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Russian lotto

If you want to win good prizes, buy a ticket to participate in the Russian Lotto lottery in 2020 year. In the purchase section, tickets are displayed randomly. Choose the one, which will bring the jackpot win in 500 million rubles. You can trust a random selection and entrust the purchase of tickets to the generator. For each purchased ticket, the Russian Lotto adds bonuses, which can be spent on payment, bonus games or gifts from the catalog.

For those, who wants to increase the chances, Russian Lotto offers to purchase several tickets with different numbers. When buying on the site, you can choose forms with all numbers from 1 to 90, as well as with favorite numbers, which will help you win a big prize (several hundred million rubles, car, Vacation home, apartment or travel to Europe).

You can find out the result of winning the lottery Russian Lotto on the website by ticket number, by phone, and also by installing the mobile application. Get inspired by the stories of the winners in the section of the same name. There you can see the amount of winnings of participants, find out when is the best time to buy a lottery and read tips. This is the second place in the rating of popular draws in Russia.

How to play online

One of the ways to participate in the drawing of foreign lottery tickets is to use intermediaries of foreign games. The principle of work of intermediaries is quite simple - specialized sites have agents in the states, drawing tickets for world lotteries.

Resellers purchase original tickets for common games. The participant receives a scanned copy of the ticket, and filling in the original is carried out in accordance with the instructions of the participant of the drawing.

The income of intermediaries consists in the sale of tickets for foreign games at a cost, an order of magnitude higher than the market, the intermediary charges a commission for the provision of his services. This is the disadvantage of using intermediary services.

Upon receipt of the winnings, funds are withdrawn to the player's account, which he binds when registering his account on the intermediary's website.

In case of receiving a large cash prize of the second or third category, the account owner must go through the verification procedure, which confirms the identity of the owner of the registered account.

If you win the jackpot, it will be handed out only in person, therefore, in such a situation, it will be necessary to prepare for a trip to the country of the lottery. Some large services in such a situation partially cover the costs of organizing the trip., which is the undoubted advantage of using intermediary services.

After that, it is possible to make a payment to the system in any convenient way and pay for the purchase of tickets. Large sites provide the ability to deposit money using any of the most electronic payment methods.

In this case, you can use both bank cards of the most common systems, and various virtual wallets. The disadvantage of most of these sites is the lack of Russian in the interface.

After depositing funds, they are reflected in the game account, the player only has to independently choose the foreign lottery that interests him. The ticket price is equal to the real, there are no markups of intermediaries, what can be considered one of the advantages of this way of playing.

In order to protect yourself from fraudulent activities, you need to know, that there are two types of intermediaries - transparent and invisible, they work differently.

Transparent intermediaries conduct open activities. The buyer can see all the markups before purchasing the coupon and decide, whether or not to invest in the purchase of a ticket. In order to see the available prices, you do not need to go through the registration procedure on the intermediary's website.

Invisible intermediaries do not provide information on extra charges and the real cost of the ticket, when selling it by an intermediary, the player can see, just putting it in your basket, after completing the registration procedure on the intermediary website.

To protect yourself, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • choose only reliable ones for the game, large and time-tested services;
  • before using the services provided, you need to check the availability of an activity license, especially when purchasing a real ticket, the license is a guarantee of the supplier's honesty;
  • you should rummage on the Internet and study the available fresh reviews about the games and sites on which the game was carried out.

The fourth competition will show, which lotteries have a higher chance of winning.

Many lottery games boast multi-million dollar prizes, but what's the point, if winning them is almost impossible? Consider Highest Odds and Lottery Games, providing them. The highest probability of winning the EuroJackpot lottery is 1 to 59 325 280. Next comes the EuroMillions game. Here the chances are equal 1 to 116 531 800. The third place in this rating goes to La Primitiva - 1 to 139 838 160. Obviously, that the European lottery games won this battle too.

