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Where to buy a Lotto Austria ticket?

Participation in foreign lotteries on official websites is not available to residents of Russia. But this opportunity is provided to them by intermediary sites., who buy lotteries from other countries for players and send them ticket scans.

Lotto Agent is considered one of the most reliable dealers. Users are attracted by a large selection of lotteries. Here you can take part in the most popular draws in the world, including SuperEnalotto, MegaMillions, Oz Lotto, SuperEnalotto, и PowerBall. You can play from anywhere in the world. The only condition is that you must have 18 years.

The service is distinguished by reasonable prices and quick withdrawal of winnings.

Is there a legal online lottery?

Before you start looking for agents, make sure, that online lotteries are allowed in your country. In some countries, for example in the USA, there are restrictions on online gambling, including lotteries.

Make a decision when registering on the online lottery website. Otherwise, you may lose any prizes, who will win, not including additional fines.

Fortunately, list of countries, which prohibit online gambling, including lotteries, is relatively short.

  • Bahamas
  • Belarus
  • Brazil
  • Brunei
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • Cuba
  • Cyprus
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Poland
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • USA

does it mean, that you have freedom to play, if you live outside of these countries? Not so fast. Gambling laws can vary greatly by country or region.

It's best to check the licenses on the lottery site before playing. Not all websites will communicate their legal status and / or security measures, but this in itself should alert the player. Buying lottery tickets online, you will get better results, if you stick with websites, which provide proof of their legitimacy.

American lotteries

World famous American lotteries with prohibitively huge winnings attract the eyes of people from all over the world. The forums and information sites provide information on winning strategies, and any regular participant in the drawings secretly dreams of, where will he spend his winnings.


Hit the Jackpot in the most famous lottery! →

Probably, the most famous lottery in the world, winning in which every avid player's dream is, of course, the Powerball lottery. The rules of the game are simple and similar to most other lotteries:

  • You must select five numbers from one to 69 and one number within 26. The draw is held twice a week
  • Chance to win the jackpot one on 292 million, any other prize (the minimum winning is four dollars) - about one in twenty four
  • The starting bid is 40 million dollars
  • A lucky player can get a win in a one-time payment. This does not apply to the jackpot, there is a choice - get half at once, or the entire amount gradually over 30 years by annual transfers
  • To participate in the lottery, the player must be 18 years
  • You can apply for a prize within from 2 months to a year - each case depends on the state, since the legislation is different

Mega Millions

Don't Miss Your Chance To Win Mega Millions →

Another famous world lottery, second most popular in the US.

Rules of the game:

  • It is carried out according to the formula "five out of seventy plus one out of twenty five"
  • The minimum jackpot is 40 million dollars
  • Draw is drawn twice a week
  • The chance of hitting the jackpot is one to 302,5 million
  • The age limit is the same, as in powerball - the player must have full 18 years

Superlotto Plus

Participate in the Superlotto Plus drawing →

The lottery has been held in the state of California for over 30 years. The rules are almost identical to those of other American draws:

  • Selects five numbers in the range 1-47 and one mega-number from one to twenty-seven
  • The draw is held twice a week
  • Smallest jackpot - seven million, no upper limits
  • The chance to get the jackpot is one to 41 a million, win the smallest prize - one in forty-nine
  • There are sixty days after the announcement of the results to claim your winnings and present your ticket
  • The winnings can be received in one amount at once, then it will be about 50-60% of the jackpot amount, or equal payments throughout 26 years

Lotto Texas

The chance of winning is doubled! Buy a ticket, get the second as a gift! →

In Texas, this lottery is held under the auspices of the state and is a state. The rules are simple and do not differ significantly from other lotteries:

  • You must choose 6 of 54 rooms
  • Player must be of legal age
  • Minimum jackpot - 4 million dollars
  • The presentation of the winning ticket must take place no later than 180 days since the announcement of the winning combination

New Jersey Pick-6

Catch Your Luck With New Jersey Pick-6 →

As the name suggests, this "home" lottery takes place in New Jersey. rules:

  • The participant chooses six numbers from 49
  • The jackpot is paid in a one-time amount, its size starts from 2 million dollars, no upper limit
  • The winning ticket can be presented within a year after the draw
  • The chance of winning is approximately 1:14 millions

Ireland Lotto Prizes

To win a second category prize up to 250 thousand euros you need to guess five main numbers and 1 additional. If correctly specified only 3 numbers, then the payoff is 10 euros. There are also additional prize categories. Their prize pool varies with each game, depending on the amount of tickets sold. Facilities, won in the Irish lottery, not subject to taxation.

