likely, Malta and Curacao terms and conditions will apply. This multitude of licenses is sometimes confusing to players. You might think, that three licenses are better than one, но это не всегда так. Read more about the intricacies of multiple licenses here.

Damoria game review


Despite the huge number of online and single-user projects of various types and colors, the browser games market also has a lot of fans. It's not just Korean action rpg or sports simulators that win their hearts, but even urban planning strategies. And one of them is Damoria.

Description of the game

Damoria - simulation of building your own castle in the middle ages from developer Bigpoint, famous for dozens of browser games. The age of the project captivates - it was published back in 2008 year and still continues to exist. How did she deserve such a long life?

Overview of the game Heroes: Legend of Enros

Heroes: Legend of Enros

Browser games have become a real salvation for people, having no relatively powerful computer, no passable mobile gadgets. Because browsers can even run on calculators with Internet access, and if not able, then lower the graphics settings and become capable of. There are a lot of projects: there is something for every lover of something. And one of these projects is Heroes: Legend of Enros.

Description of the game

Heroes: The Legend of Enros is an MMORPG, distributed by free2play model, by Russian developer Esprit Games. The overall style of the project resembles Heroes of Might of Magic, or, more closer, King's bounty - the same promotion on the map, the same turn-based battles, only easier.

GTA Online

Rob, kill and steal cars - now you can do it not only alone. The transfer of the legendary gangster life simulator online was logical and inevitable. It only remained to wait for this event, and it arose!

GTA Online has the ability to put together gangs, complete missions with friends, organize robberies. You create your own character, making it a family tree. Online, your money can go into the pocket of the player who killed you, but at the same time it is possible to assign a bounty for the killer's head, what makes the game much more interesting, than usual.

However, compared to the single version, the game has frankly worse graphics and a lot of technical disadvantages, throwing her down from the podium.

Raid Review: Shadow Legends – the new king of the gacha RPG genre?

Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends is a free turn-based fantasy RPG for iOS and Android platforms. The game is based on the principle of gacha with the collection and pumping of more than 300 various characters from 16 factions. Build the perfect team of characters, upgrade their equipment, discover and improve skills, to try your hand at difficult PvE and PvP activities.

The game features turn-based RPG battles, which can be played automatically or controlled manually, allowing players to strategically apply character skills, similar to the game Summoners War. Complete the campaign, which events unfold on 12 various locations with voiced story dialogues and exciting boss battles.

The game also features many dungeons and events, in which you can test your abilities. Special rewards are awarded for completing them., which give players access to more powerful gear and heroes. Players can also enter the arena, to score points against teams of other players, controlled by AI.

World of Warcraft

Online game, which, according to the Guinness book of records, more popular than any other, certainly became a milestone in the history of game development, however, in our time, the project is steadily moving towards its decline.

Fantasy world of Warcraft has about 8 million players, who play by the principle “pay tu play” - that is, paying for each month spent in the game.

Game fans claim, that the interesting thing about WoW is, that there you can not only fight against mobs and other people and pump the character, but also doing various things like fishing and gathering herbs, for which you can pump non-combat professions. There is also a system of achievements, various pets, mounts. Generally, these days you won't surprise anyone, but WoW is a standard MMORPG. Once plunged into this world, there is an opportunity to lose reality and stay in it for a long time.

More has passed since the game was released 10 years. The picture is pretty old, despite, that outwardly the game is different from that, what was originally. Blizzard keeps players not so much with the capabilities and technical level of their project, which the, let's face it, obsolete, how much nostalgic, in which experienced players are so pleased to dive. However, in our time, the prospects for the game are dim.. Most probably, in the coming years, we will witness the death of the legendary MMORPG under the relentless pressure of new, much more serious and modern competitors.

Read more in our World of Warcraft review.


The second part of one of the most popular games in the mob genre quickly burst into the world of game dev, spawning a mass of clones.

The first Dota was tailored using the level editor for the first Warcraft and subsequently improved.. The second Dota was announced in 2010 year, and was officially released already in July 2013 of the year!

The game has two teams of five, one of whom plays for the bright side, the other for the dark. The point is to pump the character and destroy the base of the other team. In parallel, you can kill opponents and mobs. As they say, all ingenious is simple.

Unlike the first Dota, you can not only participate in battles, but also just follow them as a spectator. Well, the main advantage of Dota is, that it is an official esports discipline.


The next MMO game for those, who definitely spends their time wisely. And that, this is another example of, that domestic developers know how to make good game projects. Panzar can be attributed to the genre MMOFPS or action RPG. There is no open world in the game yet, since the idea and underlying factor of Panzar is the spirit of modern online battles. and team play. There is no such concept at all here, like one warrior in the field.

Total in the game 4 race: people, orcs, elves and dwarves. The main action takes place on battle maps - from miniature glades, where players fight to capture the point, to complex multi-stage and wide-spread arenas and castles, in which it is not long and lost.

