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Free Lotzon Lottery - an overview of the project and its capabilities

Lotzon is the best and honestly paying free online lottery, which is very popular on the Internet. Every day it is played by the order 30-50 thousands of internet users, and the total amount of payments is calculated in tens of millions of rubles. By the way, winnings here occur as in monetary units, and points, which are subsequently exchanged for valuable material prizes (telephones, laptops and other gadgets).

Many of you will probably wonder - how can there be a free online lottery with real winnings?, where does she get the money to pay the winners? Free lotto Lotzon has a very sophisticated advertising system.

By visiting the Lotzon website, you will notice, that there are a lot of advertisements on its pages. When you view it, the administration makes money from this, some of which are spent on holding completely free lotteries for everyone. In other words, the project administration shares a part of its profit, to motivate people to visit their site. Everything is very simple and absolutely transparent.

Play lottery online for free Lotzon is available not only for Russian users, but also residents of other CIS countries. It is noteworthy that, that the site adjusts to your region and carries out mutual settlements in a currency convenient for you - for Russians it is rubles, for Ukrainians it is hryvnia and so on.

Next, I propose to briefly familiarize yourself with the main pros and cons of the free Lotzon lottery, to make it easier for you to understand for yourself, is this service for you or not.

How to increase the number of chances in the lottery

Constant chances:

  • fill out a profile - +5 chances
  • link your lottery account to social networks - Vkontakte, Facebook, Classmates, Twitter - +1 a chance for every social network
  • for each player you invite +1 chance
  • for the daily use of all chances during 3, 7 and 30 days in a row - total +4 chance.

Extra chances for one day are given for:

More about the last point.
Player messages appear at the bottom, benefited from 1 ruble. As soon as a new win message appears, press "congratulate". Do it very quickly - there are many who want to get a free chance to win the lottery. You can't congratulate yourself, but once I got it. Or a failure in the system, or then this opportunity was covered up.
More chances can be increased, buying modifiers.

How to play the free Social Chance lottery

On the playing field in the upper right, click the gear. Choose from two game options.

  • Any order - your numbers must match the winning ones regardless of, where do they stand.
  • In order - the numbers must match in order from right to left.

You put the number 777 777. Dropped 172 377. Your winning numbers in case of a game:

  • any order - 172 377
  • in order - 172 377

In both cases, the payoff is the same - 1 ruble. I only play "any order", winnings less, but more often. Maximum prize for 6 the number of guessed numbers is still one - 10 000 rubles.

A few tips, how to bet on the lottery

  • Put the same number, until it matches, let's say, at least 3 figures.
  • Put one digit in all digits. for example 777 777. This method is more suitable for the game "any order". Three identical numbers appear quite often, four haven't seen yet. That's just there 10 combinations, in which all numbers are the same. Which one to put?
  • Let's admit, you started playing:

1-th chance - number dropped 012 345
2-th chance - fell 345 678
Numeral 9 never dropped out. Then we put 999 999 in any order, until it matches 2 or 3 numbers The game has fairness control. Before placing a bet, download the archive with the winning combination, after the game you get a password for it.

Affiliate Lottery System Social Chance

Affiliate system in the lottery 3-level. You get money for the number of chances played by your referrals. For every chance played by a Tier 1 partner, you get 0,5 penny, 2 and 3 level - by 0,25 penny

And does not matter, how much did they win, or spent on modifier

Example. Now I have 60 постоянных ежедневных шансов. I play them daily, and my referrer (man, по чьей ссылке я зарегистрировался в игре) receives a minimum daily for this 30 kopecks (more chances still fall). I have a referral, who has more 180 chances. How much do I and my referrer get for his game?, count yourself.

Payment of the won money

Minimum withdrawal amount 50 rubles. Withdrawal fee 5%. Applications are processed manually, no auto payments. The rules say, that the money is paid in up to 4 weeks. In practice, money comes in much faster. I received my first payment in a week. The next ones came the very next day after ordering.

I ordered the first payment 23 february. Winnings received.

Lottery "Social Chance" is a game without investment. Register, and play with pleasure.

Some helpful tips:

  • when registering, do not use gmail mail - letters do not come to it;
  • if you have not received a letter confirming the withdrawal of money - check for spam in your mailbox;
  • Roskomnadzor recently blocked access to the Social Chance website. For players from Russia, perhaps, have to look for workarounds to access the lottery.

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