The odds for the top jackpot in the Irish game are significantly higher, than other world lotteries. They align 1 to 10 737 573 and 1 to 55 for the minimum prize. The exact information can be found on the official website of the Irish game in the prize category.

The jackpot of the Irish game often changes due to the transfer of winnings from one draw to the next. The minimum amount was 2 million. euros. Maximum - 18 963 4441 euros. It was won in the summer 2008 a group of 16 Dan Morrissey Ltd from the small town of Karlov. Everyone got 1,1 million. euros. Colleagues correctly pointed out 6 Irish lottery balls. Before they won, the jackpot was carried over 16 time. It was the largest prize pool in the history of Irish Lotto..

Winners of thelotter

Date Winner Winning at thelotter

given by.

201,68 EUR≈ 15 822,80 ₽

given by.

347,12 EUR≈ 27 233,30 ₽

given by.

347,12 EUR≈ 27 233,30 ₽

Ahmad A.

302,82 EUR≈ 23 757,74 ₽

given by.

360,93 EUR≈ 28 316,76 ₽

Michael K.

334,81 EUR≈ 26 267,52 ₽

Andrew L.

88,63 GBP≈ 7 711,80 ₽

given by.

329,72 EUR≈ 25 868,18 ₽

given by.

329,72 EUR≈ 25 868,18 ₽

Dmitry K.

250,65 USD≈ 17 682,65 ₽

Жансерик К.

138,20 EUR≈ 10 842,48 ₽

Жансерик К.

138,20 EUR≈ 10 842,48 ₽

Ramesh T.

131,56 EUR≈ 10 321,54 ₽

Жансерик К.

255,69 EUR≈ 20 060,16 ₽

valeriy K.

7 308,66 RUBL≈ 7 308,66 ₽

valeriy K.

7 308,66 RUBL≈ 7 308,66 ₽

Gurusamy T..

234,23 USD≈ 16 524,27 ₽

Jamil H.

234,34 USD≈ 16 532,03 ₽

Jamil H.

234,34 USD≈ 16 532,03 ₽

Jamil H.

263,51 USD≈ 18 589,89 ₽

nigel s.

136,92 USD≈ 9 659,32 ₽

nigel s.

136,92 USD≈ 9 659,32 ₽


263,84 USD≈ 18 613,17 ₽

Phillimon G.

352,25 USD≈ 24 850,25 ₽


280,35 USD≈ 19 777,90 ₽

Summers n.

610,37 USD≈ 43 059,89 ₽

Summers n.

178,26 USD≈ 12 575,74 ₽

Peter P.

325,58 GBP≈ 28 329,09 ₽


165,20 USD≈ 11 654,39 ₽

bachar w.

181,57 EUR≈ 14 245,07 ₽

How much does a PowerBall Australia ticket cost?

Participation is worth 1,89$ or 120 rubles. For this money service:

  • Buys and books a ticket
  • Communicates the results in an email and in a personal profile
  • Transfer the prize to your account
  • Provides 24/7 support

LottoAgent offers three options for participating in the draws:

One-time purchase Cartoon on 4, 10 or 25 draws Subscription
For one-time participation Automatic participation in the selected number of draws Constant participation with the same set of lucky numbers

LottoAgent offers promotions for new customers and large purchases:

  • The first time you pay, you will receive a discount 10% and a free ticket.
  • In case of purchasing multiple tickets, subscribing or ordering multi-circulation the price will be cut by 5-13%.

What is basic game, Power Play?

Говоря о basic game, we mean lottery basics, its rules and features. В Powerball, as in any other lottery game, have their own distinctive features, inherent only to her.

