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Become a EuroJackpot Winner

Player, который угадает все пять основных чисел и оба дополнительных числа, wins EuroJackpot Grand Prize. If more than one person guesses the coveted combination, the prize is divided between the winners in equal parts. If no one guessed the right combination, then the entire main prize goes to the next EuroJackpot draw, until it reaches the maximum set limit of 90 million euros.

Players, guessed less than seven numbers, can win a consolation prize, whose size depends on the guessed combination. As expected, больший утешительный приз в EuroJackpot получит тот игрок, which will guess more numbers, Well, a smaller number of guessed numbers will bring a smaller consolation prize. Smaller consolation prizes are based on the total EuroJackpot prize pool, as well as the number of players, guessing combinations in each prize category.

Any lottery, which offers an initial cash prize of € 10 million, doomed to become popular. But whether EuroJackpot will appeal to online players, similar to the famous EuroMillions lottery, time will tell.

Follow the updates on the site, to keep abreast of the latest news from the world of the new European lottery EuroJackpot!

З.Ы. If you want to save money on buying tickets, you can take advantage of special offers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eurojackpot lotto At Multilotto

Where Can I Buy Eurojackpot Ticket?

You can buy Eurojackpot ticket from offline convenient stores if you are located in European countries such as Criatia, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Iceland, Lithuania and Latvia as well as supermarkets, corner shops and newsagents in Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain and Norway. However, if you are not in any of the countries mentioned, Eurojackpot tickets can now be bought over the internet through Multilotto.

How Do I Place A Bet On Eurojackpot?

The process of placing a bet on eurojackpot is very easy. The first step involves filling out a Betslip by simply picking 5 regular numbers and 2 special numbers on the ticket you buy and then wait for the draw to take place. The prizes are awarded depending on how the draw numbers correctly match with the numbers you selected. For more information about the bonus prizes, check the results on the Eurojackpot site for the complete breakdown. However, if another player has the same winning numbers as yours, you will share the prize money if none of you bet using the unique number shield services.

What Happens When There Is No Jackpot Winner?

In the event that none of the players matched the winning numbers correctly, there is no one declared a jackpot winner and the money is rolled over to the next draw. In other words, this means that the prize money is added to the next draw while the jackpot money continues growing until a winner is found in future. Rolling over the prize is a common phenomenon in the jackpot because it has to happen until a jackpot winner is found and rewarded. Rollover also happens for the second place reward prizes as well but it is not regular for the smaller tiers rewards.

Which Countries Is The EuroJackpot Offered?

There are 16 countries in Europe where a player can buy a ticket from supermarkets, corner shops, and convenient stores. These countries include Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Norway, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Croatia, Czech Republic and Estonia. However, in other European countries like Austria, Russia, UK, Poland and Slovakia, you can only buy the Eurojackpot exclusively from Mulitlotto. In addition, players from other countries outside Europe are not restricted to play as they can also buy the tickets online from Multilotto. The wide coverage of Eurojackpot across the world makes it the biggest lottery in Europe but serves more than 300 million people across the world.

What Are The Common Eurojackpot Statistics?

The odds of winning the mega prize of the Eurojackpot are about 1/95,344,200. However, there are 12 additional tiers that are won in each draw when at least two of the number you select matches with the numbers on the draw. The chance of winning the smallest prize is 1/35. Under normal conditions, the odds are almost two times those offered in Eurojackpot’s major competitor (EuroMillions lotto). The lowest Eurojackpot draw is €10 m which is reset every time a lottery jackpot is won, while the minimum EuroJackpot prize is €2 which also grows depending on the amount offered on the jackpot.

What Does It Take To Win The Eurojackpot Lotto?

It is a fact that regardless of the system or platform used to buy the mega million jackpot tickets, you will have to spend a significant amount of good fortune to win it. However, Eurojackpot is different from other lotteries and has become the darling of most professional lottery players as it combines the big jackpot with the best odds of winning. Despite the numerous jackpot prediction platforms available on the internet which claims that you can use anything from zodiacal constellation to complex computer programs to predict the draw numbers, there is no scientifically proven method that can determine the numbers accurately. Therefore, to improve your chances of winning, you need to use logics and invest a little more money that the average player.

How to play Eurojackpot

To play the Eurojackpot lottery, players need to select five main numbers from a range of 1 to 50, plus two extra balls, better known as "Euro numbers", of 10 possible. Win the main prize - the jackpot, will get that of the participants, who guesses all seven numbers of the draw. When, if none of the players guessed the coveted combination, then the main prize is carried over to the next drawing.

The maximum jackpot size is limited to 90 million. €, and the entire amount over this limit is transferred to the next game category.

