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Buying lottery tickets online according to the lunar calendar

Many processes in our life today have spilled over into the online environment, which saves valuable time. For those, who likes to catch luck, отличным решением является возможность покупать лотерейные билеты через интернет.

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Online lottery sales have been around for 5-6 years, but many still do not know about it and continue to buy paper tickets for their favorite lotteries. But not all sources are safe. The safest and most trusted site for buying lottery tickets is the Stoloto lottery ticket supermarket.

The site has been operating for over 5 years and every year it becomes more interesting and more convenient in terms of playing lotteries over the Internet. Today the Stoloto lottery supermarket provides an opportunity to place bets and buy tickets in three convenient ways:

All options allow you to conduct purchase transactions from anywhere in the world around the clock, filling in and checking the results.

If you win a small amount in the lottery, it will automatically be credited to your personal account and you can buy more tickets with this money, well, or withdraw them in convenient ways. If the winning amount is really large, for example you won the Jackpot, then this amount can be obtained at the company's office or at representative offices in your region.

Online payment for lottery tickets

After, how did you choose the lottery and place a bet (where to choose numbers) you need to pay for this lottery ticket. Payment is available in many ways, among which: MasterCard and Visa cards, electronic money Yandex.Money, Webmoney, Internet banks Alfa-click and Sberbank-Online.

Also, for convenience, you can immediately replenish your wallet in Stoloto once for a certain amount and then buy tickets with payment from the balance from your personal account.

Pros of playing lottery online

so, Let's see, which the internet system has, can be defined like this:

  • Convenience and time saving;
  • Large selection of lottery tickets;
  • Ability to buy lottery tickets through the smartphone app, being anywhere in the world;
  • Allows you to analyze the results of draws, i.e. which numbers appear more often or less often, what numbers are the happiest for you. it is also possible to set your favorite numbers.;
  • Automatic notification system in case of winning;
  • Stoloto has the opportunity to receive bonuses for participation and inviting friends, and also be among the participants in television filming. if you actively play lotteries through the site, then the Premium Club will become available to you (special member status);
  • The ability to donate a lottery ticket via the Internet to your family and friends. To do this, just choose a ticket or place a bet, pay and indicate the person's email or phone number, to whom the ticket will be sent.

Characteristics of popular euro lottery

In this list, I want to share only the three most popular European lotteries.

3.1. Euromillions

In one of the previous articles, I described in detail the rules of the game and the history of the emergence of Euromillions. Let me remind you:

  • The lottery is carried out according to the algorithm 5/50 (basic numbers) + 2/11 (additional numbers).
  • You can buy a ticket at any time, like online, and offline. Sale ends for 1,5 hours before the draw.
  • About lottery results, its upcoming draws and the current Jackpot size can be found on the website of the European lottery intermediary:

3.2. Eurojackpot

A very young lottery - exists since 2012 of the year, but already managed to gain popularity among Europeans, despite modest, compared to EuroMillions, Jackpots.

The rules of the game are very similar to Euromillions:

  • Algorithm of drawing: 5/50 + 2/10.
  • The draw is held on Friday night, broadcast from Helsinki.
  • There is an official internet resource, where you can learn more about the rules and purchase a ticket. True, this site does not support Russian.

3.3. Viking lotto

This lottery project is not so well known in Russia and the CIS countries., like the previous two, but has the official status of a trans-European.

The price for one ticket is much cheaper, than more popular lottery operators, and is 2,5 euros.

  • Draws are broadcast on Wednesdays.
  • Drawing scheme:6/48 +2 bonus balls.
  • Guaranteed jackpot - 1 million euros. The amount of the prize depends on the country- the participants.

How to play American lotteries from Russia, Of Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries

Fly to America for the sake of, to take part in a lottery draw is hardly a rational idea, although this is the most obvious option. Despite the bounty of American lotteries, chance to win is ghostly, while the flight and hotel costs are real. Do not forget about the difficulties of obtaining an American visa..

A much more logical option is to use the services of intermediaries. They provide residents of the CIS countries with the opportunity to take part in the drawing of American lotteries, without leaving the territory of the native state.

Watch a short video about, how it works:

There are many intermediary firms, providing services of this kind. Here are some of the most reliable examples.

Lotto Agent

The history of Lotto Agent began in 2010 year with the idea to create a first-class service, ensuring the purchase of tickets for popular lotteries in the world. After a long preparation, the service was able to start. The official start came 2012 year, and after a few years the company developed into a successful network of lottery agencies with offices in the USA, Australia, Italy, Spain and headquarters in Belize.

The service takes responsibility for performing the following functions:

  • lottery ticket sale;
  • providing the buyer with a scanned copy / photo of the ticket;
  • notification services;
  • transfer of prize;
  • users support.

