Win-win online lotteries

How to play lotto online?

Lottery for little kids and junior schoolchildren

Little children quickly get tired of any kind of holiday activities, lose interest in them. To avoid this, do not delay the process, and spend the lottery right at the festive table.

Handprints will serve as lottery tickets, on which riddles are written on the back. They are given to children to choose from. The presenter dressed as a fairy tale character or cartoon character reads a riddle, the child gives the answer. Receives a prize for correct. Kids are allowed to help.

Lottery balls are no less interesting., where the marker is inscribed with numbers or Chupa-Chups candy. An umbrella cut out of cardboard is glued to them. (boat, flower) with number.

Examples of riddles, puzzles and prizes for them:

  1. Can you tell me my friend, what is five plus five?
    See: You, probably, excellent, once I managed to solve it?
    Here's a book for you, to be even smarter. (Book)
  2. Something I'm confused, and it's hard for me to decide, what is the result, if three and seven fold?
    See: Yes, I guess it's time for me to go back to school,
    Here's a present for you friend, to develop further. (A pen + notebook or notebook)
  3. On one of the spruce branches, two waxwings sat,
    Five more arrived, how did they start twittering.
    How many birds there are on the branch you can quickly count?
    See: Yes, I see smart kids gathered.
    They love to draw and read books. (Coloring book)

Online lotteries with a real chance to win large sums

Most often speaking about lotteries, they mean exactly the television draws. However, in addition to television lotteries, you can find many similar games on the Internet. The big plus of the latter is that, that to participate in them you don't even need to spend money on buying a ticket.

Social chance

Participation in a lottery with this name is one of the easiest chances to win.. To participate in it, you just need to register, select a sequence of numbers and press the "play" button.

The Social Chance Game

The amount of winning here depends on the number of digits, matched the selected. clear, that in "Social Chance" you won't be able to win much at once, but still, the amount of the winnings in it can be up to 10 thousand rubles, which is also very good.

Another lottery, participation in which you can take free. Naturally, after registration on the site. To participate in it, you must select several "rates", noting circles in the margin. Initially, you can bet on no more than three ticket fields, but doing a number of tasks, you can increase their number to 6 (there is also an opportunity to purchase GOLD, but you will have to pay for it).

The results of the draw are announced daily at the same time.

Playing at

Beyond money, while playing you can accumulate points. In the future, it will be possible to purchase various gifts for accumulating points (often, these are phones, laptops, cameras, etc.).

Maximum winnings, declared on the site - 300 thousand rubles, however, so far, there are no comments from the lucky one, who managed to grab this jackpot. But winning a few thousand rubles is real.

Cool lotteries for the New Year 2021 For the company

For friends for the new year, we have not only the New Year's lottery, but also cool ideas. By the way, these options can be applied with the family.

And you - a sharpener, Dear friend,

Can, come in handy suddenly!

(Pencil sharpener)

Well, and you, chewing gum pack!

Good luck awaits you in the coming year!

(Chewing gum)

Better hairstyle,

Get, buddy, comb!


Yes, not so gentle / yes, not a limousine,Yes, вся в иголках.Зато ты здесь одна/одинПолучаешь елку.

Surely dreaming of getting something German?But how can you surprise?therefore, бутылочку шампанского!

Shoots like a cannon,New Year (cotton)

So as not to freeze in cold weather,Slippers won't help,Here only they will save,Hand knitted (gloves)

To cook Olivier,In the kitchen, everyone needs a companion. (lettuce)

Draw on another cartoon,

A pencil will help!


Balloon from Carlson -

Let the mood be joyful!


Shower and shower gel,

Wash in the bathroom - take your time!

(Small bottle of shower gel)

You don't need a brush and piggy bank,

You need a good sharpener!

(Pencil sharpener)

Where does the money come from on these sites?

Of course, so as not to get into a mess and not "run into" deceivers, alert user will always ask a question, where does the money come from on the lottery site. After all, agree, no one invests there any serious investments.

Actually, the circuit looks very simple:

  • the main “core” in it is advertisers;
  • website visitors view promotional materials;
  • advertisers pay them for these views.

Similar schemes work in the TV industry..

There are specially organized sponsor funds. Players in them, participating in the lottery, deduct a certain percentage of the amount, which they win.

When a person wants to continue playing, he can deposit money at any time, if he has them. Generally, the participant makes his own decision, where to spend time and money.

Win-win new year scam

Before the New Year lottery, you need to prepare for the game in advance. You need:

Small box with a hole for the hand. The box can be wrapped and festive film, to make her look beautiful. Or you can decorate it with multi-colored felt-tip pens and paints, draw a symbol on it 2021 of the year. From this box, guests will get pieces of paper with inscriptions, where is their gift written.
It is also necessary to print the words of the lottery and the prize, which the guest should receive. Papers can be glued onto colored cardboard, so that they are beautiful and solid (it's more convenient to get a piece of paper out of the box).
And most importantly, you need the gifts themselves.. Anything can be used as a gift in a win-win lottery - ballpoint pens, towels, the pencils, disposable tablecloths, rolls of toilet paper (if a joke lottery is supposed)

Special attention should be paid to prizes with symbolism 2021 of the year. Buy calendars in advance from the gift shop, keychains, Christmas decorations, souvenirs in the form of a Bull or a Cow

It is considered a good omen to win such a prize in the lottery..