Of everything exists 12 prize tier, the winning combination and the chances of winning are described in the table below:

Combination Chances of winning Smallest prize The biggest prize Average prize size Smallest count. winners Largest count. winners Average count. winners per game
5 + 2 1 of 95 344 200 9 606 434,20 € 90 000 000,00 € 30 532 058,88 € 5 0,2
5 + 1 1 of 5 959 013 67 214,20 € 27 545 857,50 € 909 068,07 € 35 3,1
5 + 0 1 of 3 405 150 12 209,10 € 609 436,50 € 126 779,08 € 41 5,0
4 + 2 1 of 423 752 875,70 € 12 739,40 € 4 359,48 € 9 251 45,8
4 + 1 1 of 26 485 83,50 € 406,30 € 241,77 € 141 3 383 680,8
4 + 0 1 of 15 134 38,90 € 202,10 € 111,71 € 179 6 656 1 128,8
3 + 2 1 of 9 631 21,70 € 98,70 € 58,65 € 683 10 082 1 978,8
2 + 2 1 of 672 10,50 € 34,70 € 19,91 € 9 364 117 893 28 194,0
3 + 1 1 of 602 11,60 € 29,10 € 18,96 € 8 492 95 743 29 831,3
3 + 0 1 of 344 9,10 € 20,10 € 14,78 € 10 478 168 026 49 356,5
1 + 2 1 of 128 6,60 € 16,00 € 10,18 € 51 805 544 590 147 672,2
2 + 1 1 of 42 6,20 € 10,40 € 7,98 € 139 493 1 272 441 426 598,5

Data compiled on the basis of the results of runs starting from 23/03/2012 and ending 06/11/2020.

Generally, the chances of winning one of the Eurojackpot prizes are equal 1 of 26

This table is updated after each print run., for, what to display the latest Eurojackpot results.

All information, contained in the table refers to lottery results Eurojackpot starting from 23 Martha 2012 of the year, presented for informational purposes only and does not represent future prizes.

Tickets for playing the Eurojackpot lottery can be purchased from both official distributors, and online at On this page you can take part in the draw without even living in one of the participating countries, and you will also find a lot of useful information, including such as, results of the latest Eurojackpot draws.

Largest and smallest prize pool for each prize tier, except for jackpot.

The size of the prize in the category "5 + 2»Represents the total jackpot size regardless of the number of winning tickets

Jackpots, lotto winnings and prize categories lotto eurojackpot

The Eurojackpot lottery was originally created in this way, so that the main prize of the drawing is won more often, how competitors do it. Don't be confused by the relatively modest maximum prize limit of € 90 million. In fact, the jackpot simply does not have time to accumulate to a too solid amount., instead, another lucky one becomes its owner.

Lotto Eurojackpot boasts some of the industry's most favorable chances of winning the top prize. Probability to guess everything 7 the winning combination of the Eurojackpot draw is approximately 1 of 95 million, while the same figure for the Euromillions lotto is almost 2 times lower - 1 of 140 million.

The Eurojackpot lottery jackpot starts the accumulation cycle at € 10 million and can reach the € 90 million limit. The number of accumulations themselves is not limited..

When, if lottery main prize Eurojackpot hits its upper limit, but there is no winner in the first prize category, the jackpot is split among the winners in the next prize tier.

Except for the jackpot itself, the Eurojackpot lotto format contains more 11 prize categories. Their structure with an indication of the probability of winning is shown in the table below:

Category Required matches Probability of winning % prize fund Estimated winnings *
In shares In percentages
12 2 major + 1 additional 1 of 42 2.38% 9.55% €8
11 1 main + 2 additional 1 of 128 0.78% 3.9% €10
10 3 major 1 of 344 0.29% 2.15% €15
9 3 major + 1 additional 1 of 602 0.17% 1.5% €18
8 2 major + 2 additional 1 of 672 0.15% 1.55% €21
7 3 major + 2 additional 1 of 9631 0.01% 0.3% €58
6 4 major 1 of 15134 0.0066% 0.35% €106
5 4 major + 1 additional 1 of 26485 0.0038% 0.45% €238
4 4 major + 2 additional 1 of 423752 0.00024% 0.5% €4238
3 5 major 1 of 3405150 0.000029% 1.5% €102155
2 5 major + 1 additional 1 of 5959013 0.000017% 4.25% €506516
1 (Jackpot) 5 major + 2 additional 1 of 95344200 0.000001% 18% Jackpot
To increase the prize fund: 6%

*Its useful to note, that the amount of the win is indicated only approximately. The actual amount of lotto winnings for each prize category depends on the size of the prize fund of a particular draw and the number of winners in each of them..

As indicated in the table, 6% the prize fund from the draw is determined to ensure the accumulation of the jackpot for the next draw.