Service users can also try free lotteries. To do this, you need to take part in the referral program of the service, namely, tell your friends and acquaintances about the benefits of the service, and give them a referral link to register. For every friend, who will register using the link provided and take part in any drawing, You'll get 5 dollars in bonuses to participate in your favorite lotteries. Such a free ticket can start the road to a happy rich life.


The service was founded in 2002 year, and during its existence managed to acquire a good reputation. Over on his account 97 million. dollars, paid out 5 million. winners from all over the world. On the site, you can buy online tickets to participate in the largest and most popular lotteries in the world, including many American lotteries, such as Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto Texas.

Winnings on tickets purchased through the service are transferred to the buyer without deducting any commission. Players can also count on prompt notification of the results of the draw.

To buy a ticket through TheLotter, just six easy steps to follow:

  1. Register on TheLotter service.
  2. Choose from the list of available lotteries that, which you like.
  3. Draw up and pay for a ticket to participate in the next draw.
  4. Save scanned ticket, which you will receive in your personal profile.
  5. Wait for the results of the drawing.
  6. Transfer winnings to your account.

You can find out the results of the draws on TheLotter website, as well as visiting the official lottery sites.

It's easy to start playing

Russia and the SuperEnalotto lottery

The Italian SuperEnalotto lottery in Russian is now available for players from CIS countries. Residents of this region can take an active part in the drawing of cash prizes and win the main one - the jackpot. Playing online is no different from the TV version, used by Italians. SuperEnalotto results are updated regularly. If you become a winner, you will find out about it very quickly!

Payout of prizes

Payment of the prize money is carried out in the territory of that country, in which you were at the time of winning the lottery. If at the same time you are a citizen of another state, you can still take the money only there, where were you during the drawing. At the same time, your citizenship does not in any way limit the right to claim money won on a legal basis.. The lottery is available for residents of any country.

Rules of the game through an intermediary

Any lotteries in the world, in which Russians can play, require ticket purchases. It is impossible to do this directly from Russia, since you can only get your paper “chance of winning” in that country, which holds the draw. Therefore, Russians have one way - to turn to official intermediaries..

We recommend a leader - AgentLotto (aka LottoEvents). They 20 have been providing services worldwide for years, and ourselves, personal, participated (and we continue to participate, what is there))) ) in foreign lotteries (especially love Powerball).

The best way to play lotteries abroad - Agent Lotto →


Security issues in relation to working with an intermediary are resolved using a multi-stage system for purchasing and selling tickets.

  • At first, on specialized software, they are brought together as ticket providers in one database, distributing them including at points of sale, and customer orders from intermediaries
  • Upon receipt of each specific order, tickets are filled in according to the indicated numbers, the originals of which are stored
  • Scanned copies are sent to clients participating in the lottery
  • At the end of the drawing, winnings are withdrawn and transferred to the winners
  • An intermediary is always an insured person (company), this gives an additional guarantee of receiving a win


There are several points, which indirectly can confirm the trustworthiness of the intermediary, preservation and non-disclosure of the participant's personal data and funds invested in the game:

The term of work in the foreign lottery market must be long enough, so that the intermediary company has time to acquire a good reputation
A representative or company of the country is desirable as an intermediary, holding a lottery
It is worth paying attention to the amount of "cheat" on the ticket price. It shouldn't get absurd.
How the intermediary arranges payment for his services

The possibility of a secure transaction through a secure site must be implemented
The participant must be able to contact an intermediary: the latter is favored by a hotline, support service or contact phone, Email (preferably at least two, from one domain, good if one will .ru), as well as a regular mailing address - all this information should be in open sources
Another indirect sign is the level of the site design - it should not look haphazard and sloppy
Also in favor of the intermediary is the presence of loyalty programs for regular customers. (eg, points accrual for purchased tickets)
And most importantly, there are real winners, preferably large amounts (eg, in AgentLotto paid Jackpot in 4 MILLION DOLLARS! Want the same? Who knows, what fate has in store for you, or what your intention is capable of)

Here they paid Jackpot on 4 MILLION $ (AgentLotto) →


Many participants, wishing to play the lottery, taking place in another country, wondering, how legal their actions are. You can be calm:

  • The intermediary's license to operate is the main indicator of the legality of his work and interaction with the client
  • Foreign lotteries do not prohibit the participation of foreign citizens (unless it is expressly stated in the conditions)
  • If the potential buyer is 18 years (in some countries - 16), his participation is quite legal
  • Reseller purchases a ticket on your behalf (namely in this way, including online tickets are sold) completely legal
  • Do not forget about, that according to the law one must pay tax on the winnings as in the country, holding a lottery, so in that, where does the player live. Legislation in this regard can be very different., so the winner should know in advance, when, where and how much will you have to pay

International lotteries allow you to take part in them, regardless of whether, which country the player is from, however, the percentage of Russians among foreign ticket buyers is very small. But remember, that despite the fact, whether you consider yourself a lucky or unlucky person - everyone has a chance.

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