The rules of the game depend on the type of card.. On some they are elementary – key zone gives points to the team, who owns it. In others, there are several points for capture, one team storms them one by one, and the other protects. There is a "king of the hill", in which the first, who will capture the point, fixes on it and repels attacks from the hill. There is also the usual team fight wall to wall.

Experience and gold are awarded for each battle, the ratio of which can be changed. Besides, for battles, players receive resources to create armor and healing potions.

Panzar – a rare project in itself, which boasts excellent graphics, because it stands on the CryEngine engine 3. We can say about visualization - everything is done perfectly.

The game is free, and speaking about donate, you can say, that a compromise has been reached - if you pay, then you pump faster, if you don't pay - the character develops more slowly. However, in this genre, it is even beneficial not to rush - the plus is that, that learning the gameplay and training skills is more consistent, than for donat.

Read more about this game in the Panzar review.

Total Battle game review

Total Battle

Total Battle is one of the best, if not the best, online strategy in the gaming market today. Check, what awaits you in the store, when you play this RTS directly from your Facebook account. And yes - the game is free! You will be able to achieve significant success in it., without spending a single ruble. Of course, there are also paid options in the game, allowing you to win faster, like buying game currency for real money, but their use is only at your discretion.

At the beginning of the game, you have only a few buildings at your disposal, the most important of which – Capitol and Temple. The latter is necessary for your army, because. you can revive soldiers in it. The level of development of the Capitol determines the level of your power. Depends on him, what actions you can perform and what buildings to build.

Difference between foreign and Russian casinos

The Russian market differs from the foreign, therefore the operators, adapted for this segment differ. It all comes down to blocking, which ILV suits operators. Many well-known foreign casinos are already blocked in Russia, and the list is constantly growing, since RKN adds sites by the thousands. Operators, oriented towards the Russian player, Allow VPN or create mirrors. These are the most popular ways to bypass blocking..

There is no difference in the number of games available. In foreign and Russian, there is a different choice from super collections to rather modest ones.. therefore, here you need to compare each site separately. Talking about bonuses, there is such a tendency, that foreign online casinos attract less players with no deposits.

Disadvantages of foreign casinos for a Russian player

Of course, it's not a big problem, since machine translation can be used, eg, from Google. But read in this way the rules of the casino or bonuses, not very convenient, and the meaning is sometimes conveyed inaccurate. And yes, play, you can replenish and withdraw without deep knowledge of a foreign language.

The lack of Russian payment systems can also become an inconvenience. There is no Webmoney in foreign casinos, QIWI, Yandex Money and other options. The most common bank cards and e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller.

But then, what few Russian players will like - checking income sources. This rule was introduced not so long ago in casinos licensed in the UK. Operators must request confirmation of income from major players. In this way, At first, the regulator fights money laundering, and secondly, helps protect gambling addicts from excessive spending.

There are frequent cases, when addicts stole from other people, to sponsor your addiction. A recent example is the case of VIP player Ladbrokes, who robbed his clients for 1 million pounds. Therefore, this measure is a necessity., and operators, noncompliant, are punished with huge fines. Usually it comes to millions of pounds.

Sword Art Online Review 2

Sword Art Online 2

"Sword Master Online 2" – this is a game with a fascinating storyline, it will take you into a world of exciting adventures with action-packed action and charismatic heroes. The game's plot is based on the popular anime "Sword Art Online". There are a lot of familiar heroes here, like Kirito, Asuna, which you will meet during the game, many interesting tasks, get support from the strongest characters. The developers have prepared a dizzying plot, varied content.

Description of the game

The game is completely in Russian, this greatly simplifies the acquaintance with the basics of the game. All events take place in the magical world of Aincrad. You create your profile, choose a hero. Your heroes will be strong and fearless.

Rating of foreign casinos

You can find the assessment of foreign online casinos in our rating. It is great for, to get exactly those results, which you need. Automatically, when you visit the rating page, the site detects your country and gives options, most suitable for your region. But you can change the country to any other. To do this, simply in the right side menu in the section "Your country" select the desired country.

The higher the casino in the rating, the more interest they are for players. The casino rating is generated automatically, according to operator parameters, such as licenses, collection of games, player reviews, etc.. But the results will also show brands with low ratings.. Our rating is also convenient for those, that each casino brand is offered a detailed review.

Of foreign online casinos, the most valuable are, perhaps, UK licensed operators. The regulator of this country is very attentive to the fact, that the conditions of fair and fair play are respected, and severely punishes violators. Therefore, the quality there is maintained at a high level..

Second most popular jurisdiction, в которой зарегистрировано большое количество хороших зарубежных казино это Мальта. The regulator is now making changes to the rules, improving control over licensees. Therefore, the reputation of the jurisdiction is improving. Its useful to note, that some operators with a controversial reputation also moved there, who used to be in Curacao. So that, do not blindly believe the license.

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