The Powerball lottery involves players choosing six numbers for their ticket. Five numbers from this series are basic, and one number is an additional. If the player was able to correctly identify all 6 winning combination numbers, then he gets the main prize - the jackpot.

The main combination of numbers is selected by players from a range of values 1-69. The main numbers located on the white balls in the game are drawn from the first game lottery drum. The additional game number is located on the red ball, it is taken out of the second lottery drum. An additional number is selected by the participants when filling out a ticket from the matrix 1-26.

The main prize is available to the player if all six numbers match. The rest of the prizes are divided into prize categories depending on the number of matched numbers. The minimum winnings fluctuate within 4 dollars. Первый после джекпота приз в Powerball составляет 1 million dollars. The ticket price depends on the intermediary, through which the player acquires it.

The player has the opportunity to designate up to ten combinations of numbers on the fields of the lottery ticket. Each additional combination increases the value of the lottery ticket.

The Power Play function can be activated subject to an additional surcharge 1 dollar. If you became the owner of the main prize of the game, then the option has no effect. The jackpot is not multiplied by any multiplier. However, организаторы лотереи Powerball предлагают игрокам такой главный приз, which does not need multipliers.

Winnings depending on the number of matched numbers:

  • additional number or additional + 1 main - 4 dollar;
  • any 3 numbers - 7 dollars;
  • any 4 numbers - 100 dollars;
  • 4 major + 1 additional - 10 one thousand dollars;
  • 5 main numbers - 1 million dollars.

If there is more than one winner in the game, and a few, then the prize is divided equally among all players. This rule only applies to winning the jackpot. Secondary prizes are given to players in full. Usually, главный приз лотереи Powerball имеет минимальное значение в 40 000 000 dollars. From this mark, the jackpot accumulates from game to game, if none of the players wins. The main prize accumulates until then, until one of the participants rips it off. Powerball sometimes offers its players truly record jackpots.

Power Play can make a difference 2,3,4,5 or 10. Depending on the value of the option, the prize increases. To activate the function, you must pay extra when buying a ticket 1 dollars.

Your winnings may increase by 10 once only on condition, что главный приз составляет менее 150 000 000 dollars.

A detailed table of increasing winnings depending on the option value - below.
















1 000 000 dollars

2 000 000 dollars

2 000 000 dollars

2 000 000 dollars

2 000 000 dollars

2 000 000 dollars


50 000 dollars

100 000 dollars

150 000 dollars

200 000 dollars

250 000 dollars

500 000 dollars


100 dollars

200 dollars

300 dollars

400 dollars

500 dollars

1 000 dollars


100 dollars

200 dollars

300 dollars

400 dollars

500 dollars

1 000 dollars


7 dollars

14 dollars

21 dollars

28 dollars

35 dollars

70 dollars


7 dollars

14 dollars

21 dollars

28 dollars

35 dollars

70 dollars


4 dollar

8 dollars

12 dollars

16 dollars

20 dollars

40 dollars


4 dollar

8 dollars

12 dollars

16 dollars

20 dollars

40 dollars

We increase the chances through the system

LottoAgent participants have the opportunity to increase the likelihood of winning. To do this, you need to buy a systematic form. This is a set of tickets with all possible combinations of the selected numbers. The number of numbers for system design - from 7 to 11.

for example, if pick numbers 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, get 7 tickets:

  • 2,3,4,5,6,7
  • 2,3,4,5,6,8
  • 2,3,4,5,7,8
  • 2,3,4,6,7,8
  • 2,3,5,6,7,8
  • 2,4,5,6,7,8
  • 3,4,5,6,7,8

Systems not only increase the chance to hit the jackpot, but also multiply the number of secondary prizes. for example, if the system from 7 rooms are 3 winning numbers, the prize will be received immediately 4 ticket.

The largest lotteries

La Primitiva is the most famous lottery in Spain. Let's talk about her first.

The primitive

Its translation is “simple, primitive ". Really, its rules are not complicated. Of the 49 numbers you need to guess 6. Participants, who guesses less 6 digits, also get prizes, though not so impressive. This lottery takes place on Thursday and Saturday, 2 once a week.

