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Interface and functionality of the official website of the UNL "Golden Cup"

The national lottery Gold Cup is made in a pleasant blue and gold color scheme. The site is built according to the classic scheme for online casinos. The upper right part is reserved for two large buttons - registration and entrance. When you click on
the first player will be transferred to a simple and intuitive quick registration page for the Gold Cup Lottery. The second one was made for already registered players., who prefer to log out every time after
game session. By the way, leaving the casino, you can try slot machines in free mode - this is a great way to test new products, also suitable for newbies on the site. Neither win, nor lose in
demo mode of the site Gold Cup you will not be able to.

The main menu is located in the left part of the top navigation panel of the National Lottery Gold Cup website. It includes several bookmarks, allowing you to quickly switch between sections:

• shares;

• practical jokes;

• tournaments;

• VIP club.

for example, going to the stocks tab, the player can immediately receive information about all interesting and relevant offers of the virtual gambling house Golden Cup. And on the VIP tab - take advantage of all the benefits of club membership, if
the player is already in it, or find out more about the conditions for joining this club, if not yet.

Now let's turn to the game menu Gold Cup - the main tool of all, who loves and appreciates slot machines. Here you will find bookmarks, selecting slots for such categories accordingly:

• popular - slot machines, the top of which is formed by the players themselves;

• classic - such slot machines fall here, as Book of Ra, Fruit cocktail, Resident and other time-tested entertainment;

• new - only new items from the administration of the institution and from the best software developers;

• all - opens a general list of hundreds of slots for those, who does not want to limit themselves in choosing the Golden Cup;

• jackpots - here are collected those slot machines of the site Lottery Gold Cup, which can potentially give the player a huge win in a random way.

Below you can see the icons of slot machines of the Gold cup casino. Each of them gives a minimal idea of ​​the subject matter and graphics., so that the player can immediately highlight those games, which he likes from an aesthetic point of view. And quite below
there is a panel with logos of available payment systems, as well as text information - rules, bonus policy, responsible gaming section, etc..

German Lotto Lotto Review (Lotto)


Options The values
rules 6 of 49 + PB 1 of 10
Participants Germany
Draw time Wed. 18:00
Sat. 19:00
Jackpot Payouts Cash
Tax requirements Lottery winnings are not subject to local tax.

Chances of Winning

Prizes Conformity Odds
1 Prize 6+PB 1:125 854 344
2 Prize 6 1:15 731 793
3 Prize 5+PB 1:487 807
4 Prize 5 1:60 976
5 Prize 4+PB 1:9 291
6 Prize 4 1:1 161
7 Prize 3+PB 1:510
8 Prize 3 1:64
9 Prize 2+PB 1:68

The German game "Lotto" originated in 74 year of the last century. Lotto was thought out and released by a large gaming company "DLTB", which included 16 independent lotteries. The association is called "Lotteriegesellschaften". Games are not like each other, and they all take place in different locations in Germany.

To play the lottery, must choose 6 numbers from 1 to 49, and finally - the number of the bonus ball, called "Superzahl" - from 0 to 9. The winnings go to those participants, who guessed 2 and more numbers, as well as bonus number. And the main prize goes to the one, who correctly lined up the sequence of 6 rooms, as well as a bonus ball.

The prize fund can increase from time to time, if no one hit the jackpot of the current week. Therefore, the prize amounts for each category are not the same and are formed in relation to the total prize amount.. The amount of winnings in the draw is growing, until the next winner is determined. Awards are not subject to local tax.

The good news is that not only German citizens can participate in the Lotto prize draw.. Regardless of the location, everyone has the opportunity to purchase tickets and participate in the lottery online. For this, the lottery has a concierge service. Using this opportunity, you can choose the numbers yourself or use the quick selection function. When buying tickets online, they are actually purchased in Germany and sent to your account their scanned print.

This german lottery counts 9 prize categories: from 2 + bonus to fully guessed row. The size of the prize in each of the categories is determined by the percentage of the total game fund, formed for the current circulation. If you win in any of the categories, you will be paid the full prize, as there is no need to pay local tax.

The lottery is interesting for, that the participant has a wide range of opportunities - you can even win a small prize for 3 correctly selected numbers. Thus, each player has a much higher chance of receiving a reward..

The accumulative system of the formation of the prize fund no less encourages the participants to take part in the game. The absence of winners in one draw ensures an increase in the rates in each of the categories for the next game.

World lotteries. Review of the best ones.

