7 commandments for lotoman

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Know the odds of winning

Understanding the insignificance of the chance of winning the main prize helps a lot against unfulfilled expectations.. What is the probability of guessing 6 of 45 or 6 of 49? What is easier is to point out correctly 4 numbers from 20 in two fields or 7 numbers from 49? Is it easier to guess 6 of 49 (in the lottery 7/49), than 6 of 45? If all players knew and understood these probabilities, then there would obviously be fewer lotteries. And definitely, nobody would ask a question, why buying a hundred, тысячи или даже 10 тысяч билетов не гарантирует крупный приз

For example, in the lottery "6 out of 45" there is 8 million combinations. Шанс угадать заветную шестерку при игре одной ставкой и при 100 000 купленных вариантах в конечном итоге почти одинаков – в обоих случаях выигрыш суперприза не гарантирован. Betting more, you just risk losing more. So is it worth scattering money, if the result depends on luck? If you don't want to spend as much money as possible, then it is better to be guided by the following rule:

Who will win?

Most often two people play lotto. In order not to pull loyal players out of their comfort zone, developers offer lotto games for two, in which everything goes according to well-known rules, but always with a new degree of passion. And the wallet remains full, it takes less time to find a playmate. Thanks to computer games, now you can easily play analogs of the famous lotteries - keno, bingo, and other popular TV shows for gambling, in which the rules of the drawing are similar to the lotto.

Moral satisfaction from winning points may well compete with material gain from winning. As in regular lotto, in its virtual analogue, you can set victory conditions: all numbers are closed, a row horizontally or several vertically. You can also enjoy intermediate small successes on the path to absolute victory.. And there are enough chips in the computer lotto for everyone, and you can choose shirts. Need a break, but I don't want to lose my alignment? Pause and go about your business. The new life of the old loto makes it young and popular again. The main idea of ​​the game remains unchanged - communication and passion, the rest of the time and the development of technology makes its own adjustments.

Never play again!

And the last thing If a miracle happened, you hit the jackpot, then you shouldn't spend more money on lotteries. Forget! No more gambling, no lotteries, slot machines, sports betting or going to the casino. If the stars are already formed and you won big money, then try to spend them on more useful things. Better yet, use the opportunity presented to you to change your life for the better. It is better to save and increase money, enough for everything. For an interesting life, on travel, the opportunity to finally solve the housing problem and for that, to spend more time with family.

Everyone can have their own list, the only thing, what should not be in it is gambling. Too many, having seized big money, wasted them completely pointless, including on the game - after all, bets on larger amounts have become available, why not play, once fate has marked you with a sign, you are special. No! You are like everyone else, you just got lucky once. There won't be another time, There is no hope.

Lotto Games - Lay Your Cards, Ladies and Gentlemen!

A good family tradition - to gather and play the new version of the lotto is confidently gaining popularity. Traditional Russian lotto with barrels migrated from tables and sofas to computer monitors, but did not lose the excitement. Even better now: if no one wants to keep you company, there is always artificial intelligence.

Any fan of the game will say, what is most interesting in the lotto is to take out kegs with numbers and "shout" their meaning. A whole ritual, with your catch phrases, demeanor and so on. Shouting in loto means having a great evening in the company of people with similar ideas about excitement and fun. The only difference, in real life, you would earn little things on symbolic bets, and in the virtual space you get points. The pleasure and pride of winning are guaranteed. Online lotto games offer you a convenient chat, always ready to join the party or new players started, good acquaintances and pleasant pastime among like-minded people. Singles games, games against the computer, for one card or several. The choice of difficulty depends on your mood. Lotto is played, therefore, you can always find those willing to start a game on the network.

Play small (don't play for the last)

Indeed, the jackpot may well fall on a single ticket. Spend more money, in order to catch him is a pointless occupation. And even harmful, if you already have financial problems. Buying a lottery ticket is not an investment, and consumption. Don't spend your last money on the game, miracles of course happen, but most likely they will not happen in your fairy tale.

Best strategy, for those, who plays for luck - spend a minimum of money. And so, who treats the lottery as a form of entertainment, and the opportunity to practice tracking and predicting random events - you can advise not to get carried away and spend not very much money on the game, only those that are not a pity to spend on your hobby.