In the fifth lottery competition, we'll look at ticket prices, which is also important when choosing a game. The criterion for evaluating the winner will not be the cheapest ticket, since in this kind of lotteries, usually, and insignificant wins

We need a middle ground

The criterion for evaluating the winner will not be the cheapest ticket, since in this kind of lotteries, usually, and insignificant wins. We need a middle ground.


This lottery game has a parent country of the United States, but more aimed at European countries. Lottery ticket can be purchased for 555 dollars. There is only one possible win. He's a million dollars. The probability of winning it 1 to 2000.

El Gaudreau (Fat)

Lottery ticket price is 200 dollars. There is an option to redeem the 10th part of the ticket. The cost when buying online may vary. It depends on the commissions of intermediaries.

As a result: European lottery tickets have a higher cost, rather than their American counterparts. Such results were obtained through monitoring of foreign lottery games. American Lottery Games Win 5th Competition.

Simple calculations lead us to, what (by a slight margin) still win the lotteries of Europe.

Online lottery with real winnings

Everything on our site is absolutely honest and transparent. Угадали все цифры — получили денежный приз. Do you want to know, where to buy a lottery ticket? Of course, we. Choose your favorite lottery or even several at once, to increase the chances of winning. And play! Can, you will win several jackpots at the same time? Let's try?

Lotteries are widespread in Russia. This is primarily due to the fact, that the prize pools are impressive enough, respectively, and the chances of winning a considerable sum of money are high. Lotteries in Russia have already become a family tradition. A couple of decades ago, whole families gathered at TV screens and with bated breath awaited the results of the drawing. It should be noted, that the statistics of victories in lottery games in the Russian Federation is quite high, therefore, the demand for tickets is growing relentlessly.

An interesting fact in the history of lottery games is that, that during the Soviet Union it was lotteries that significantly contributed to the development of the economy and the construction of strategically important facilities for the country. The financial support of the "Olympics 80" completely fell on the shoulders of "Sportloto", which at that time was positioned as a folk game. In the USSR, lottery games were the only legal gambling game, therefore, buying lottery tickets occupied a separate niche in the family budget on an ongoing basis. Even in the most economically difficult times, the Russians did not give up hope and continued to play lotto. And won!

Gosloto tops the list of the most popular winning lotteries in Russia, Russian Lotto and "Golden Key". Gosloto exists in the Russian Federation since 2008 of the year. The qualitative distinguishing feature of this game is that, that the lion's share of the prize fund is invested in construction projects of various sizes. Funding for sports development programs also plays an important role

In this way, Gosloto not only gives the country's citizens a chance to improve their well-being, but also acts as a sponsor in the implementation of projects of national importance. Russian loto stands out among other analogues for its focus on the mainstream of family games

Initially, this game was positioned as a home lottery. Lottery "Golden Key" provides an opportunity for Russians not only to get rich, but also to receive living space as a gift. In this lottery game, out of three tickets, one is the winning, which significantly stimulates the interest of players in this lottery. In addition to the above lotteries, there are many other similar games in the Russian Federation, which have a number of features and advantages.

How to buy a ticket for a foreign lottery game in Russia?

In the vastness of the network there are a great many intermediary sites, which help to purchase tickets for foreign lottery games without any difficulties.

The essence of this way of purchasing a ticket is, that the intermediary purchases a ticket within the country that is the founder of the lottery and sends it to the player in the form of an electronic version of the receipt.

But this, working scheme for more than one year, there are disadvantages:

  • if the player chooses an unscrupulous intermediary, then the probability is very high, that instead of a valid game ticket he will be sent one, in which the expiration date has expired or it is not valid for a number of reasons;
  • some intermediaries charge too high prices for their services (in some cases, the cost of a ticket for a player is exaggerated by 200-300 % from the original price on the official lottery website);
  • the probability of fraud has not yet been canceled (some intermediary sites exist for a couple of weeks, they practice cheating players - they take money for a ticket and disappear).
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