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El Gordo de Navidad 2018, results and details

Low numbers

Next to the number of the first prize, this year has been characterized by the luck of the 'short' numbers, As the 4.211, graced with the third prize; he 7.568 and 2.308, awarded with two fifths.

Despite the fact that ‘Gordo’ it has been made to wait, Not so the rest of the jackpots of this draw that started last 18 minutes of the expected hour (9.00 hours), leaving the first prize just two minutes later, a fifth prize that went to number 47,862.Nerea Pareja has sung this first winning number of the draw full of emotion, between tears and with a broken voice. Next to her, Alonso Dбvalos has been in charge of singing the award, calmer than his partner.

However, It was not the only jackpot that hid the first table. He has also left another fifth prize that has gone to the 7.568, eight minutes after the first fifth. A little more relaxed, Nerea and Alonso have proclaimed the winning number and the corresponding prize associated with it, 60.000 euros to series.

At 9.30 the third of the prizes left by the first table appeared. The coveted second prize went to the number 21.015. Excited and happy, Nerea and Alonso have proclaimed the award endowed with 1.250.000 euros to series.

The little ones have been gaining confidence as this first table was developed, in which a couple of balls have slid across the carpet of the stage of the Royal Theater of Madrid. In this first table of the draw, he has extracted the balls of the Santos Felipe Heredia numbers and the prizes, Daniela couple.

The second table has been the moment of two of the veterans, the girls Nazaret Blanco and Nicole Valenzuela, who have sung two fifth prizes, endowed with 60.000 euros each. “I have participated many times in the raffle, four already”, confessed to Europa Press during Nazareth rehearsals, of 12 years.

During this table, Nazaret Blanco has sung the numbers and Nicole Valenzuela, What did the 'Gordo sing?’ in 2015 and 2016, the awards, while those in charge of extracting the balls have been A. Malika Ben Hamdouch y Josй Antonio Siri. “I would love to give 'El Gordo'. See if it's possible. Also this is my last year”, Nazareth explained, who has had to settle for singing two fifth prizes.

The third fifth prize of this 2018 has fallen back on the number 68.402 and it has been sung on the fourth wire of the second table at 9.58 hours. Just three minutes later, at 10.01 hours, the fourth fifth prize has come out on the fifth wire, what has been for the number 29.031.

The second table has passed without incidents or anecdotes and has distributed fewer prizes than the same table last year, who left the second prize, endowed with 1.250.000 euros to series, which this time has appeared in the first table; and four fifth prizes, endowed with 60.000 euros to series.

Live results

Here are the results of the Christmas Lottery, updated live on 22 from December:

El Gordo Primer Premio


2o Prize:

3o Prize:

4o Prize:



5o Prize:

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The drawing process includes a ball that is selected from each drum simultaneously, and keep going until the hype is empty. It takes hours to complete this process, and it has become a prominent cultural event in the Spanish annual calendar. To add excitement to the atmosphere, the children of the San Ildefonso school in Madrid are in charge of selecting the balls and singing the results.

The draw, held in Madrid on 22 December of each year, it is considered a national event and differs from standard lotteries in two important ways. This is very different from other lottery draws, whose draws are usually short and complete with relatively little spectacle. The draw for the Fat Christmas, instead, takes hours to complete due to the large number of prizes and the format being more like a raffle than a standard lottery.

The balls are drawn from two machines called "drums", containing each of the thousands of balls. One of the drums contains the balls that come with a predetermined number, while the other drum contains the balls with the value of the different prizes available. Each default number appears on many tickets, so when a prize is selected that corresponds to the number drawn, the amount of the prize for said numbering must be distributed among all the players who have said number.

Aya, in the eighth table

There has been maximum expectation to see Aya Ben Hamdouch appear, the girl who last year took center stage for her enthusiastic way of singing the awards, extending the "thousand euros". This year fortune has been on his side and he has been able to sing the ‘Gordo’ Christmas Giveaway 2018, with his partner Carla Garcнa.

At 12.35 hours have taken the stage of the Teatro Real Carla Garcнa, in charge of singing the numbers and Aya Ben, who has sung the awards. The public has recognized Aya and has exploded in applause and cheers. For his part, those in charge of extracting the balls have been Santo Daniel de Leуn and Yenifer Beltre.

Just a few seconds after starting this eighth chart, on the first wire, Aya Ben got the 'Fat' award, provided with 4 millions of euros, for the number 3.347. Aya's happy face when covering the wire, has awakened the emotion in the public. When he has sung “4 millions of euros”, his partner Carla has broken down crying and has sung the number between tears.

Once they had shown the prize balls to the presidential table, the little girls have approached the center of the stage to show the balls to the public. At that moment, some media have tried to ask Aya how she felt but she has answered: “I can not”.

After 13.00 hours, The last of the great prizes of this draw was still to come. The number 4.211, in the ninth table, has been awarded the third prize, at 13.22 hours.

How to play

The tickets for El Gordo de Navidad are different from those of other lotteries in the world. Instead of buying an individual ticket, Christmas ones are sold as a full ticket, known as "ticket", or a tenth of it known as "tenth". Like in the raffles, players buy pre-printed tickets, and each number can be sold 180 times in what is known as "series", which means that there can be several bills of the same number.

Awards Division

The prize pool presented below is per ticket:

First prize “Fat” 1 4.000.000 €
Second prize 1 1.250.000 €
Third award 1 500.000 €
Fourth prize 2 200.000 €
Fifth prize 8 60.000 €

*The number of prizes is calculated by multiplying the winning combinations by the number of series. For example, there would be 180 X 4.000.000 € in “El Gordo” prizes if the number of series is 180.

† Being the amount of the prize per ticket, the value of the prize is divided by the number of players participating in a ticket. For example, and 10 players each have a "tenth", would receive 1/10 of the prize obtained by the ticket.

The table above shows the 5 Main award categories except for the “pedrea”, or the “prize shower” that includes hundreds of other prizes drawn throughout the day.

The El Gordo de Navidad draw often includes a "variation", awarding players additional prizes for obtaining the chosen combination. For example, in the combination for the draw of 2012 holders of any tenth that ended in 8 they were entitled to a prize, called "refund".

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