If the jackpot is not played, then it goes to the next edition in full. La Primitiva belongs to the classic Spanish lotteries. It is played 80 percent of Spaniards. She is also very ancient (originated in 18 century, 1763 year).

This game has features, namely 2 additional opportunities to win - Complementario and Reintegro. Reintegro guesses a ticket refund (this number is automatically assigned to the ticket upon purchase). Usually every fifth person refunds the ticket price. Complementario - bonus ball. The player receives a side prize, if guesses 5 numbers and the number of this ball.

The "Joker" drawing is held in cooperation with La Primitive. Here you have to guess 7 numbers from 1 to 9. It is not simple. But then, who guesses a big prize. Joker ticket price - 1 euros.

We try for the sake of our readers, therefore, the results of La Primitiva can be found not only on the official website of the game or on television in Spain in 21.30, but right here we have! Here is the latest edition:
Pros of the lottery:

  • passes 2 once a week;
  • simple rules, “6 of 49”;
  • additional opportunities to win.


This game has its fans. Passes that day, when La primitive "rests", accumulating jackpots. You can play it any day, except Sunday. The chances of winning are high, and the rules are simple. Need to guess 6 figures from 69. The minimum bet is worth everything here 0,5 euros. But in one ticket you can do up to 8 pond. This greatly increases the chances of winning.. One bet is 6 numbers.

You can play this lottery from any country. Participant age minimum 18 years (as in other draws). After purchasing a ticket through the partners website, you receive a scanned copy of the ticket.

Playing this lottery often, you can beat off the amount of the ticket value. People also like the game because of the big super prize. Here, same as in La Primitiva, there is 2 bonus balls. The Complementario has the same function. But the Reintegro coincidence guarantees only compensation for money, spent on ticket. Results of the last draw:
The advantages of this lottery are its simplicity, frequency of draws, inexpensive tickets and rolling jackpot. Bonoloto results can be found on television in 21.30 or on the official lottery website.


Лотерея с большой историей, once played by celebrities, has its admirers. Translated, the Spaniards call her "fatty". This translation speaks of a large jackpot, features of this game.

But despite this, there will always be those, who are devoted to her and among her fans are those, what do they prefer to play in their free time. At first glance, the rules are pretty simple.. The jackpot of this lottery is fluctuating, but nevertheless its popularity does not fall from this.

Participates in the game 54 conventional and 10 special balls. To guess the minimum prize, need to guess 1 number. Spaniards love this lottery very much, it is a family tradition for them. The Christmas edition is in special demand. And here are the results of the last draw:
At this time, the country is in a rush, everyone wants to buy tickets. A ticket to this lottery is a good gift. Повысить шансы на победу в лотерее можно с помощью анализа архива тиражей (this applies to any lottery).

Lottery & Christmas

The Christmas lottery has its own characteristics. It is conducted with 1812 of the year. Loteria de Navidad as well as La Primitiva - an old lottery, the draws were not interrupted even during the civil war in the country.

Because of, that the lottery is held only once a year, for many, she has an association with a miracle. The ticket price for this lottery is quite high and amounts to whole 200 euros. But she is tithing, and one tithe is paid 20 euros. You can buy as much, as much as you want. Tickets are sold with numbers pre-printed on them.

You can also buy a ticket to this lottery, as in others, through intermediaries. According to the rules: if the coupon is in the lucky category, but only one part of it has been redeemed, then he will take only the 10th part of the payment. According to statistics, every 10th player returns money, spent for the ticket. 5 percent of those participating double and triple funds.

The lucky numbers of the winners are on the official lottery website. And who knows, maybe by studying their regularity, you will be able to guess the next lucky combination. And a Christmas miracle will happen to you!

