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Why do I need a Green Card

So why do we need a Green Card - the object of desire of every emigrant? Владелец вместе с ней получает определенный перечень прав и обязанностей. the main thing, конечно это права. Самое главное – это легальность пребывания, but let's take a closer look.


A green card holder can cross the borders of the country an unlimited number of times, in addition, the process of crossing border checkpoints is greatly simplified.

With a card, you can reside throughout the United States at your request.

Employment - the card provides great opportunities for professional activity, what is the main goal for most expats

You can also open your own business if you wish..
Social rights are the most important. If you have this document, you may be eligible for some types of health care benefits, and also get rights to some social benefits, benefits

After 10 years of legal work you can count on a pension.
As a Green Card holder, you can invite relatives. Besides, it is also issued to the whole family with the extension of privileges to close relatives.
The holder of a residence permit can get the opportunity to reduce tax rates, if he did not have problems with the tax authorities in his home country. Loan conditions are also facilitated - lower loan rates.

It is important to understand, that all the privileges, received by cardholders are subject to compliance with the imposed obligations. Important Violation of the law may be grounds for cancellation

To restore it is either very difficult, and sometimes it's impossible at all.

Important Violation of the law may be grounds for cancellation. To restore it is either very difficult, and sometimes it's impossible at all.

Obligations and limitations

  • No voting is the main restriction for immigrants in any election. It is also forbidden to work in government positions or hold vacancies in politics.
  • You cannot leave the USA for longer than 6 months. If this is necessary, you need to apply for permission from the immigration office.
  • The owner of the Green Card must always have it with him and renew it on time.
  • Be sure to submit your tax return on time, indicate reliable information in it. Taxes and bills must be paid on time, in full.

When moving within the United States and when leaving the country, you must notify the immigration authorities.

Relevant services are involved in detecting violations, violators are punished severely. If you plan to apply for citizenship, it is better to follow all the rules and not put yourself at risk.

Personal experience and possible problems

The main difficulty with the DV program is, that the chances of getting a visa and a residence permit in the United States are extremely low, but even if he wins, the applicant will have to find a large amount to prepare for the move and the move itself. But if there are simply no such opportunities, then you do not need to submit an application. (especially, that it is impossible to transfer it to someone or sell it in principle).

But you can also get a refusal before the draw - if the application is disqualified for violations:

the photo does not meet the requirements. Everything can be here - from the wrong background to doubts about its authenticity.. So, if the photo has been retouched or edited, this is guaranteed to exclude the participant from the drawing for the current year;

errors or typos in data

You need to fill in the Latin alphabet, so attention will not hurt;

errors in information about spouses or children. If the situation is unusual (spouses live separately, or in the stage of divorce - you need to read the corresponding section very carefully);

multiple applications submitted - rules only allow one application per year per person.

We asked to share our experience of obtaining a green card blogger Lilit Bagdasarova, which 5 years ago I won this lottery, and here is her story:

So it proves one more time, that the green card is really a good way to go live in the USA. But only under two conditions - if you're lucky in the lottery, and if there is money for moving and living in the States.

Your photo or digital image must meet the following requirements:

  • Color image;
  • In focus;
  • The height of the head in the image must be 22-35 mm (1-1-3 / 8 inches), or borrow 50%-69% of the total height of the photo. The photograph should show your entire head, from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin;
  • Photo taken within the last 6 months and corresponds to, how do you look at the moment;
  • The background of the photo must be white or close to white;
  • Taking pictures, look directly into the camera;
  • Facial expression should be neutral, eyes open;
  • clothing, which falls into the frame, should be everyday;
  • ️ Photos of applicants in uniform will not be accepted, except for clothing, worn every day for religious reasons;
  • ️ Photos of applicants wearing a headdress are not accepted, which hides hair or hairline. The exception is hats., worn every day for religious reasons. The face must be fully visible, the headdress should not shade the face;
  • ️ Photos are not accepted, in which the applicant is depicted with headphones, wireless headset and similar devices;
  • ️ Do not take pictures with GLASSES;
  • If you constantly wear a hearing aid or similar device, you can take pictures with them.

Check out the photo examples on the Photo Examples page. ️ Photos, copied or scanned from a driver's license or other official documents, not accepted.

️ Household photos are also not accepted, photos from magazines, low quality photos, made in vending machines or on a mobile phone, and also photos, full length.

I won! What to do?

Printout of DS-260 confirmation page

  1. Printout, confirming the completion of DS-260.
  2. Passports (foreign and domestic).
  3. Photos (2 pieces).
  4. Birth certificate.
  5. Certificate of marriage and dissolution of a previous marriage (in the presence of).
  6. Certificate of change of name or surname (in the presence of).
  7. Employment history.
  8. Financial independence guarantees.
  9. Certificate or diploma of education.
  10. Certificate of no criminal record.
  11. Extracts from court decisions (in the presence of).
  12. Military ID (for men from 18 years).
  13. Medical examination results.

Medical Commission

Medical check-ups are only allowed in one hospital, with which the US Embassy cooperates. The clinic is located in Moscow. For passing the medical examination you will have to pay about 210 dollars.

Based on the results of the examination, the doctors will issue a sealed package with all the certificates. You cannot print it. The results of the medical examination are submitted with the rest of the papers in a sealed form.


It is recommended to come to the interview in the diplomatic mission in advance - for 15-30 minutes before the appointed time. During a conversation with a visa officer, you must honestly and calmly answer all questions.

Thanks to dv-lottery, every year thousands of people get the opportunity to settle in the New World for permanent residence. At the same time, the "Green Card" imposes certain obligations on its owner. In particular, the green card holder will have to pay taxes and comply with local laws. Besides, it is advisable to spend most of the time in the United States. When will an immigrant apply for American citizenship?, all this will be a powerful argument for the immigration authorities.

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