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Varieties of free lottery games

  1. Swamp. This type of free lottery involves, what if a participant is given game tickets a couple of times, without requiring payment, then the third time it will tighten, and he will agree to pay for such a pleasure. These lotteries are designed for those players, who have absolutely no willpower and connection with reality.
  2. Exchange. Such lotteries are based on the principle "you are me - I am you". They position themselves as free, in fact - it is. Only here is one condition - buy a piercing gun or a newfangled speaker, then you will become a participant in the lottery completely free of charge. Usually, this wording is attributed in small print and is given to the participant, when he was already carried away by bright advertising and imagined himself in the salon of a brand new car, offered as a prize. At this moment, he is ready to buy an absolutely unnecessary thing for him., just to try your luck in this lottery.
  3. Deceit letter. In this case, a person does not even need to take part in any game.. He receives a notification in the mail that, that he won the prize, often large. Even a certificate can be written or a check. Only here you need to pay for the registration of the prize - a certain amount of money from your own pocket. Naturally, after paying the so-called "tax", the unfortunate player does not receive anything, apart from disappointment.
  4. Play for the sake of play. Often, this type of lottery does not require investment. Its peculiarity is, that during the game the participant uses the game money, which cannot be converted into real currency. This is how a new gaming system is tested most often., a kind of lottery simulator.
  5. Only for their own. These lottery games most often give away things as prizes. The drawing takes place with the participation of members of a certain group. The purpose of such a lottery may be website promotion. This game is not cheating, but anyone who wants to access it cannot.
  6. From them you can withdraw money to your personal account. We will consider them in more detail..

Games like this give you a chance to compete for prizes. If you lose, then the maximum loss will be your time, spent on the game.

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