Jackpot promised and cumulative

What are the chances of winning

The mathematical probability for each lottery is significantly different,
the higher the jackpot, the harder it is to break it. To receive the main prize you need
guess the specified number of numbers from the playing field. In some lotteries the odds
win math scanty, in others - quite decent.

so, where the mathematical probability of the final victory is higher?
For Gosloto "5 out of 36" you need to guess six numbers from 45. Probability
win the jackpot this lottery is the most attractive - odds are one to 376 992. For
it is the Gosloto lottery "6 out of 45", in which the odds are one in 8 million

Next, you can select a group of lotteries, where is the mathematical
the probability of a big win is much lower. for example, in Sportloto "6 out of 49"
the probability of hitting the jackpot is one to 13 983 816. Chances of Winning
super prize in Gosloto "4 out of 20" - one to 23 474 025. In Gosloto "7 out of 49" odds
on the jackpot one to 85 900 584.

In the standard Russian Lotto draw, the mathematical odds for
victory - one on 295 million. Such an event is considered unlikely from the point
statistics view, however, the popular American
PowerBall and Mega Millios lotteries. Despite the very low probability,
the jackpot in these lotteries is drawn fairly regularly.

Jackpot promised and cumulative

Two principles of the jackpot

14 (XIV) the point of the Order is dedicated to the prize fund (and its distribution structure) as well as the rules for the drawing, algorithms for determining winnings and details of the super prize that is rolling from one draw to another. Among other details, it was told about the nuances of jackpot draws:

Wherein, not in the order, nor in the lottery rules published on the Stoloto website, nothing is said about the likelihood of one way or another of the jackpot being drawn, although this is basic information. For, to make it clear what this is about, let's dwell on this in more detail.

Principle # 1

The first draw is a numerical formula 15 of 90. The probability of winning in the given scenario (15 numbers for 15 moves coincide with 15 numbers in one field) is 1:45 795 673 964 460 800 (one on 45,8 quadrillion!). Considering, that there are two playing fields in one ticket, the chance to hit the jackpot is obtained 1:22 897 836 982 230 400. Nearly 23 quadrillion! It's incredible, astronomical chance, which even has nothing to compare. There are no events in our life with such a probability.

Simply put, then the use of principle # 1 is a de facto ban on the jackpot, just because, that with such initial data it is impossible.

Principle # 2

The more interesting is the second option. At first sight, compared to the wording of principle no., not much changes, but this is the case, when the changes are dramatic.

At first, instead of the rigidly fixed concept of the 15th move, a range of possible options for the operator is added ("In which on the go, defined by the operator ").

And secondly ... changing the base to determine the matching numbers (15 numbers from 30, located in the two playing fields of the ticket) don't just double the odds, it increases them many times. Just because, what is the expanded rate here - 15 numbers for 15 (or n) moves with marked 30 numbers.

Using principle # 2, the probability of winning the jackpot is 1 chance out 295 232 118. Principle # 2 has been used for the last year and a half. During this time, the jackpot was hit four times:

  • circulation no. 1204, from 5 November 2017 — 506 million rubles won by Natalia Vlasova from Panino
  • circulation no. 1206, from 19 November 2017 — 100 million rubles went to a resident of the Stavropol Territory
  • circulation no. 1212, from 1 january 2018 — 250 million rubles received (?) unknown student from Kazan
  • circulation no. 1231, from 13 May 2018 — 209 million rubles went to an unknown resident of Tver.

Previously, for several years (period ended in October-November 2017) the jackpot in the Russian Lotto has never been broken. Just because, that it was impossible - the prohibitive principle number 1 was in effect.

Not just a lottery

The lottery is considered the easiest and most widely available chance to make a quick profit without large investments.. However, looking around, really find a few more places, where you can win money quickly and at no cost:

Competitions with financial prizes. These contests can be real or virtual. (online), and the tasks in them can be different. Most common sites (magazines), offering to solve the puzzle, riddle, score in the upcoming match. There are also resources, who pay those, who will be the first to post a comment on an article or movie, or leave the maximum number of comments.

To increase your chances of winning, do not waste time and not be disappointed, before participating in such contests, you must carefully read their rules.

You can also increase your chance of getting a win, by taking part in several contests at once on different resources.

Free Poker Tournaments. These can be found from time to time in many online casinos.. The purpose of their holding is to attract new clients. But at the same time, they really make it possible to win sufficient amounts of money.. Although there are also pitfalls here - in the playing conditions of some casinos it is indicated, that money won during the free tournament cannot be withdrawn. They can only be used for a down payment to play already at paid tables.. Therefore, in order not to be trapped, before starting the game, you should carefully read its rules.

Poker win

You can also find many foreign resources on the Internet., which also offer all kinds of contests and lotteries. But here, to win, it takes more than luck, but also knowledge of a foreign language (to read the terms and conditions of the games).


To play EuroMillions, you need to select five main numbers in the field from 1 to 5 and two additional numbers from 1 to 12, referred to as "varnishes old". To hit the jackpot, you need to guess all five main numbers and both are "lucky old".

Also, twice a week in the raffle draws, an alphanumeric code is selected, nine character. If the code matches that, what's printed at the bottom of your ticket, then you will win one million euros. Moreover, this prize is tax-free..

Besides, EuroMillions has a special Superdraw with a guaranteed starting jackpot of one hundred million euros. If no one rips it off, then after accumulating a jackpot of two hundred million euros and passing four more draws, it will be distributed among the winners of the secondary prizes. When the next superpay will be held is still unknown. You can find out more about this on the Golotter service website.

One of the users of the Golotter service from Russia in 2012 won the second prize in EuroMillions, and his winnings were 144 thousand euros. Another user from Hungary in 2013 won almost 490 thousand euros. By the way, this user was Golotter Platinum VIP and saved 12,5 % playing EuroMillions.

Draws take place in Paris every Tuesday and Friday at 21:00 by local time (23:00 in Moscow). You can buy a ticket for a maximum of 20 minutes before the start of the draw.

Which lottery is better to play

Of course, in this review, we have not listed all the lotteries, which are currently being played. There is a lot of variety. The answer to the question of which lottery is better to play sounds very simple: better play that lottery, which is close to the player in spirit and temperament.

If you are a maximalist in life, and don't agree for anything less - buy that lottery, where the jackpot is currently higher.

If reasonable risk is important to you, play the lottery 5 of 36 - jackpots are rarely high, but the mathematical chances of a big win are greater than most other lotteries.

If it is psychologically easier for you to play by receiving periodic small “incentive” prizes or it is important to watch the lottery draw on TV by all means, play Russian Lotto.

However, you can find your motives for playing this or that lottery.

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