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Lotto 6 out 49

The lottery drawing always takes place on Wednesdays 18:25 And on Saturdays at 19:25 Clock instead.

The announcement of the jackpot in the lottery 6 out 49 always takes place on the first day of the week (Working day) after the official drawing and will be published directly on our homepage.

The lottery jackpot after the Saturday draw will be announced on Monday morning. After the Wednesday lotto, the jackpot amount is due on Thursday 10:00 Watch and can be viewed on our website.

The highest lottery jackpot in Germany was in the year 2007 by three players from Schleswig-Holstein, Thüringen und Nordrhein-Westfalen geknackt und lag bei 45.382.458 Euro. The highest single win in the lottery is included 37.688.291 Euros and was in the year 2006 cracked by a player from North Rhine-Westphalia.

Play the lottery and win

The 6aus49 number lottery took place for the first time in the year 1955 and has been the most popular lottery in Germany ever since. And for a good reason: People love it, to dream and the tension, every Wednesday- and Saturday draw precedes, not only entertains, but also brings families together. The aim of the game is, 6 out 49 to obtain. A little more precisely: Of 49 Numbers are ticked six on the ticket slip, which will hopefully also be selected at random by the automatic drawing machine.

Would you like to play the lottery too?, then you can bet online or at a German Lotto acceptance point- and toto companies purchase a ticket. Take either on Wednesdays- or Saturday draw, or double your luck and just play on both days. Play the lottery 6 out 49 online, you can use the same for five weeks, Play unchanged lottery ticket or start a continuous game.

Lotto 6 out 49: How and what to win

Next to the six numbers you selected, the super number is also determined in the 6aus49 lottery. This is assigned automatically and is the last number of the serial number printed on your lottery ticket. The super number comes from the number block of 0 to 9 and has an impact on it, In which prize class you are in the event of a win. You have already won something, if you ticked two correct numbers on your ticket and the last digit of your ticket number matches the super number.

The amount won in the lottery 6 out 49 power 50% of the stake and is divided into a total of nine prize categories. You hit the jackpot, if you ticked six correct numbers and your super number also matches the super number drawn. The super number was introduced, so that the jackpot maintains its high value and does not have to be divided between many winners in Germany. So can the player, with six correct numbers and the correct super number, you can look forward to a particularly attractive cash prize.

Playing the lottery with tradition

Even before Lotto 6aus49, many people were under the spell of playing the lottery. The chance for a better life wanted to go to Herzogs- and kings times no one to miss. Princes, Dukes and kings mainly used the lottery game, to replenish their treasuries. Also the luck associated with the lottery game- and probability theories fascinate many people. Very ambitious mathematicians often try to set up profit formulas, to predict the next winning numbers. No matter, whether you follow a certain formula or your gut instinct - try your luck with Lotto 6aus49.

How to buy a Lotto ticket 6 out 49?

To participate in the lottery, go to the game page, specify the number of tickets and select the numbers in them. If you don't want to waste time manually filling in tickets, use the auto select function.

Now choose the option to participate in the lottery. It can be a one-time participation in the next drawing, buying multi-circulation on 4, 10, 25 broadcast forward. An even more convenient option is to subscribe to 10, 25, 52 or 104 circulation.

The multi-circulation fee is charged at a time when it is issued. С постоянной подпиской цена билета будет списываться с вашего счета непосредственно перед каждой трансляцией.

Ireland Lotto Prizes

To win a second category prize up to 250 thousand euros you need to guess five main numbers and 1 additional. If correctly specified only 3 numbers, then the payoff is 10 euros. There are also additional prize categories. Their prize pool varies with each game, depending on the amount of tickets sold. Facilities, won in the Irish lottery, not subject to taxation.

The odds for the top jackpot in the Irish game are significantly higher, than other world lotteries. They align 1 to 10 737 573 and 1 to 55 for the minimum prize. The exact information can be found on the official website of the Irish game in the prize category.

The jackpot of the Irish game often changes due to the transfer of winnings from one draw to the next. The minimum amount was 2 million. euros. Maximum - 18 963 4441 euros. It was won in the summer 2008 a group of 16 Dan Morrissey Ltd from the small town of Karlov. Everyone got 1,1 million. euros. Colleagues correctly pointed out 6 Irish lottery balls. Before they won, the jackpot was carried over 16 time. It was the largest prize pool in the history of Irish Lotto..

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