Since winning the main prize in the lottery is almost incredible., there is one more rule to remember, namely:

Can't count on a jackpot

Even one lottery ticket can pose a special threat - living with the expectation. Why do something here and now, when the next circulation can make you a millionaire? Why tear the veins at work, save or save, and also try to arrange your life today, when tomorrow (Well, as a last resort, day after tomorrow) - a huge super prize awaits you in the next draw?

Alas, many are subject to dreams. For some, buying a lottery ticket is a fleeting excuse to dream up, what can you spend millions on. And for some, the only pass to a better life. But, such dreams rarely come true, it's better not to count on them.

You can spend a lot of money on the lottery, you can give this hobby all your life, but never win the jackpot. Actually, this is exactly what happens for all players., well, except for the extremely rare lucky ones. Don't count on a lottery dream, it will never come true

Development and training lotto

Notes for parents, who are looking for good educational and educational games with a minimal presence of cartoon characters, so that the child's attention is completely directed to the assimilation of information. Math lotto games are also fun, and science

Instead of the usual numbers, the cards depict different objects:

  • geometric figures,
  • fruits,
  • flowers,
  • beasts.

Before, than to close the field with a chip, have to count the number of items. Account - times, colors and shapes - two, flora and fauna - three. Fun fun with mom or dad, where there will definitely be a point winner, not perceived as a serious lesson. The result is on the face: quick count, the ability to make semantic associations between color and image, auditory memory and the reproduction of known expressions about numbers in an appropriate situation. The educational segment also includes zoological lotto games. The main emphasis is placed on the image of animals. From cartoon options to high-quality professional photos, so that the baby has a complete picture and understands, why is the purple hedgehog from smeshariki the same gray spiky ball on the loto card.

Innovation, which will appeal to all age categories - lotto puzzle games. Before, how to start a classic game, you will need to collect all the puzzle cards. Huge selection of thematic cards, different difficulty levels. The child acts as the creator of the game - this increases the degree of attention, responsibility and interest in the result. For future perfumers or confectioners - the game of the lotto of smells.

Never play with crooks

One thing, when you are trying to win the jackpot it is extremely unlikely, but in principle it is possible. And completely different, when the organizers simply assign the main prize - this is already a direct deception. Then, that all other winnings are paid should not justify anyone. Winnings must in principle be paid, this is the meaning of the lottery. Когда суперприз не достается обычным игрокам, and some phantoms get it, which no one has seen is a bad sign. The world is full of things, on which you can spend money, you shouldn't give them to crooks.

Since the lottery is a redistribution of funds (from many to few), then it should have maximum transparency. For an honest organizer, there is no need to hide anything, on the contrary, being open is beneficial! The more people see the winners, the less opportunity they have to doubt the fraud, the more playing! It's simple!

Если ты все-таки уверен в организаторах и готов играть, запомни главное

Don't play and you will be with money

The lottery is not a way to make money, but only one of many options for how to spend money. Like shopping trips, cinema or recreation. maybe, that the lottery is not the most successful type of expenses, since there is nothing left to remember except the lost ticket and unfulfilled expectations. You just have to remember, что это такое развлечение, and treat it as well. Lottery is the easiest (and safe) type of gambling, and it's not worth playing because of the money, but just to tickle the feeling of excitement. Of course, if there is such a need.

Do you want to improve your financial situation? Then bypass the lottery! You want to get guaranteed money? This can be solved with work. In the lottery, it is absolutely impossible to guarantee the result, just because:

There is no magic system

In the entire history of lotteries, there has never been (and never will!) a magic system that allows you to get more money by playing, than invested. There are also no psychics., helping to guess numbers, the correct approach to filling out tickets or guarantees for certain balls to fall in the lottery drum. Lottery is a game, based on luck, and a big win in it is a consequence of luck, which is impossible to predict.

There are different methods, which can be used - hot or cold balls, lucky numbers or combinations, complete or incomplete systems ... In most cases, they are related only by higher than usual costs, since you have to put several options. Only one system can give a guaranteed result - this is the redemption of all combinations. But, it will almost always be unprofitable. Why? Чтобы это понять надо просто знать основное:

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