Incomplete systems

100% 2 – at 2 guessed:

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 3

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 3

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 3

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 4

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 5

Rooms: 13 – Tickets: 6

Rooms: 14 – Tickets: 6

Rooms: 15 – Tickets: 7

Rooms: 16 – Tickets: 8

Rooms: 17 – Tickets: 9

Rooms: 18 – Tickets: 10

Rooms: 19 – Tickets: 11

Rooms: 20 – Tickets: 12

Rooms: 21 – Tickets: 13

Rooms: 22 – Tickets: 13

Rooms: 23 – Tickets: 16

Rooms: 24 – Tickets: 17

Rooms: 25 – Tickets: 18

Rooms: 26 – Tickets: 19

Rooms: 27 – Tickets: 20

Rooms: 28 – Tickets: 22

Rooms: 29 – Tickets: 23

Rooms: 30 – Tickets: 25

Rooms: 31 – Tickets: 26

Rooms: 32 – Tickets: 28

Rooms: 33 – Tickets: 30

Rooms: 34 – Tickets: 31

Rooms: 35 – Tickets: 32

Rooms: 36 – Tickets: 33

Rooms: 37 – Tickets: 35

Rooms: 38 – Tickets: 39

Rooms: 39 – Tickets: 39

Rooms: 40 – Tickets: 40

Rooms: 41 – Tickets: 43

Rooms: 42 – Tickets: 46

Rooms: 43 – Tickets: 49

Rooms: 44 – Tickets: 51

Rooms: 45 – Tickets: 52

100% 3 – at 3 guessed:

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 4

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 4

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 6

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 8

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 11

Rooms: 13 – Tickets: 13

Rooms: 14 – Tickets: 15

Rooms: 15 – Tickets: 15

Rooms: 16 – Tickets: 24

Rooms: 17 – Tickets: 27

Rooms: 18 – Tickets: 33

Rooms: 19 – Tickets: 35

Rooms: 20 – Tickets: 45

Rooms: 21 – Tickets: 49

Rooms: 22 – Tickets: 59

Rooms: 23 – Tickets: 65

Rooms: 24 – Tickets: 76

Rooms: 25 – Tickets: 83

Rooms: 26 – Tickets: 94

Rooms: 27 – Tickets: 105

Rooms: 28 – Tickets: 120

Rooms: 29 – Tickets: 132

Rooms: 30 – Tickets: 142

Rooms: 31 – Tickets: 153

Rooms: 32 – Tickets: 165

Rooms: 33 – Tickets: 191

100% 4 – at 4 guessed:

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 5

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 6

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 10

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 17

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 24

Rooms: 13 – Tickets: 30

Rooms: 14 – Tickets: 44

Rooms: 15 – Tickets: 57

Rooms: 16 – Tickets: 76

Rooms: 17 – Tickets: 99

Rooms: 18 – Tickets: 126

Rooms: 19 – Tickets: 151

Rooms: 20 – Tickets: 198

100% 5 – at 5 guessed:

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 6

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 9

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 20

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 34

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 59

Rooms: 13 – Tickets: 78

Rooms: 14 – Tickets: 138

Rooms: 15 – Tickets: 189

100% 6 – at 6 guessed:

Rooms: 8 – Tickets: 7

Rooms: 9 – Tickets: 16

Rooms: 10 – Tickets: 45

Rooms: 11 – Tickets: 84

Rooms: 12 – Tickets: 176


Winning the top prize in the American lottery can provide a comfortable existence for the rest of your life. Of course, chances of winning the jackpot, as in local lotteries, ghostly. But chances are there, especially since the sums in them are much larger. Therefore, residents of the CIS countries and not only are more profitable participate in the American lottery, than in the domestic.

History knows many examples, when residents of other countries managed to win large enough sums in the American lottery. for example, in April 2011 of the year $250 thousands were taken with a Swiss citizen, who bought a ticket using the online service a few hours before the drawing. A year later, luck smiled at the Spaniard. He bought several lottery tickets online and won third category prizes on several of them. 150$, and one ticket brought him a quarter of a million dollars. The stories of these lucky ones confirm, what to play and winning the American lottery is real.

This thesis remains true even when you consider the high commissions of intermediaries and taxation.. For this reason, and also because of the simplicity and availability, American lotteries are known far beyond the States. Millions of players from all over the world are waiting for their circulation.


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