Instant lottery tickets where to buy

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How to get your winnings?

If you play the instant lottery, then the winnings are credited to your account in your Stoloto personal account or they will be given to you in cash at the point of sale, if you bought a paper ticket

note, that different retail outlets for coupons have different limits on the payment of cash prizes. For example, at the official ground station Stoloto, you can instantly get up to 20 000 rub., and all, what's above and before 599 999 rub

paid to the client by prior arrangement and after agreeing on the schedule. The same applies to winnings in drawn lotteries..

Winnings of up to half a million rubles can be transferred to a personal wallet in the Stoloto system, from where this money can be withdrawn in a convenient way for you, eg, to a bank card. All prizes are greater 600 000 paid by the operator in a non-cash way when the client visits the company's office. Also, the player has the opportunity to receive a prize by crediting money to a personal bank account. To do this, you need to send a set of documents to the company's office by regular or express mail.

Large wins in the amount of 10 000 000 rubles are paid only after a full check and examination of the coupon. To start this procedure, you need to submit an application on the website of the Stoloto operator.

Bonus policy

The bonus policy of the Stoloto lottery operator is very loyal to customers. The bonus program has started 5 years ago, within its framework, there are two types of bonuses - regular and special. Regular bonuses are conditional currency, which has a course against the real ruble. They can be spent on buying "free" lottery tickets and participating in potentially lucrative bonus games. Special points are points, each of which makes it possible to pay one minimum lottery bet in a particular Stoloto game.

Also on the Stoloto website there is:

  • Promotions - "Invite a friend" (operates constantly) other, timed to some holiday or special occasion.
  • Loyalty program of the operator Stoloto "Closed premium club". Anyone can enter the club, who buys lottery tickets regularly. Benefits of participation - providing a personal consultant, the ability to manage your personal account, increased limits on automatic payments, etc..
  • Personal rewards for achieving certain results - for paying the coupon with bonuses, for a multi-issue coupon, etc.. Rewards do not bring any benefit - they are just stickers in your personal account, which can be shared with friends on social networks. Just a nice little thing from the developers of the Stoloto website.

How are the drawings going and what can be won?

Drawings of different lotteries take place at different times and on different days. Some draws have to wait several days, others are carried out at intervals 15 minutes or several times a day. But the scenario is always the same. First, the size of the prize fund is determined, depending on whether, how many tickets were purchased for a specific edition. Then balls / barrels with numbers are loaded into the lottery drum in accordance with the protocol and rules of a particular game. After that the balls start to fall out, the host announces the numbers.

The procedure takes 15-20 minutes and is carried out under the supervision of a special commission, which at the end signs the protocol, confirming the legality of the drawing procedure. Spectators are often present in the hall, who also monitor the progress of the lottery.

All this action is televised (on the NTV channel) and / or online - on the website of the Stoloto company. If you miss a live broadcast, you can always find a record of the draw in the archive or on the YouTube website.

What can you win in the Stoloto lottery? The first category is cash prizes from 20 rubles to 1 000 000 000, what happened during the January Russian Lotto draw. The second category - material prizes - cars, cottages, at home, cottages, vouchers, etc., it all depends on the terms and conditions of a particular lottery.

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