American lottery in Belarus

American lotteries - powerball, mega millions, texas lottery и др.

+ 45% to the prize pool due to savings on printing and logistics

The transition from paper tickets to online in our country began not so long ago. Although gambling itself (game, in which the payoff depends on the case) in the sense of "playing for money" online has existed in the world for years 15.

The form of the drawing is the main difference between the online lottery and others. You don't need to print tickets here, deliver them around the country, do logistics, use the services of distributors, to hold draws with expensive TV broadcasts, collect unrealized tickets, destroy them, process winning tickets and do many other actions.

Hence the second difference follows - the size of the prize fund. Since many costs are eliminated, the savings are transferred to the prize pool, to make it more attractive to participants. If traditional lotteries are played 40-50% prize fund, then in online lotteries this figure is almost doubled.

Gennady Shablovsky:

- In the case of belbet, this is before 95% of the sum of all the lottery bets made. This is a very attractive figure for the gaming audience., which is much higher, than in traditional lotteries. Simply put, of bets on 100 000 rubles are raffled 95 000 rubles, which are randomly distributed among the players in different proportions.

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