The selection of lotteries from this section is universal. It can be used when celebrating a holiday with your family, friends or for a corporate party:

You will be cheerful and energetic,
And so the whole year will be great!

You are the minions of fate, which means,
Success and good luck awaiting you.
Celebrating your luck,
Stock up on tea!

Fate will gild your pen,
Will send a solid pay
Or throw a wallet,
And this is all in the near future!

You have to, and henceforth
Burn creative work.
But you won't burn your wings,
Take care of your health!

You have friends, familiar sea,
And everyone will come to visit soon.
Prepare tea and treats.
Here's a cookie for you to start!

Who will get this miracle,
Live the whole year happily!

Red pepper
Many adventures await you
And a lot of thrills,
But everything will end fine,
It's no coincidence that the red pepper!

And you have household worries,
A lot of household chores awaits.
But in the family and in personal life
You will be fine!

Many incidents await you
And interesting travels -
For courses, on vacation, for border -
Where fate will dispose!

Photo frame
Your hairstyle, appearance
We will all be pleasantly surprised.
From then on you will continue
Everything is prettier and younger!

Your health will become stronger,
The second youth will come.
You are destined to be a hundred years old
To live without any storms and troubles!

Love will brighten your days,
And they will become bright.
Your whole life in winter and summer
Illuminate with magic light.

You are used to living in the thick of things,
Work is your main destiny.
We do not promise you peace,
We treat you with candy!

The mud has ruined everyone long ago,
Take soap to help you.

You are so (and I) soul,
Here's a mug for you.

The Year of the Ox is waiting for a fiery one,
Well, just a cannon
Just like a Christmas firecracker!

Anything can be devilry,
This is the picture.
But you can take everything into your own hands
And it's all wrong to redraw. (pencil)


The lottery is carried out as follows

Leading (toastmaster) goes to the center of the hall and starts the drawing. He has a list of all invitees, announcing lottery ticket numbers, he summons their owners. Then, commenting on the present, hands it to the winner with a mandatory handshake

Usually, attention is important to guests, which they received, not the value of the gift. The lottery should be accompanied by music - this will give the entertainment an appropriate cheerful mood

To make the competition more interesting and fun, you can make various cool comments to the lottery. If you can write them in verse, this will add even more creativity.. for example:

- “Here is an excellent lighter for you - nothing is a pity for a dear guest!"- a souvenir of a match in a box;

- "You have five! Great deal! Boldly hand over a bottle of beer!"- as a souvenir - beer;

- “There is no better presentation - you have a gift bag!»- prize package, relevant to the theme of the event;

- “For a guest in the guise of a dandy - we give toilet paper!"- present roll of paper;

- "Such a cute boy - deserves garlic from us!"- a gift a head of garlic;

- “To keep your hair style - you are given a comb!"- present comb;

- "Here's luck, you - jackpot, receive a transfer "- a present - an envelope with coins;

- “Laurel leaf is an important prize, get and sign!"- a gift a pack of bay leaves;

- “Even if you don’t need it, we give you lipstick for your lips!»- a gift lip gloss;

- "For your beautiful eyes - get Russian folk tales" - as a gift a children's book with fairy tales;

- "Nice, never cry - here's a green ball for you "- rubber ball present;

- "So that the cap is not lost - we are giving you this clip" - a paper clip as a gift;

- “I don’t feel sorry for her for cleanliness - take a washcloth as soon as possible” - prize - a sponge;

- "Promise the young to drink aromatic tea" - a tea bag as a gift;

- "Here's a surprise - you have the right to hug the neighbor on the right" - the winner must hug the girl sitting next to him;

- "To become a model - try on a necklace" - a bunch of dryers prize ",

- "here's a sweet present for you - we give you a chocolate bar" - a gift chocolate bar;

- "Here is a handsome fellow, get a cucumber "- prize - fresh cucumber,

- "To avoid strife - eat tomato salad" - a gift of a tomato,

- "Young beautiful skin - a cream may be needed" - prize for face cream.

There are many options, which are ideal for a joke lottery, the main thing, show imagination. The variety of presentations for guests depends on the amount of money allocated for such a competition..

To draw the competition, you need to choose

... the most favorable time (eg, when the guests are at the table after fiery dances). It's time for the lottery - when the guests have already relaxed, drank and ate, but did not reach a certain condition, when nothing is interesting anymore. The wedding lottery can't help but please, she's a win-win. Everyone knows, that a gift awaits him, the intrigue is which one.

Before starting the prize draw, you should take a closer look at the audience, understand the mood of those present, so as not to disturb the cheerful festive atmosphere and not offend anyone. Presenting souvenirs will entertain and amuse guests.

If there are little guests at the wedding, you should take care of sweet presentations and give them complete with the main gift.

