Australian lotteries: high stakes and probable success

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How to play

Wednesday lotto is the same, like Saturday lotto in Australia. For each draw, players must choose six numbers from 45. These are primary numbers. Players can also choose two additional numbers, which give certain awards.

The jackpot is won only then, when a player matches all six main numbers. There are also quite impressive rewards for getting five main numbers plus one extra correct or five main numbers.

Players can choose their own numbers or buy a ticket with randomly selected numbers - this is an option, which allows you to test your intuition or trust the case.

Prize levels, winning distributions and odds

That sounds good, but let's get to the basics - how much can you win? Lotto is held on Wednesdays with a guaranteed jackpot of one million dollars. The chances of winning big money are one of 8,155 million.

Yes, now you can tell yourself, that this jackpot is pretty low. You're right, but it is not so! While a regular jackpot is not something, what can cause excitement, then there are special events and mega-voices. Watch them closely! The jackpot during special events can reach 20 million Australian dollars and more!

The odds of getting five correct primary numbers plus one extra is one to 678 755. The chances of getting five correct numbers is one to 36 689, four winning numbers - one to 733 and three winning numbers plus one or two additional - one to 297.

Odds of winning odds

1 Prize 6 = 1: 8,145,060

2 Prize 5 + 1= 1: 678 755

3 Prize 5 = 1: 36 689

4 Prize 4 = 1: 733

5 Prize 3 + 1= 1: 297

6 Prize 2 + 2= 1: 144

7 Prize 1 + 2= 1: 144

Now let's take these chances and turn them into real reward values.. If we take the last game, then of all the winners, nobody was able to get all six primary numbers. There were nine lucky ones, matching five numbers and one additional, each of which took home 6 806 Australian dollars. People, which had five correct numbers, got 538 dollars and those, who had four correct numbers, got 27,90 dollar each.

Obviously, that the amounts are not so impressive, like those, what some other international lotteries have to offer. Nonetheless, chances are very good, and money, which you received, tax-free. The amount can also be requested as a lump sum. If you are an international player, it would be nice to consult a lawyer and find out, will you pay income taxes in your country.

Should you play Australian Lotto??

Almost all Australian lotteries are organized by The Tatts. Thanks to the efforts of the organizer, the Australian draws have become very popular and have reached the level of the famous European and American draws.

For Russians Australian lotteries - a great opportunity to try your luck.

Consider the Merits of Australian Draws.

#1. Big jackpots.

Major Australian Lotteries Top Prizes Start From 1 million Australian dollars, which in US currency is about 700 thousand. Australia's largest jackpot was raffled at 2012 year at the Oz Lotto draw. Winner won A $ 112 million prize.

#2. Frequent draws.

Australian Draws are held 5 days a week :

  • Mon & Wed Lotto - Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Oz Lotto — по вторниками
  • PowerBall Australia - Thursdays
  • Saturday Lotto - on Saturdays

#3. High probability of winning.

The odds of hitting the jackpot at PowerBall Australia are 1 to 76 million, в Oz Lotto — 1 to 45 million, в My & Wed Lotto и Saturday Lotto — 1 to 8 million. These are good indicators.. For example, in the American version of PowerBall the probability of winning is 1 to 300 million.

#4. Tax free.

Winners of the Australian Draws are tax-free. For comparison, in many lotteries in other countries, winnings are taxed from 20 to 45 %.

#5. Participation is available to anyone.

Everyone can try their luck in the Australian lotto. Unfortunately, Russians cannot buy tickets on official foreign websites, so they turn to lottery dealer services.

How to play Saturday Lotto for Russian citizens?

Participation in foreign lotteries is not available for Russians. Even if you manage to buy a ticket, there will be problems with receiving the winnings. To take part in the Australian game, you should use the services of a reliable dealer. Today, this is the Lotto Agent service.. It features a user-friendly interface, clear rules, easy withdrawal of funds. Except Saturday Lotto, it will be possible to participate in more 20 foreign lotteries.

After registration, you should top up the balance in any convenient way:

  • Payment cards of Russian banks;
  • Electronic payment systems WebMoney, Yandex money, Kiwi, Skrill, Neteller;
  • Accounts of mobile operators MTS, Tele 2, Beeline, Megaphone;
  • On-line applications of banks PromSvyazBank and Sberbank.

How to buy a ticket?

First you need to top up your account. It can be done:

  • From a card of any Russian bank
  • Via Webmoney wallets, Qiwi and Yandex.Money, Skrill, Neteller
  • Using the mobile application of Sberbank and Promsvyazbank
  • From the balance of SIM cards Beeline, MTS, Tele2 and Megafon

To buy a ticket, need to go to Mon page & Wed Lotto and pick numbers manually or by auto pick.

After that, you need to specify the format of participation:

  • One-time ticket purchase;
  • Multitrack on 4, 10 or 25 lotteries ahead;
  • Lottery subscription.

After that, all that remains is to pay for the purchase and a scan of the lottery ticket will be available in your personal account.

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