EuroJackpot in Russia

You cannot officially buy a EuroJackpot ticket in Russia - the lottery does not sell tickets in our country. But EuroJackpot coupons are available in the states, which are marked in the screenshot below:

Buy a EuroJackpot ticket through AgentLotto service as follows:

#1. Register on AgentLotto

Open the AgentLotto website in a browser and register an account. Once you confirm your email address, account will work.

#2. Choose a lottery

AgentLotto sells tickets 20 popular European and American lotteries. Among them, choose EuroJackpot.

#3. Select numbers

Fill in your EuroJackpot ticket, choosing 5 numbers in the first field and 2 numbers in the second field.

#4. Оплатите билет

Pay for the ticket by credit card or other method, available on AgentLotto.

#5. Get your ticket

AgentLotto will send a scanned ticket to your account via 1-2 hours after payment. We recommend that you save the ticket on your computer - if something happens to the service or AgentLotto does not want to pay out the winnings, can prove, that the winning ticket belongs to you.

#6. Wait for the results of the drawing

The EuroJackpot website publishes the results of all past draws. There are also live broadcasts: they are held on Friday at 21:00 Moscow time on the official EuroJackpot portal.

#7. Get your winnings

If you haven't won much (eg, 10-20 euros), then AgentLotto will make a transfer to your account in the electronic money system. You can also receive money to a MasterCard or Visa bank card. If you have a phone with a Tele2 SIM card, Megaphone, Beeline or MTS, then AgentLotto can top up your mobile.

If you won a large amount, then you need to go to the country, where EuroJackpot tickets are officially sold. But there may be a problem: the organizers will ask, how did you manage to get EuroJackpot ticket from Russia. The way out is to issue a power of attorney to receive the winnings for the AgentLotto representative. The lottery agent will officially receive the money and transfer it to you.

Other National Lottery Games

EuroMillions is one of the UK's favorite lotteries, but not the only large lottery in this country. Lots of players every week enjoy playing the games below.

HotPicks Lottery

The HotPicks lottery uses the same winning numbers, what and in the main lottery draw, but it is considered a separate game. Cost of participation - 1 pound sterling per line. You need to decide first, how many numbers do you want to try to guess. for example, you can play different types of games: from the game Pick 1 ("Choose 1"), in which you need to choose and guess only one number, up to the Pick game 5 ("Choose 5"), where you need to choose and guess five numbers. You won't gain anything, if you guess fewer numbers, than chosen. for example, if you play Pick game 5 ("Choose 5"), you won't gain anything, by guessing four numbers or less.

Thunder ball

Thunderball ("Fireball") - another game of the UK National Lottery. It is held every Wednesday, friday and saturday, and the size of the prizes in it reaches 500 000 pounds. Players need to choose 5 main numbers from 1 to 39 and one Thunderball number from 1 to 14. Player, who guesses all five numbers and the Thunderball number, will win the main prize - 500 000 pounds. Besides, there are eight other prize levels. for example, can be won, guessing just the Thunderball number.

As in the case of the EuroMillions lottery, tickets to play the British Lotto can be purchased both online, and in the places of distribution of official representatives. To play online, just select the numbers you want or use the "For luck" option (ang. Lucky Dip), after which, after making the payment, you will receive a confirmation on the email specified during registration. the address. Your ticket will be automatically verified, and in case of any, even the smallest victory, you will receive an email notification. the address. All prizes, not exceeding the amount in 5 000£ are automatically paid to your account - so your winnings won't go unclaimed. With the winners the amount is more than 5 000£ service representatives will contact and help resolve all issues, related to receiving a prize.

«Set For Life»

Set For Life is the first game in the UK, which prizes are paid in the form of an annuity - in partial payments over time. Draws are held on Mondays and Thursdays. The payline costs £ 1.50, and you should note 5 main numbers from 1 to 47 and "Life Ball" from 1 to 10.

Prizes for the first two rounds are paid as an annuity, thanks to which the winner receives their winnings over a period of time. The main prize is £ 10,000 monthly for 30 years, total £ 3.6 million, while the winnings of the second round are £ 10,000 monthly throughout the year (only £ 120,000). The odds of winning the top prize are 1 of 15,339,390, and the overall probability of winning any prize is 1 of 12,4.

Sometimes the National Lottery holds a special series of Set For Life lottery draws called "Super Chance Draws" (Super Chance Draws). In the Super Chance draw, you can win payments by 10 000 £ per month for 30 years, by guessing the numbers of the five main balls. The Super Chance Draw also increases your chances of winning the top prize to 1 of 1 533 939. Super Chance Draws are announced a few weeks before the actual draw dates, and you can take part in them in the same way, as in the regular Set For Life edition.


Eurojackpot has 12 prize levels, which are the same for all participating countries. You must match at least two main numbers and one Euro number or one main number and two Euro numbers, to win a prize. Jackpot can be won, by guessing all seven drawn numbers.

