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Top Australian Lottery Winners

The likelihood of winning the lottery one day may seem too fantastic, but for a few lucky Australians even that was not enough, and so they won twice!

In February 2015 year there was a message about a group of accomplices, who managed to win two separate dividend prizes worth 866 108 US dollars, taking the combined winnings of more than 1,7 million dollars or 157 474 US dollars, in the case of their separation between each of 11 group members.

Not a bad result, especially considering, that the second ticket was actually bought by accident – the informal leader of their group actually intended to buy tickets for two separate draws.

IN 2013 there were three such incidents: one man from Brisbane and two people from Melbourne managed to defy fate, by winning the Saturday lotto twice. A man from Brisbane played his regular numbers after buying a ticket, but then I forgot, whether he did it or not, and so returned to the game again. The result was two wins totaling 820 000 dollars – Total 1,64 million dollars!

Melbourne woman wins two jackpots in Saturday lotto, earning $ 835,149.68.

In April 2013 year in the newspapers appeared the headlines of one person from Melbourne, who won the lotto twice in six weeks. The first win allowed him to help pay off the mortgage, and he allocated the second one to renovate the house – in total he won 1,2 million dollars.

IN 2008 another man from Victoria, who wished to remain anonymous, managed to achieve impossible lotto win three times in a row!

Finally, we come to a heartbreaking story about a man, which is, perhaps, luckiest person in history Australian lotteries.

Lotto winners

Interesting, that 17-year-old Stuart Donnelly was the youngest winner of the British National Lottery. Not even reaching the age of 18, he has already become a millionaire and has secured a good start. And the oldest lucky person is Smith Reginald, he took his 2 million pounds, when he was 85 years.

When it comes to record-breaking prizes, the undisputed leader is a Briton from a small village. He took away 35 million pounds and wished to remain anonymous. The identity of the owner of this condition is carefully guarded by the organizers., no data is disclosed, in order to comply with the desire of the player. It happened in 2018 year.

IN 1648 year in England was passed a law, according to which any lotteries were declared illegal, playing them was strictly forbidden. The exception was the state English lotto. IN 1934 a new law was adopted, followed by laws 1956 and 1976 years. These legislative acts became the basis for the legal activity of several small lotteries..

At the beginning of the new millennium, it was decided to carry out a global rebranding, new additional games appeared, changed the logo and the external design of the studio. IN 2009 r. the used lottery drums have been updated.


How Australia Monday Lotto works?

To participate in the game, you must select six numbers from the matrix 1-45. The player can use their favorite / significant numbers in the game or rely on the random number generator and get a number combination in an instant. Monday lottery has a winning combination, consisting of six main balls and two bonus. Bonus balls are selected from forty-five numbers used in the game. These bonus balls are used for various additional prizes and give you the opportunity to win with one regular number and two bonuses. This is just one way, by which this lottery increases your chances of winning.

Rules of the game

The organizers use two separate drums for the draw: for basic numbers (the player chooses from 1 to 50) and for additional, so-called, stellar, in the original - Lucky Stars (the player chooses two numbers from 1 to 11 - it is they who become decisive when winning the jackpot).

The main numbers are "responsible" for winning middle category prizes, but if a player guesses two "star" numbers - the main prize is in his pocket.

When are the draws and how to find out the results?

Time, allocated in Europe for gambling, equally 21.00 Greenwich. For Russians, living in different time zones, it differs depending on the region. If you focus on Moscow time, the broadcast of the EuroMillions draw can be watched 00:00.

Но зачем жертвовать сладким сном или тусовкой в клубе, if Euromillions results available on the internet?

Вы можете увидеть их на сайте посредника – там своевременно и аккуратно обновляют информацию, or you can score in the search "Euromillion results last тиража – и попадете сразу на несколько ресурсов, kindly providing not only results, but that's all news from the lottery world.

How much does the ticket cost?

Удовольствие принять участие в одной из самых крупных европейских лотерей стоит 2 евро за билет. Это цена стандартной ставки в большинстве отечественных лотерей, at the current exchange rate - at the level 125-130 rubles.

there is, true, и неприятный для российских игроков момент: they do not have an additional option for one euro Millionaire Raffle, allowing to increase the chances of winning.

Nuances of taxation

Future millionaires, and possible owners of more modest cash prizes, перед приобретением билета полезно ознакомиться с нюансами налогообложения выигрышей, действующими в их стране.

EuroMillions lottery wins (Euromillions) over € 2 500 subject to federal tax 20%. Tax is charged only on the difference between the amount won and € 2500. You don't have to pay tax in your country, since the winnings were received outside its territory.

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