Playing lottery online

Free online lotteries with real winnings - myth or reality

Where to win real money

Runet has many offers for making money on free lotteries - it is profitable for webmasters to catch up with cheap traffic to the site, therefore the direction is well developed.

But among the large number of offers there are also scammers. Not all webmasters pay players fairly.

This is what a typical online lottery looks like

Consider the five most popular sites.

Social chance

Social chance is the most famous of the lotteries, not requiring investment. The reason for the popularity is the active promotion of the project as the administration, and players, who attract referrals.

Make a guess from 0 to 999 999 and wait for the result. Usually, for each draw you get 10-15 kopecks. Big wins are rare, although the jackpot is 10 thousand.

Minimum withdrawal amount - 15 rubles.


Choose a number from 0 to 999 999 and wait for the result. Rules of the game, as in the Social Chance lottery. The only difference is the site interface.

Users report frequent account bans. It is prohibited by the rules to have more than one account in the system. To earn more, players create dozens of accounts, but it is monitored and suppressed.

The account is banned only after the player earns the minimum amount for withdrawal. As soon as you order a payment, you are blocked. Freeloto offers advertisers free traffic until the last moment, and only then reports the violation of the rules. It is impossible to argue the decision - there is no technical support.

The site is designed carelessly. There are grammatical errors in the texts.

Minimum withdrawal amount - 15 rubles.

Leprechaun Pot

Register, guess the number from 0 to 999 999 and participate in the lottery. Maximum winnings - 10 thousand. rubles. But in practice - 10-20 kopecks.

Well developed referral system. But income from referrals is penny. Pay up to 35% from the earnings of the attracted player. Minimum withdrawal amount - 50 rubles. Most users fail to accumulate this amount even with referrals and they stop playing.


You fill out six lottery tickets every day. The draw for them takes place the next day.

The prize fund is formed not only by advertising on the site. Your mail is entered into the database and sold to the advertiser, who sends tons of spam in the future. Maximum winnings - 20 million rubles. In practice - a penny. Cases of winning the jackpot are unknown. Few online reviews, and they, what is - negative.

There is an internal currency - smilies. They are exchanged for real money before being paid out. The minimum withdrawal amount is not specified. There are age restrictions - it is forbidden for persons to play, did not reach 18 years.

The rules indicate, that LotoFreeBie is not responsible for errors, related to the correct processing of payments.


Guess your number or generate a random number and participate in the drawing.

The site states, that every hour is played 100 thousand. rubles. With probability in 99,99% it's a lie. This resource does not earn exactly that much on advertising., and he is hardly involved in charity work.

Average payoff - 30 kopecks. Users write, that the resource honestly pays. Minimum withdrawal amount - 15 rubles. Payment request is processed within 5 days.

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