Prizes are awarded on a sweepstakes basis, it means, that their values ​​depend on the number of tickets sold and on the number of winners at each level. The table below provides information on how to, how the prize pool is distributed and the probability of winning.

Guess numbers Probability of winning % prize fund
5 + 2 1 of 95 344 200 36%
5 + 1 1 of 5 959 013 8,5%
5 1 of 3 405 150 3%
4 + 2 1 of 423 752 1%
4 + 1 1 of 26 485 0,9%
4 1 of 15 134 0,7%
3 + 2 1 of 9 631 0,6%
3 + 1 1 of 602 3,1%
3 1 of 344 3%
2 + 2 1 of 672 4,3%
2 + 1 1 of 42 7,8%
1 + 2 1 of 128 19,1%
Accumulation fund 12%

The savings fund is used to, to ensure that the minimum jackpot is paid out 10 million. If the overclocking fund exceeds 20 million. euros, all extra money goes to the prize pool of the next draw.

Jackpot starts at 10 million, and if it is not won, he goes to the next draw. The jackpot will continue rolling until, until someone wins it, or until it reaches the limit of 90 million. If after reaching this amount no one will win it anyway, all extra money, received from ticket sales, added to the lower prize tier, the limit of which is also 90 million.

Comparison between Eurojackpot and EuroMillions

Not sure what the difference is between Eurojackpot and EuroMillions? The two lotteries are highly popular across a combined 26 European countries, with millions of players winning prizes each week. You can find a comparison of the draws below:

5 from 50 and 2 from 10 Game Format 5 from 50 and 2 from 12
€10 million Minimum Jackpot €17 million
€90 million Highest Ever Jackpot €200 million
18 Participating Countries 9
1 in 26 Overall Odds of Winning a Prize 1 in 13
1 in 95,344,200 Odds of Winning Jackpot 1 in 139,838,160
Friday21:00 EAT (19:00 GMT) Drawn Tuesday and Friday21:00 THIS (20:00 GMT)
Eurojackpot Results Results EuroMillions results

Top ten lotto wins in Eurojackpot history

Despite his very young age, the European Eurojackpot draw has already played its maximum jackpot in the amount of € 90 million and has come close to this amount several times. Below is a list of 10 record Eurojackpot lottery winnings since its inception..

  1. The Eurojackpot maximum jackpot of € 90,000,000 was hit 15 May 2015 happy winner from the Czech Republic.
  2. The second jackpot was € 84,777,435.80 €. It was played out 29 july 2016 years and went to a lottery fan from the Czech Republic.
  3. In third place is the jackpot of € 76,766,891.40 €. It was played just four months earlier, 25 Martha 2016 of the year, and an anonymous player from Germany became its owner.
  4. In fourth place is the grand prize of € 61,170,752.70, ripped off on a single ticket, bought in Finland, 12 september 2014 of the year.
  5. The fifth line contains the jackpot from 5 December 2014 years in the amount of € 58.683.173.90 euros. It was ripped off by a lucky player from Germany.
  6. In sixth place was the main prize of € 57.275.841.60 euros. It was played out 4 April 2014 years and went to the anonymous winner from Finland.
  7. On the seventh line the jackpot, won with one ticket from Germany 1 january 2016 of the year. Its amount was € 49.685.851.50 euros.
  8. The eighth was the jackpot, inherited by a Danish player 20 february 2015 of the year. Its size was € 49.670.283 euros.
  9. The main prize is in ninth place, played out 24 july 2015 of the year. The owner of the sum of € 46.154.745.90 is an anonymous lucky man from Finland.
  10. Rounding out the top ten jackpot for € 46.079.338.80 €, who found its owner 12 April 2013 of the year. The winner is an anonymous lottery fan from Germany.

Buy Eurojackpot lotto Tickets – Play EuroJackpot Online

Eurojackpot is one of the biggest lotteries in Europe which can be accessed through various platforms. By playing Eurojackpot, you have a better chance of winning. The lottery provides you with bigger prizes that range in the millions of euros with better odds that other famous lotteries in the world does not offer.

Are you tired of losing all the time? Play Eurojackpot lottery and stand a chance to win more prizes from the favorable odds provided. If you are a regular lottery player, you must have experienced enough frustrations of never matching the winning numbers. However, the design of the Eurojackpot lottery is developed in such a way that it gives more players an opportunity to win. Despite the prizes being smaller than those of the Powerball and EuroMillions, the Eurojackpot prize is won more frequently because the chance of winning is two twice that of other mega lotteries.

  • Play Eurojackpot With Multilotto!
  • Eurojackpot Results are announced every Friday?
  • Players Must be over 18
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