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How to withdraw money, won in the free Lotzon lottery

Having accumulated at least on your balance 30 hryvnia / 30 rubles, you can order the payment of funds. To do this, hover over your profile block and select "Withdraw money". You can order a withdrawal of funds on Yandex.Money, QIWI, WebMoney or phone account. To do this, select the desired payment system, enter the amount and click "Withdraw money".

Withdrawal requests are processed within 7 working days. Personally, I have ordered payments from Lotzon more than once., money always arrives on time in full. Project 100% pays, and there is no need to doubt it. And as proof of my words, I will provide a screenshot of the last payments I received.:

The most important thing, so that your account does not violate any rules. To do this, do not create multi-accounts, do not wind up points, disable ad blockers (if you have them installed). Sticking to it all and playing fair on the project, you will never have difficulties with withdrawing money.

Free online lottery: how is this possible?

You don't need to spend your money on a ticket to play free lotteries. Most of these resources are, frankly speaking, fraudulent. There are several real sites, where players manage to win small money (near 10-100 rub.) and successfully get them out of there. Everything is built on them on the same principle.:

2. Disable your browser's ad blockers. Without this, you will not be able to play the free online lottery, since these sites make money from advertising.

3. Read the lottery rules. They are usually primitive. The essence of most of these lotteries is to guess a certain number of numbers.. There are instant and draw games. The drawing is carried out using a random number generator. Some lotteries try to prove the fairness of the game, giving the user access to the archive with the numbers selected for the game. Access can be gained after playing.

4. You can play several times at once. Usually given 3-6 attempts per day. You can get additional tickets for viewing ads.

5. Withdrawal of funds is possible with minimum amounts from 10 rub. Read the terms carefully, some sites carry out withdrawal of winnings within several months. An electronic wallet is best suited for withdrawal.

Where does the money to win come from

Small wins are real, but where did the organizer get the money to pay them? What's the catch??

If you look at a couple of such free lotteries, then everything will become clear. There are a lot of ads on these sites., banners, pop-ups. In the state lotteries of Stoloto, the prize fund is formed from ticket sales., and in free lotteries - from ad views by site visitors.

The organizers attract players, and they, in its turn, will click on banners and watch ads. The more visitors, the more attractive the resource becomes for advertisers. Advertising here is relevant to the audience: Online Games, casino, forex, bitcoins, etc.. The organizers receive income from viewing ads and use part of it to pay out winnings (in that case, if the website builder is honest with his client). Advertising itself on such resources is quite cheap., you can't make much money on it, so, and penny winnings. Some lotteries announce jackpots of several tens of thousands of rubles.

In addition to advertising, it is sometimes suggested to purchase, eg, premium account, win multipliers or extra tickets, since the number of game attempts per day is limited.

How much can you win

It all depends on the conditions of the game. In the most popular lotteries for 1 the guessed number can be obtained from 1 to 50 kopecks. If you play the day 5-6 time, then it is quite possible to earn a couple of rubles. The chance of hitting the jackpot is minimal. There are no real reviews of large wins in free lotteries on the Internet. But there are many scammers, luring visitors to the site and even giving them a little money, which simply cannot be deduced.

Therefore, use only known resources., meeting requirements such as:

  • high attendance;
  • availability of real reviews on the Internet;
  • good and clear site design with simple game conditions;
  • no advance payment for the ticket, account activation, etc.;
  • the minimum withdrawal amount must be reasonable, since the winnings are very small.
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