Many people on the Internet are interested in foreign lotteries or world lotteries, but they don't quite understand, how you can play them and which lottery is better to choose. Therefore, I decided to make a small review of the most popular world lotteries and suggest the service, through which you can buy foreign lottery tickets. Now let's start.

The best lotteries in the USA and Europe.

PowerBall is the most popular USA lottery with huge jackpots (not less 40 million US dollars). Her story begins with 1992 years and for all the time she made rich 350 man. At the moment the jackpot of this lottery is 127 million dollars. To play this lottery go to the website and select 5 main numbers with numbers from 1 to 69 and 1 additional number from 1 to 26. Draws of this lottery are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

MegaMillions — эта лотерея США является самой богатой лотереей во всем мире. At the moment the jackpot amount is 69 million dollars. To participate in this lottery, go to the website and select 5 main numbers from numbers from 1 to 75 and additional number from 1 to 15. Draws for this lottery are held on Tuesday and Friday.

EuroMillions - one might say, that it is the most popular European lottery. She has one of the best chances of winning a prize (not a jackpot) and he makes 1 by 13. And the maximum jackpot was 190 million Euro. So we can safely say, that EuroMillions is among the world's best lotteries. In order to play this lottery, you need to go to the site and select there 5 main numbers from numbers from 1 to 50 and two additional Lucky Stars numbers from 1 to 11. At the moment the jackpot amount is 15 million Euro. The draw is held on Tuesdays and Fridays.

EuroJackpot is Europe's newest lottery. At the moment the jackpot amount is 28 million Euro. Чтобы играть в эту лотерею перейдите на сайт и выберите там 5 main numbers from numbers from 1 to 50 and two additional numbers from 1 to 10. The draw is held on Fridays.

Chances of winning

World lotteries give us different chances of winning a prize and a jackpot, but the winnings are always different. Let's go through the chances of the very best foreign lotteries.

  • PowerBall
    • The likelihood of winning any prize: 1 to 24.87
    • Probability of winning the jackpot: 1 to 292,201,338
  • MegaMillions
    • The likelihood of winning any prize: 1 to 14.7
    • Probability of winning the jackpot: 1 to 258,890,850
  • EuroMillions
    • The likelihood of winning any prize: 1 to 13
    • Probability of winning the jackpot: 1 to 116 531 800
  • EuroJackpot
    • The likelihood of winning any prize: 1 to 26
    • Probability of winning the jackpot: 1 to 95 344 200

I also want to remind, that there is a way to increase your chances of winning! I devoted a separate article to this topic "How to win a million in the lottery".

Happy games everyone!

Financial transactions in “Gold Cup”

Constant casino games in demo mode do not attract gambling gamblers. More often
total casino visitors register to play slot machines and
win, and win real money. To do this, first of all
you need to make a deposit. Gold cup advantage – national
lottery is then, what to their clients, how new, and constant, she
offers bonuses when crediting funds to a deposit.

Remember, what before, how to start playing, it is important to read the rules of the casino Gold Cup,
terms of the offered gifts, bonuses. This will help you get out of trouble in
the future

Financial transactions in Gold cup can be carried out in any way convenient for you:
through the electronic system, bank cards Visa and MasterCard, terminal
self service. For operator users “Kyivstar” provided
replenishment of the deposit with mobile money. Crediting to your account in the Golden Cup is enough
fast, takes only a few minutes. Withdrawals sometimes become 72 time, then
there are three days. But this is only in some cases.. How much becomes the minimum
or maximum contribution, depends on the payment system, and can become from 1
hryvnia to 50 UAH. minimum, from 999 UAH. to 30 000 hryvnia maximum.

You can top up your account on the official lottery website, preliminarily
logged in. Next, you need to select the system, through which you want to lead
transactions, enter the required amount and follow the instructions in the dialog boxes.
The money is credited to your account, and you can now safely proceed to
entertainment in “Gold Cup” on machines.

Interesting moment: when you enter the amount, that number is immediately visible on the screen
lottery tickets, which are credited to you “Gold Cup”. For withdrawal
funds, according to the rules of the Gold cup, you will need to go through verification. She presents
are such stages:

  • Enter personal data: surname, First and middle name, passport details and place
  • Confirm email and phone;
  • Scan the required passport pages and send to the website.

You can receive the won money only on a bank card. To withdraw funds
through other payment systems, you should apply to the support service. it
may take a long time, but you will definitely get a prize, do not doubt.
The administration of the site Gold Cup is interested in maintaining its customer base and good

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