By the way, guests should also be humorous about wedding contests, including the lottery. The main task of the event organizers is a cheerful mood of the participants of the wedding celebration. therefore, all means are good to achieve this goal.

If you have a large-scale event and want, so that all guests participate in the lottery, then it should be carried out in parts, throughout the evening, so that she does not have time to bore those present.

Lotteries for a small circle of friends

In a circle of friends, there is always a desire to joke on sensitive topics. Friends understand and support this.. The evening can become like a well-known humorous program.

Such lotteries are only suitable for a narrow circle of friends.. They have black humor, which not everyone can understand:

Do not be sad, don't be bored
Have a fun holiday!
Don't be bored, do not be sad
Loud crisps crunch.

(Chips package)

Do you believe in good omens? —
Letters went to friends in an envelope.

(Postal envelope)

Accurate to one hundred percent
I will not argue,
But in the coming year, seem to be,
Will you count money.


For whom the salary is more important,
And to whom - self-love.
On your lips lipstick
Will charm us doubly.

(Hygienic lipstick)

Accept the scarlet heart,
Cherish all the good.
You don't need to think a lot here -
Love will be your reward!

(Soft toy)

Your heart is singing, the soul is getting younger
And the sparkle of your eyes will not be overshadowed by tinsel.

(Tinsel thread)

Whispered blizzards to me
And the old women under the window:
Will you be by the sea in summer
Sunbathe in the southern sun.

(Beach mat)

You start a repair -
It's not a problem.
Help complete on time
Tool and time.

(Paint brush)

The year will give you tender meetings,
Magic candles come in handy.


Social Chance - Free Real Win Lottery

As mentioned above, to try your luck, it will be enough to register and choose numbers at random. Registration is very easy, I will just miss this moment and consider, что вы уже в системе. so, how to play here?

Daily, each player gets chances. These are your attempts to try your luck. Therefore, the more there are, the more chances of winning money. You can't buy them, I speak right away. You can only:

  1. Заполнить информацию о себе в профиле — это +3 шанса на каждый день.
  2. Вступить в группу проекта — это +1 шанс на каждый день.
  3. Вступить в группу — это +1 шанс на каждый день.
  4. Подписаться на аккаунт Twitter — это +1 шанс на каждый день.
  5. Подписаться на наш канал в Youtube — это +1 шанс на каждый день.
  6. Разместить запись на стене — это +1 шанс на сегодня.
  7. Разместить запись в Twitter — это +1 шанс на сегодня.
  8. Пройти «антибот» проверку (new) — +5 chances for today.
  9. Earn chances of achievement (more information here).

After completing all the points, you will receive up to 15 chances. I.e, 15 since you can guess the numbers and win real money.

Сегодня я свой лимит уже почти исчерпал. There is only one "chance" left, and by its example I want to show you how everything looks in reality.

Step 1. I went to the "play" section and randomly indicated numbers:

Step 2. Нажал зеленую кнопку с надписью «Играть» и:

Alas, as you can see, nothing. Okay, hopefully, lucky in the future (can, tomorrow).

maybe, you thought, that I haven't won anything yet. Yyyyy ... Yes. Guessed today 2 numbers and earned 0.1 rub. Here's the proof:

How much is there, generally, can be won:

  • 1 guessed digit = 0.01 rub.
  • 2 guessed numbers = 0.1 rub. (my win today)
  • 3 = 1 rub.
  • 4 = 10 rub.
  • 5 = 100 rub.
  • and 6 digits = 10 thousand. rub.

There is also "Jackpot". Well, as without him in the lottery? To win it you need to have the maximum rating at the end of the week.. For example, if the rating is repeated in several players, then it will be divided equally among all. Размер джекпота — 500 rub.

Withdraw funds


All applications are processed manually. Average processing time: от 2-х до 4-х недель. Long, but safe.

How to get more chances?

The standard options are described above. But there is still a very cool option, который может принести вам тысячи шансов в день. Это принять участие в партнерской программе. For one registered player according to your ref. links you will receive +1 chance every day. cool, isn't it true? 100 referrals = 100 chances per day. Вот тут есть реальный шанс срубить джекпот.

Multiplying the odds

For the third time I say, that you can't top up your account here. Have to donate money, which you won in the lottery.

There is another VIP modifier. It multiplies the number of chances in 10 time. for example, every day you get 10 chances. При наличии VIP статуса — 100 chances.

VIP rates, following:

  • 7 days = 249 rub.
  • 30 days = 599 rub.
  • 180 days = 3499 rub.

Expensive, but if you are a lucky player, you can quite afford this VIP status.


Социальный шанс — это именно тот проект, where you can play the lottery for free. Stable payments, transparent system and responsive support will make it popular all over the world. I'm in this, sure. The idea is just no words.

As a result, I want to answer one more question., which many newbies ask. Where does the project have such funds, to be completely free and at the same time pay money? I answer. The project lives on advertising

note, how much is there

That's all, friends. I will gradually round off. Hopefully, what is the above information, was interesting and useful to you. Good luck to you! Here she is for you, wow how useful. Believe me.

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