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Why is the cash option different than the advertised jackpot?

The Mega Millions jackpot is an estimated 29-year annuity value, with a total 30 payments (the first payment happens right away, followed by 29 annual payments). When players choose
the annuity option for their prize, the state lottery pays the prize out over 29 years (30 payments) by
buying U.S. Government Treasury Securities, which earn interest and mature annually over
the 29 years. That annual return is the amount the winners receive each year for the
29 year period. With the cash option, the state lottery will take the amount of
money that would have been invested and will pay it directly to the winner in one
payment. Both payment options have federal and applicable state taxes deducted
from them, although with an annuity option you pay taxes gradually on each annual payout, not all at once like with the cash option.

Receiving prizes

Mega Million Winners have either 180 days (in California this applies only to all prizes except the jackpot), either a year, to collect your winnings (although some Mega Millions winners lose their right to claim the jackpot in cash, if they do not communicate their desire within 60 days).

Возрастной ценз на продажу билетов — 18 years, excluding Arizona, Iowa and Louisiana, где минимальный возраст игроков — 21 year, and Nebraska (19 years). Generally (excluding Virginia), players below the age limit are eligible to participate in the lottery, if you receive a ticket as a gift, however, the rules for receiving prizes for these players differ from state to state.

The rules differ depending on the legislation of that jurisdiction, where was the ticket purchased, as well as the place of residence of the winner. Winning the Mega Millions lottery is not subject to income tax in California and Pennsylvania, at the same time in the states of New Hampshire, Texas and Washington have no income tax at all. On the other hand, some residents of New York cities, state of Buffalo and Jonkers, New York, pay 3 type of tax on their winnings.

If I should win the jackpot, do I have the option of remaining anonymous as far as the public and the media are concerned?

In most states, lottery winner information is public domain, therefore it is public information.
Publicized information normally includes the jackpot winner’s name, city, county, game in which they won,
date won, and the amount of the prize.

After you win the jackpot, we recommend seeking the professional guidance of a good lawyer and accountant to see if there are ways of maintaining as much privacy as possible— before contacting the lottery and/or claiming the prize, and possibly even before letting friends or family know. You may be tempted to yell to the rooftops in glee about your newfound fortune, but you will probably end up regretting that decision once the excitement of the win calms down, and you are left with a continuous stream of lawsuits and requests for money from those who want a piece of your win.

Buying draw games can be as simple as these three little words…”Play It Again”!

You can now use existing tickets to purchase new tickets printed with your same favorite numbers! With the exciting new “Play It Again” feature, New Jersey Lottery retailers can simply scan your ticket to produce a new one for the same game, numbers, and wager amount.

  • Available for Pick-3, Pick-4, Jersey Cash 5, Pick-6, CASH4LIFE, Mega Millions, Powerball, Quick Draw and CASH POP wagers.
  • Replays the number of draws and boards, bet type, bet amount, Fireball (if orginally played), multiplier (if originally played), BULLSEYE (if originally played) and Instant Match wagers (issuing a new set of numbers).
  • The feature will be available for the next draw, depending on when your ticket is purchased.
  • Quick Pick wagers will be printed with the same numbers as the original wager.
  • Tickets must be replayed within 30 days of purchase of the original ticket.
  • Even previously validated and cancelled tickets can be replayed!

Take your tickets and head to your favorite lottery retailer today to “Play It Again”!

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