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How to win money in the lottery: secrets from winners and mathematicians

US resident, Richard Lustrig, won the lottery 7 times in a row, and the main reward always went to him. A man wrote a book, wherein, relying on your observations and practice, he offered a number of tips for a successful game:

  • Look for "lucky numbers" and be sure to use them when filling out your ticket. They should be combined with other numbers., not in the category of "happy"
  • Take the lottery seriously, and not as a temporary entertainment. You need to buy tickets constantly, on a specific day of the week. The game will then become a kind of work..
  • Rely on the help of friends and family to make a combination of numbers, or together with them place several bets on the same number. Loss of enthusiasm for the game, friends will help, have not lost the desire to win. In other words, some community of players should be organized.

Another frequent winner is Klaus Joel, also told the world his secret. His secret lies in his constant belief in success., which guarantees victory. The man advises all participants in the game, on the eve of purchasing a ticket, start to be positive about winning, represent it in your hands, and myself as winners. Detailed recommendations are described in his books: "How easy it is to win the lottery" and "The Messenger".

Having analyzed games over the past few years, researchers came to the following results:

  • In most cases, odd numbers wins.
  • The probability of success belongs to combinations, which include numbers 6 or 9. For example: 29,59,79,99 and similar numbers.
  • IN 86% new games number repeats, who was already in the draws, earlier, and it's a proven fact.
  • Drop chance immediately 3 consecutive numbers is negligible, it is less 0,09%.
  • Playing every couple of months with ten tickets, opportunity to win more, than playing once a week with one coupon.
  • Even and odd number bets must be equal.
  • One-Step Number Betting - Error. Divide all numbers equally into two groups. Near 70% numbers must be in one of the groups. For example, in the drawing 6 of 45, divide the numbers by 2 groups: from 1 to 22 and by 23 to 45. The ratio of the drawn numbers on the winning ticket is 1 to 2 or 2 to 1.

The chair - lottery, where you can really win, however, the following recommendations will be helpful:

  • Don't gamble for your last resort.
  • Allow yourself so much money for the game, which you will spend without regret.
  • Having won three times, take a break. Do not tease fate.
  • You should not rely on the lottery to solve difficult life cases and financial problems.
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