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How to play EuroMillions from Russia?

Как мы уже говорили в начале статьи: we will have to use the services of intermediaries for the game, that is, we will buy a ticket from the "outbid", which have their agents in all countries, where are foreign lotteries. Russians and residents of all countries of the world can place a bet on the next EuroMillions circulation through them

We have already talked about, what resources, distributing lottery tickets to foreign players must be chosen carefully and carefully

Agentlotto is the best international lottery broker

First question, which should come to most readers: "Is it possible to trust him at all?».

To answer it, Let's see, какие гарантии даёт нам этот самый посредник и вообще узнаем как он работает:

  • You go to the intermediary's website
  • Next, you choose the lottery, which you plan to play
  • Then top up the balance and pay
  • In half an hour or an hour, you will receive a scanned copy of the purchased ticket in your personal account
  • After drawing you, in case of victory, notify in your personal account
  • If the winning amount is small, then the money can be withdrawn to any electronic wallets, if it is big then they send you your ticket and you go to the country, where was the lottery, or, you can issue a power of attorney for a service employee and he, having received money, sent them to you.

Actually, from this step by step description you should have understood, that the main guarantee of the service is to receive a scanned copy of the ticket. This is the one and only guarantee. Also a big plus of this particular service, is the fact, что он стабильно работает уже на протяжении 5 years.

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